With my wedding right around the corner, my boss decided that she wanted to throw me a work wedding shower.  I told her that she didn’t have to, but she insisted.  Last week I took Wednesday off to get some wedding stuff finished.  My co-workers took this opportunity to plan a fun shower for me.  Honestly, I was figuring we’d just go out for a nice lunch or an early dinner, but they had something else up their sleeves.

I was told that the shower was happening on Wednesday (yesterday) but I wasn’t allowed to know what was going on.  Yesterday, Mel and I left work around 3:30 because we had to be at the place at 4.  We had to stop by my house to drop off my wedding ring that arrived yesterday afternoon and pick up some flip flops for me.  This sort of gave away part of the surprise, but I still played along.  We ended up going to the cutest nail salon I have ever seen!   It was called Polished.  It was very spacious and well lit, not cramped like a lot of other salons I’ve been to.  The color-theme was white, blue and pink.  You sat on leather couches with fluffy pillows for your back.  All 6 of us got manicures and pedicures and sipped on white wine.  It was so much fun and so relaxing.

After the nail salon, we piled into our cars and drove over to a Mexican restaurant named La Paz.  I’d never been there, but apparently it’s quite an Atlanta staple.  We chowed down on baskets of chips, awesome cheese dip, fresh salsa and guacamole (well, I skipped the guac since I’m allergic to it and it kills my stomach every time I eat it 😦 ).  We also split a pitcher of Lily Margaritas, which was a regular margarita mixed with prickly pear juice.  It was delicious!  The food was pretty interesting as well, but after all the chips I ate, I wasn’t super hungry.  So I just ordered a (giant) salad with fajita chicken.  It was really good so I was bummed that I was so full and couldn’t really eat too much of it.

After all of that, I was given some pretty cool presents.  A new wine rack with a bottle of wine, a serving bowl with olive oil/vinegar bottles with pour spots, some candles, a book on being a newly wed, and an awesome grill pan/griddle.  I was super excited about the griddle because I had been wanting one.  Then I looked at the box and realized that I can’t use it on my ceramic stove.  Damn!  So  I’ll have to exchange it for something else.  Stupid ceramic stove!

Have I told you how awesome my boss is?  She’s already come to one of my other showers, and then she did all of this for me.  I know it had to cost a lot because there were 6 of us eating, drinking and being pampered.  It was a really fun afternoon, and it was greatly appreciated!

I have a wedding related question for you guys:

I’ve been a slacker and haven’t ordered my guest book, fancy pen and toasting flutes.  Can anyone recommend a good store for me to get these things from?  The wedding is on Aug. 24 so I don’t have time to order anything online.  I figure I’ll check out Things Remembered and Michael’s.  But after that I’m sort of stuck.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  And a friendly reminder…don’t wait till the last minute to take care of this stuff!  🙂