This weekend was quite the little whirlwind of activity.  It started off with my bachelorette party round 2.  Me and a group of my girl friends and mom all got together for dinner at this tapas place, then we went to a night club.  Dinner was fun, with some interesting food selections.  JD ordered this item called a chicken pastilla (aka b’stella), which could be one of the strangest things I’ve tried in a long time.  It’s a phyllo pastry filled with a spicy chicken mixture with nuts.  Then it was baked and topped with powdered sugar.  It was a weird mixture of sweet and savory.  At first smell, it reminded me of apple pie.  At first bite, it was like a sweet meat pie.  It made us all think of Rachel on Friends when she made a trifle and accidentally added the ingredients for shepherd’s pie into the mix.  I didn’t mind it that much.  JD was not a fan.  I ended up spending a decent amount of money at dinner since I had a few mojitos and a few tapas, but I was happy with my food so it was worth it.

After dinner we went to T&G.  At one point, it had been “the” club in Buckhead.  But it was torn down when they decided to make the area into a mini-Rodeo Drive.  I wasn’t too upset when it closed because I’m not much of a club person, but I always had fun when I was there.  Anyway, it opened back up in a new section of town, so we decided to check it out.  I’d gotten an e-mail saying it was ladies’ night and there were free martinis until midnight.  We caravaned over and headed inside.  Well, let me say, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting.  From the outside it seemed nice, but the inside seemed like it wasn’t finished yet.  There was a part of the ceiling that wasn’t sheet rocked or painted all the way, some areas had signs on them that said wet paint.  The bathroom had tiles broken or missing and were covered with a rug.  I’m really glad we didn’t pay to get in or I would have been pissed.  There was also the strangest mix of people there.  There were a lot of older people (think 40s-50s) mixed in with people in their younger 20s.  It was bizarre.  We only hung out till about midnight and ended up a a dive college bar with T and some of our guy friends.  The night turned out differently than expected, but I still had a great time.

Saturday we were supposed to go wedding band shopping but decided to wait until Sunday to go.  That night, some of T’s co-workers and friends threw us a little stock the bar party.  It was at the same house that hosted the Super Bowl party.  They have a huge house with a basement, monster projection TV, bar and Wii.  We ate, drank, played some Wii, watched the Olympics, then rounded out the night with some flip cup and beer pong and crazy dancing.  It was a lot of fun.  And T was super excited about all of the fancy whiskey and bourbon we got.

Sunday we headed to Tiffany to look at/buy our wedding bands.  My engagement ring is from Blue Nile, but I was having a really hard time deciding what I wanted without seeing what it looked like on.  I tried on a ton of rings and finally found the one I liked.  T knew exactly what he wanted, so we bought both of the rings.  Well, they were a lot more expensive than we wanted to pay.  But we felt like it was worth it.

Today, I went to Blue Nile to compare the prices, and they had the exact same ring for about $1,000 less than what we paid at Tiffany.  Yeah, I was not so thrilled.  After some thinking, I decided that I will take the ring back to Tiffany and order the one from Blue Nile.  I ordered it after I got back from lunch, and I should be getting it on Wednesday.  And because T got my engagement ring there, they knocked off another 10%.  So now I am definitely taking the other one back.  There is so much that I could use that $1,000 for.

This is the ring I went with.  Yay!

While we were out and about yesterday, we also went to Macy’s because T wanted some new cologne.  We walked into the store and he had every intention of buying Aqua di Gio when we were intercepted by the sales lady.  She was really friendly and told T that if he like Aqua di Gio, he would like the new Versace cologne.  We smelled it and it did smell good.  In the end, she got a little pushy and T wasn’t 100% sure he loved it, but got it anyway.  Then as we were leaving, he started thinking he didn’t really like it that much after all.  I think it’s just because it was a new fragrance and he noticed it more than usual.  I like it and think he smells good.

Seeing T with new cologne made me want to get some perfume since my Ralph was running low.  It took me forever to find one because I like the lighter/fresher smelling ones.  I felt like one of the ladies at the counter was pushing this one perfume on me telling me how sexy it smelled and blah blah blah.  I thought it smelled awful.   Finally another lady swooped in with some Vera Wang perfume, and it smelled amazing.  It’s a popular wedding fragrance, hence the name Sheer Veil.  But it was soooo expensive, but once I smelled it I loved it.  So I bought it.  And I’m wearing it today, and it’s still awesome.  And now that I’m returning the super expensive Tiffany ring, I don’t feel quite as bad for spending ton on perfume.