I started this post on Thursday, but never had a chance to finish it.

Today T and I met up to get our marriage license. My parents have been flipping out about us not having it yet and have been driving me crazy. We were finally able to get our week day schedules to meet up, so we went. We were both about 15-20 minutes away from the place. The place is right up the street from Mc.Hell, and I know how bad traffic can get over there around lunch time. Well, I wasn’t expecting to hit a standstill. Apparently, a motorcycle cop and a car collided and they had closed down a huge chunk of the road to do an investigation. This meant we got routed down a side street , and I had no idea where I was to get away from the gridlock that was caused by the diversion. Needless to say, it took me and a million other cars about 45 minutes to weave our way through the neighborhood and get to a main road.

During my detour, I gave T and buzz to let him know what was up. Well, surprisingly he was also stuck in accident traffic. At first I thought it was the same one, but he was a few miles north of the county office.  He was stuck in traffic from a separate accident on the same road.  I thought that was a little bizarre, but what can you do.

After more than an hour in the car, I finally made it to the place.  T had beaten me there since his accident hadn’t been as bad as the one involving a cop.  He filled out most of the paper work and all I had to do was sign a few things.  We were in and out of there in about 20 minutes.   We decided to grab a bite to eat since we were both starving and neither one of us really wanted to go back to work.  We went to a cute little French bistro-type restaurant called La Madeline and decided to get 2 different sandwiches and trade halves.  It was a good idea since we each got to have halves of 2 sandwiches.  We also opted for their pasta salad, which was so tasty!  While we were eating, I noticed that the sky was practically black and the wind started to pick up.  We quickly finished lunch so we could get back to work before the storm came.

As we were leaving, I realized we were not too far from my office.  I headed down this road that leads to work when I noticed flashing lights again.  There was a fire truck and some cop cars blocking the street.  Yellow caution tape had been tied to 2 phone poles to rope off the street.  All of a sudden, I was diverted again.   We were forced to weave through this tiny neighborhood (it did have some really cute houses though).  As we were snaking our way through I notice a “No Outlet” sign.  I thought it was a  little strange but kept driving.  Yeah, there really was no outlet.  We were forced to make a loop around a cul-du-sac and head back out.  I don’t know who’s brillaint idea that was, but they should be fired.  There was a school across the street from the road they made us go down.  I don’t know why they didn’t just let us loop through the parent drop off lane, especially since school hasn’t started yet.  Our little winding adventure wasted about 10 minutes.  Since the road was blocked, I had to turn around and go the long way back to work.  I ended up being gone almost 3 hours, but I wasn’t that concerned.  There are only certain times during the week that I can get stuff like this accomplished since government offices aren’t open on the weekends.

But seriously, what was up with all of the bad drivers yesterday?  There were a few other pretty bad accidents in the Atlanta metro that jacked up traffic yesterday.  Was it national let’s suck at driving day and I didn’t know about it?  Weird…