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So, what are your plans this weekend?

Me, I’m getting married!!! Oh. My. God!!! I can’t believe it’s finally here. All this hard work and planning that I have been doing for months is about to culminate in our wedding. So exciting.

T’s family got to Atlanta last night, and they are staying with my parents till the weekend. The families are coming up tonight to go out for dinner and drinks at our favorite neighborhood bar, Fox. The rest of the out of town families and friends will be getting here tomorrow so we’ll all be going out again for dinner and drinks. But nothing too crazy since we’re doing the bridesmaid brunch at 11a.m. on Saturday.

I’ve pretty much gotten everything I need done. I still need to buy a garter (I keep forgetting about it), a unity candle holder (T got the candles but forgot the holder), a basket to put the programs in, and I think I want to have some of our engagement pictures printed off to set up on the guestbook table. I also need to assemble 150 programs. Hopefully I can convince the moms to take part before we go to dinner tonight! 🙂

Random sidenote: I am watching the Olympics, and they just interviewed one of the US softball players, and she sounded like a man. Seriously! If I hadn’t been watching and known it was a woman, I would have thought it was a guy! Scary!

I have off today because I felt like I wanted to have a few days off to unwind before the wedding. Originally I had only taken Friday off, but as the wedding got closer I realized that I’d need Thursday too. Part of this is due to the programs taking forever to get here and part is because I finished my work and thought it would be pointless to come in for one day to start new things then be out for 10 days.

Anyway, I’m off to finish up some wedding errands.  I’ll try to post one more time before the wedding, but if I don’t make it I’ll be back in September after our honeymoon in Mexico!

Keep your fingers crossed that stupid Fay doesn’t bring rain to Atlanta this weekend!  🙂

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A few of you know me in real life, but the rest of you have never seen me in action.  I am tall with long limbs, which are often the source of much pain for me.  How and why, you ask?  Well, to put it gently, I am super fucking clumsy.   As a kid, I was always rolling my ankle, wrecking my bike, falling down.  You name it, I’ve done it.  I’m surpised I’ve never had more broken bones.

Breaking things came to me at an early age.  As a kid, I ran away from my very pregnant mother and went flying down the big kid slide.  I was 3 and the slide was huge.  I bounced from side to side, eventually breaking my foot because my shoe got caught on the side of the slide and I kept going.  Awesome!

I’ve also managed to split my chin open 3 different times in 3 different places.  What can I say?  I have skills.  Incident 1 involved my footy PJs getting caught between the door frame and Little S’s highchair.  This resulted in me face planting onto the tile kitchen floor.  A trip to the ER and some butterfly stitches later, all was ok.  Incident 2 involved me and a giant pile of rocks.  This one I don’t remember as clearly.  One second I was happy and climbing around, the next I was washing blood off my face and hands and being taken to the ER again for more butterfly stitches.  Incident 3 was pretty awful.  My dad and I had gone bike riding (I’m sure you know where this is going) before we were supposed to go out to dinner for my mom’s birthday.  She told us not to go because we wouldn’t have time to get ready for dinner.  But we went anyway.  Let’s just say our little ride resulted in me loosing control of my bike on the way down a hill, flying over the handle bars and face planting onto the street.  This time involved lots and lots of blood, scrapes, another trip to the ER, X-rays and 10 stitches.  Yeah, I rock.

In 6th grade I had just gotten my hair cut into a bob after it had been pretty long.  I was in the bathroom drying my hair and decided to flip my head upside down to give my hair more volume.  For some reason I had my right knee bent and when I flipped over, I smashed my nose into my knee.  Cue more blood and a broken nose.  Who knew I was so bendy?  Paint me green and call me Gumby.

As I got older, the clumsiness only got worse.  I was 5’7 or 5’8 in 7th grade, with size 9 shoes and weighed about 80 pounds.  I was long and gangly, and paid the price.  That year I was walking through a town fair when I mis-stepped off of the curb and almost took my mom out with me.  Luckily I didn’t fall but I twisted my ankle pretty badly.  Another time we were hiking and I definitely twisted it a few more times.

In high school, we were playing volleyball in gym.  My team was doing pretty well, and I was having fun.  At one point I was running for a ball when my shoe stopped, and my body kept going.  There was a loud pop and my ankle hurt like hell.  I hobbled to the nurse’s office where she laid me on a bed with ice, and called my dad to get me.  I got wheeled out in a wheelchair and saw T in the parking lot.  He was so freaked out because someone had told him that I was in a wheelchair.  It was just a bad sprain, and I was on crutches for about a week.  I actually skipped school for the rest of the week except one day because I was so bad at the crutches.  I couldn’t maneuver my way our our giant school.

