With the wedding only 17 days away, you might be hearing a lot about my stress/drama/whatever else is related to planning such a major shindig.

Today I took the day off work to get a chunk of wedding-related stuff accomplished.  My morning started with a meeting with our priest to go over the ceremony.  While we were in the midst of planning, my cell rang.  I wasn’t planning on answering, but I saw that it was the woman who was supposed to alter my dress. (Back story – I was supposed to see her this past Saturday, but she cancelled on me Friday at 8 p.m.  So we rescheduled for today.)  She told me that she couldn’t make my appointment today because she wasn’t feeling well.  I almost flipped my shit, but I was with the priest.  Then the lady told me that she just had emergency surgery, and I felt bad for her.  She said she couldn’t bend over or lift heavy things.  Well, that makes dress altering slightly impossible.  I think she felt guilty for bailing on me twice in 5 days, so she called another seamstress who could fit me in.  I had to go to her house about 40 minutes away, but she was able to do the alterations and get me in for a second fitting next Tuesday.  Sigh of relief…

After the dress fitting, I went to meet up with the program people.  I went in a few weeks ago but wasn’t able to do too much since I didn’t have the ceremony planned yet (our priest has had a crazy case of bronchitis that he just can’t seem to shake).  I called and asked to speak to the lady that helped me last time, and she was out today.  Figures!  But they told me to come in and they could help me.  I created a draft of my program earlier today and brought it with me.  The girl helping me was a sweetie, and after about 2 hours we got everything figured out. 

After the programs were ordered, I decided to stop by Bed, Bath and Beyond to exchange some plates we received since they were broken.  On my way to BBandB, T calls with some not so great news.  One of the groomsmen is a new State Trooper in NY, and he didn’t fill out his time off request correctly.  So, of course they booked him to work some stupid county fair the weekend of my wedding.  He tried to change schedules with a couple guys, but they were being douchey and wouldn’t.  He’s trying to get it all figured out  by afternoon tommorrow so I can get the correct information to the program printers so I can still get a proof on Friday.  Keep your fingers crossed that this all works out.  Please!!!

I smoked a few cigs to calm my frazzled nerves and decided to head to the mall to buy my wedding jewelery and my bridesmaids’ jewelery.  I got to Macy’s and got sidetracked by the lingerie, but I did find the cutest cheeky boy shorts for my something blue and my wedding night lingerie that is a sexy black and white design.  Woot!  Then it was back to the mission at hand.  I headed downstairs where I was greeted by a super helpful woman who found all the jewelery I needed.  I chose some sparkly earrings and a braclet for myslef and neckalces and earrings with black stones for the girls.  The only problem was that we could only find 4 necklaces, and I have 5 bridesmaids.  But that didn’t stop her!  She tracked down some other area stores that had them.  I decided to stop by another mall (that was slightly out of the way) on my way home.  They only had one left.  I walked in and explained my problem to the woman at the counter.  She gave me a “girl you are crazy for thinking you will be able to find the necklace here since we only have one in stock” look.  She went over to where they were supposed to be, and of course the one wasn’t there.  I was slightly dejected, but she said she would check in some other places.  I walked to the next counter, and saw my necklace.  Another customer was holding it, trying to get it untangled.  I told her my sob story and luckily she gave it to me.  That lady made my day!

Even though today was hectic as hell and filled with some unpleasant moments, I feel like I put a dent in my to do list.  Tomorrow T and I will get our marriage license.  After work, I’m meeting with the Greek restaurant to finalize details for the rehearsal dinner so they can’t screw us over again.

Ugh, wedding planning is hard!  I’m really going to need our honeymoon to unwind and relax.  And lots of massages from T.  Lots!