Remember how I was freaking out about T’s bachelor party in Vegas a few weeks ago?  (I’ll give you a few minutes to refresh your memory….ok, ready?)  His trip was this past weekend.  And let me tell you, I was freaking out.  I kept having this giant knot it my stomach throughout the 4 days he was out there.  I was seriously a nervous wreck.  But he was good and even called a few times to say hi.  Except every time he called, the guys would be in the background telling him to get off the phone.  This did annoy me a little because none of my friends acted like that when I was out of town and T called to chat for a minute.  At one point I totally called them out for being guys who can’t get girlfriends harassing the one guy who has one.  That shut them up for a bit.

Their weekend basically consisted of lots of drinking, gambling, eating, drinking, and going to clubs.  When they got back last night, JD and I were ready to hear about all of their stories.  But there weren’t really any good ones.  There were no hook-ups, no getting kicked out of places (like on my weekend), and nothing really crazy to speak about.  I thought this was pretty lame.  If you’re going to spend a lot of money to go to Vegas, shouldn’t you have some kinds of stories?  They totally could have stayed in Atlanta and saved a ton of money since they didn’t do anything spectacular.

On Saturday afternoon, T called to say hi and see what I was up to.  There was a mention of going to a strip club that night, which really bummed me out.  That night when I went to bed, I’d texted him to say good night and that I was glad he’d be home the next day.  He never answered, so my Crazy kicked into overdrive.  I couldn’t sleep because I kept dreaming about all these slutty and skanky naked girls dry humping all over T. Needless to say, I woke up super early on Sunday morning, not very well rested.

I had knots in my stomach all day waiting for him to get home because I was scared of what he would tell me about Saturday night.  Well, they didn’t go to a strip club.  They went to Pure.  At one point in the trip, someone had told them to check out this one strip club, and they got there and had a drink and left.  It was super expensive and you had to pay a girl to hang out at your table, and no one wanted to do that.  So that was the end of strip clubs in Vegas.  So I freaked myself out over nothing.  I was a bit snippy with T at first before I knew what happened because that dream was so real.  But I apologized to him and told him my reasons for being crazy, and he kind of laughed.  His dad and I talked today about some wedding stuff, and he even confirmed that it was a pretty tame weekend on the grand scale of bachelor parties.  So I psyched myself out all weekend for nothing.  But I’m still glad it’s over.

Since I’d lost my mind this weekend, I gave myself some retail therapy.  I went back to school shopping with JD (plus it was Tax-free Weekend) and ended up getting myself a sexy little red and black dress for Bachelorette Round 2 (basically just a girl’s night out in Atlanta) and found my rehearsal dinner dress.  I also bought these super cute purple metallic peep-toed pumps from Target.  I heart them a ton.  I want to show you, but I couldn’t find a pic online (stupid Target Web site) and I don’t have a camera with me.  But I can show you the dress.  I think it’s the perfect mix of elegant and casual, perfect for a rehearsal dinner.

Super awesome!  Yay me!

And, T and I are having a date night tonight.  This makes me super happy! 🙂