This is my addition to Nancy Pearl Wannabe’s Create Your Own Blogventure. If you are coming to read my post for the day, and haven’t read any of the other segments, make sure you go back and start at the beginning. Choose wisely to create your own exciting story!

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You thought that Xinni thinks Jax is actually also a clone, and she should grab the orb and run away to find the real Jax…


Xinni stared at Jax, trying hard to find something that would indicate if he was a clone. She searched his face, while he stared intently at her. “Xinni, hand me the orb. We’ll get it back to Cress, and this will all be over,” Jax said as he reached for her hands, his beady little eyes gleaming.

There! She saw it. Something was off about his eyes. The Jax she knew and loved had warm and inviting eyes. This imposter’s gaze was steely and sent a chill down her back.

“Um, sure Jax. Here it is,” Xinni muttered as she reached her hand towards Jax. Just before Jax could grab the orb, Xinni tossed it high into the air, flipped over the imposter and caught it. “Sucker!” she cried as she dashed in the opposite direction, leaving a stunned Jax standing all alone. I guess all of my years in gymnastics finally paid off, she thought.

Xinni glanced over her shoulder to see the imposter become enraged. Fire began shooting out of his eyes and his hair stood on end. Yikes, she thought as she scanned the desolate landscape for a place to hide.

All of a sudden a wooded area appeared on the horizon. She pumped her legs as hard as she could, her Pumas sending clouds of dust up from the ground. The imposter was running after her, but he couldn’t keep up with her long strides. The sand changed to pine straw and dead leaves, causing Xinni to lose her footing. She began sliding down the steep embankment, cursing Dunan.

The orb was firmly in her grasp, and she began mashing the buttons. G-L-A-S-O-R-I-O-N. She had no idea where she was headed, but she knew she had to get out of there quick. Once again flames shot out of the orb, and Xinni was whisked away at lightening speed to Glasorion.

Xinni dropped out of the clouds onto the glass-like streets of Glasorion, the ice town. She had a hard time finding her footing because everything was covered in an icy layer. After a few tumbles, she got the hang of walking around. Weird, she thought as she looked around, I don’t see anyone. She slowly made her way up and down the sidewalks, quietly calling out “hello!” She was met only with the echoes of her own voice, or so she thought.

“Hell-lo-lo-loooo.” What’s that, she said out loud as she spun in circles. “Hell-lo-lo-loooo. Hell-lo-lo-loooo. “Hell-lo-lo-loooo.” All of a sudden, people came into view. Dozens of tall figures glided through the town towards her. Panicked, Xinni began backing up only to hit a wall. She was trapped. As the looming figures began to surround her, she realized she was staring into her face, over and over again.

She tried to escape, but every move she made, her clones made too. They knew what she was thinking. Hands reached for the orb and for her throat, shrill cries echoed through the icy town, it was hard to breathe, then everything went black.

The end.