**When I studied abroad in France, there was a group of girls that called ourselves the Fat Kids In Action because it felt like all we did in France was eat.  After our date last night, I felt the same way again.**

As you all know, T and I had a much needed date night yesterday.  He’s been so busy with work and CPA studying and testing, and I’ve been wedding planning like a maniac, that we really haven’t spent much time together.  In more ways than one.  So we definitely made up for that last night.  Twice. 😉

We decided to check out this newish Brazilian steak house named Chima for our dinner.  A friend of ours who works at our favorite neighborhood bar also works there and hooked us up with 2 free dinner cards.  So date night was the perfect excuse for us to check it out because normally steak houses like that have a hefty price tag.  The atmosphere was cool.  It was pretty spacious and you didn’t feel like you were sitting on top of other people.  We sat down and started browsing the wine list, when our waiter told us that you could get half-priced bottles of good wine on Mondays.   So we got a nice bottle of pinot noir, which was so delicious and had a slight chill to it.  I hate warm wine, I need it to have some chill to it even if it’s not supposed to.

When you first get there, they tell you to start at the salad bar (probably so you don’t eat all of their meat) and then when you are ready for the meat, you flip this little card over to the orange side.  That tells all the gauchos that they can bring by a ton of yumminess to you.  It’s insane!  While the orange side is up, they practically swarm you (in a good way) and shave off pieces of different types of steak, pork, lamb and fish.  It’s crazy!  Then you feel slightly overwhelmed and flip the card to black to tell them to stop.  It’s like a little game.  Every once in while, T or I would see something we wanted to try, so we’d flip the card back to orange just to taste that one item.

All of the meat was so delicious.  It’s at moments like that, that I realized I could never be a vegetarian because I couldn’t give all of that up.  I love it too much!  Besides all of the protein choices, they had an amazing salad bar with calamari salad, shrimp salad, green salads, cheeses, meats, fruit and soups and rice (which we didn’t even try).  They also start you off with these cute little cheesy biscuits, some amazingly tasty dip, and some type of round/breaded seafood (we thought that’s what they were) balls.  Then once the meat starts coming out, they bring out the creamiest mashed potatoes I’ve ever seen or tried, fried polenta sticks (so good!) and some fried bananas.  Let’s just say that by the time we were finished eating we were slightly delirious and drifting off into meat comas!

I would totally go back again, even though by the time we left I was so full I felt like I would die.  But once we got home, we drank some Limoncello that JD brought back from Italy, so life was good again.