A few years ago, Atlanta had a minor ice storm.  T and I and some friends decided to go out that night because we were banking on the city being shut down the next day.  We had some drinks and hung out.  We left the bar and went down this little steep incline by the dumpster.  Well, it had ice rained a little and the ground was slick.  I started to slip and grabbed the railing to stop me.  It was icy, so I kept going.  The same ankle from high school popped again, except this time it was in a boot.  Yeah, it sucked.  And what was even worse was that T was flying home to NY the very next morning, and I had no one to drive me around (it was my right ankle).  Luckily Little S had taken her last final that morning and was able to rush to Atlanta, take me to get crutches, and drive me to and from work.

Since my ankles have such a bad track record, I’ve been extra super careful about what I’ve been doing lately so I don’t end up with a jacked up ankle for the wedding.  This weekend I was getting ready to go to a friend’s party, and I was blow drying my hair.  Once again, I was flipping my head over to give my hair some volume when I cracked my elbow on the corner of the sink/vanity.   It hurt so much I wanted to cry.  I swore that I broke it because it was painful to bend it or to lift it above my head to finish my hair.  In a panic, I called my sister who had broken her elbow before and collected some symptoms.  She said it didn’t sound like it was broken, which was a huge releif to me.  I definitely did not want to have to wear a cast on my wedding day! It still hurts a tad, but I can bend it.  I think I must have just hit it in a sensitvie spot or something because I was sure that it was broken.  At least it wasn’t my ankle, right?

So, what’s your worst being clumsy-related story or injury?

Since the wedding is in 9 days, I obviously can’t stop talking about it. (Oh. My. God. How is it that I feel like we got engaged just yesterday and all of a sudden the wedding is practically here? I still can’t believe it myself.) Anyway, I’m trying not to be all wedding all of the time, but it’s hard since it takes up most of my times these days. Just think, in like 2 weeks there will be no more wedding talk. Maybe just some recaps and pictures.

As the day is winding down (does anyone else feel like it’s taking FOREVER for 5:30 to get here?) random wedding related things keep popping into my head.

  • I just found out that my favors are shipping and should be here tomorrow. 🙂
  • My programs shipped out today and will be here Monday. 🙂 Those damn things were causing me some major stress.
  • Both T and I have our rings, and it makes everything so much more real. He was so cute opening up his little blue/green Tiffany box last night. We were watching the Olympics and trying on our rings, acting like little kids at Christmas. 🙂
  • We have to do so much cleaning this weekend. I’m not even kidding (barf). 😦  Most of our out of town family and friends have never seen our house, so we want it to look nice so we can show it off. Our room looks like a clothing bomb went off and the floor is littered with casualties and suitcases (let me point out that most of it belongs to T…I’m just saying). And I’m totally going to make T clean the bathrooms so I don’t mess up my new mani. 🙂
  • At some point this weekend I need to buy the unity candles, guestbook, fancy pen, toasting flutes and bubbles. I say I’m going after work. But you know me, it’ll end up happening tomorrow. (Thanks for the suggestions on where to find these items!)
  • This is my last weekend as an unmarried chica. Such a weird thought…

It’s funny. When I ask T if he’s nervous, he always says yeah. It makes me laugh. I don’t feel nervous, not at all (that could all change on the day of). Then I think back to when he proposed to me and how nervous he was then. He was a little sweaty and radiating heat when I hugged him after I said yes. I wonder if he will be like that when I walk down the aisle to him?

All of the little things are finally falling into place, and I can’t wait to say “I do” with our friends and family there to celebrate with us.

Happy weekend!

With my wedding right around the corner, my boss decided that she wanted to throw me a work wedding shower.  I told her that she didn’t have to, but she insisted.  Last week I took Wednesday off to get some wedding stuff finished.  My co-workers took this opportunity to plan a fun shower for me.  Honestly, I was figuring we’d just go out for a nice lunch or an early dinner, but they had something else up their sleeves.

I was told that the shower was happening on Wednesday (yesterday) but I wasn’t allowed to know what was going on.  Yesterday, Mel and I left work around 3:30 because we had to be at the place at 4.  We had to stop by my house to drop off my wedding ring that arrived yesterday afternoon and pick up some flip flops for me.  This sort of gave away part of the surprise, but I still played along.  We ended up going to the cutest nail salon I have ever seen!   It was called Polished.  It was very spacious and well lit, not cramped like a lot of other salons I’ve been to.  The color-theme was white, blue and pink.  You sat on leather couches with fluffy pillows for your back.  All 6 of us got manicures and pedicures and sipped on white wine.  It was so much fun and so relaxing.

