Since the wedding is in 9 days, I obviously can’t stop talking about it. (Oh. My. God. How is it that I feel like we got engaged just yesterday and all of a sudden the wedding is practically here? I still can’t believe it myself.) Anyway, I’m trying not to be all wedding all of the time, but it’s hard since it takes up most of my times these days. Just think, in like 2 weeks there will be no more wedding talk. Maybe just some recaps and pictures.

As the day is winding down (does anyone else feel like it’s taking FOREVER for 5:30 to get here?) random wedding related things keep popping into my head.

  • I just found out that my favors are shipping and should be here tomorrow. 🙂
  • My programs shipped out today and will be here Monday. 🙂 Those damn things were causing me some major stress.
  • Both T and I have our rings, and it makes everything so much more real. He was so cute opening up his little blue/green Tiffany box last night. We were watching the Olympics and trying on our rings, acting like little kids at Christmas. 🙂
  • We have to do so much cleaning this weekend. I’m not even kidding (barf). 😦  Most of our out of town family and friends have never seen our house, so we want it to look nice so we can show it off. Our room looks like a clothing bomb went off and the floor is littered with casualties and suitcases (let me point out that most of it belongs to T…I’m just saying). And I’m totally going to make T clean the bathrooms so I don’t mess up my new mani. 🙂
  • At some point this weekend I need to buy the unity candles, guestbook, fancy pen, toasting flutes and bubbles. I say I’m going after work. But you know me, it’ll end up happening tomorrow. (Thanks for the suggestions on where to find these items!)
  • This is my last weekend as an unmarried chica. Such a weird thought…

It’s funny. When I ask T if he’s nervous, he always says yeah. It makes me laugh. I don’t feel nervous, not at all (that could all change on the day of). Then I think back to when he proposed to me and how nervous he was then. He was a little sweaty and radiating heat when I hugged him after I said yes. I wonder if he will be like that when I walk down the aisle to him?

All of the little things are finally falling into place, and I can’t wait to say “I do” with our friends and family there to celebrate with us.

Happy weekend!