I’m baaack!!!  And I’m a Mrs.  Hehe, that is still so weird for me to say.  I have a husband.

We had an amazing wedding!  It was perfect in every way.  Our honeymoon was so kickass!  We just got back last night from 8 days in Mexico, and I am already ready to pack up and go back.  The place was so beautiful!

I am back at work today (major boo) and am trying to get caught up, but it’s slightly overwhelming.  I’m exhausted and so should have taken today off.

This post is a little lame, but I wanted to say hola to you all.  I promise I will give you the total wedding weekend and honeymoon breakdown, including pictures!

Here’s a sneak preview!

This was right before T and I had our mock walk down the isle moment.  CMc snapped this awesome shot of us with Little S and JD floofing my dress.  More to come later!