After the nail salon, we piled into our cars and drove over to a Mexican restaurant named La Paz.  I’d never been there, but apparently it’s quite an Atlanta staple.  We chowed down on baskets of chips, awesome cheese dip, fresh salsa and guacamole (well, I skipped the guac since I’m allergic to it and it kills my stomach every time I eat it 😦 ).  We also split a pitcher of Lily Margaritas, which was a regular margarita mixed with prickly pear juice.  It was delicious!  The food was pretty interesting as well, but after all the chips I ate, I wasn’t super hungry.  So I just ordered a (giant) salad with fajita chicken.  It was really good so I was bummed that I was so full and couldn’t really eat too much of it.

After all of that, I was given some pretty cool presents.  A new wine rack with a bottle of wine, a serving bowl with olive oil/vinegar bottles with pour spots, some candles, a book on being a newly wed, and an awesome grill pan/griddle.  I was super excited about the griddle because I had been wanting one.  Then I looked at the box and realized that I can’t use it on my ceramic stove.  Damn!  So  I’ll have to exchange it for something else.  Stupid ceramic stove!

Have I told you how awesome my boss is?  She’s already come to one of my other showers, and then she did all of this for me.  I know it had to cost a lot because there were 6 of us eating, drinking and being pampered.  It was a really fun afternoon, and it was greatly appreciated!

I have a wedding related question for you guys:

I’ve been a slacker and haven’t ordered my guest book, fancy pen and toasting flutes.  Can anyone recommend a good store for me to get these things from?  The wedding is on Aug. 24 so I don’t have time to order anything online.  I figure I’ll check out Things Remembered and Michael’s.  But after that I’m sort of stuck.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  And a friendly reminder…don’t wait till the last minute to take care of this stuff!  🙂

During all of this wedding planning madness, I sometimes find myself thinking about friends that I’ve lost touch with or grown apart from.  Yesterday I checked my e-mail and noticed a name I haven’t seen in my inbox in years.  My old roommate and former best friend BS.  I was completely shocked and surprised.  We haven’t spoken in almost 2 years.  But I have been thinking about her.  Because when we were in college, she was going to be one of my bridesmaids and I would’ve been one of hers.  And stupid roommate drama basically ended our friendship.  I would’ve still been friends with her, but she seemed like she wanted to hold a grudge, so we drifted apart.

But I guess she was thinking about me too because she wrote me an e-mail.  She saw my status on Facebook about getting married in a few days and decided to e-mail me.  And I’m glad she did.  I told her I’d like to get together one day to catch up.  Maybe this will rekindle our friendship.  Or maybe it will just be an e-mail saying hi and I haven’t forgotten about you.  I doubt we will reconnect before the wedding, but maybe we’ll speak again after being quiet for so long.  And maybe things will go back to the way they used to be.

This weekend was quite the little whirlwind of activity.  It started off with my bachelorette party round 2.  Me and a group of my girl friends and mom all got together for dinner at this tapas place, then we went to a night club.  Dinner was fun, with some interesting food selections.  JD ordered this item called a chicken pastilla (aka b’stella), which could be one of the strangest things I’ve tried in a long time.  It’s a phyllo pastry filled with a spicy chicken mixture with nuts.  Then it was baked and topped with powdered sugar.  It was a weird mixture of sweet and savory.  At first smell, it reminded me of apple pie.  At first bite, it was like a sweet meat pie.  It made us all think of Rachel on Friends when she made a trifle and accidentally added the ingredients for shepherd’s pie into the mix.  I didn’t mind it that much.  JD was not a fan.  I ended up spending a decent amount of money at dinner since I had a few mojitos and a few tapas, but I was happy with my food so it was worth it.

After dinner we went to T&G.  At one point, it had been “the” club in Buckhead.  But it was torn down when they decided to make the area into a mini-Rodeo Drive.  I wasn’t too upset when it closed because I’m not much of a club person, but I always had fun when I was there.  Anyway, it opened back up in a new section of town, so we decided to check it out.  I’d gotten an e-mail saying it was ladies’ night and there were free martinis until midnight.  We caravaned over and headed inside.  Well, let me say, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting.  From the outside it seemed nice, but the inside seemed like it wasn’t finished yet.  There was a part of the ceiling that wasn’t sheet rocked or painted all the way, some areas had signs on them that said wet paint.  The bathroom had tiles broken or missing and were covered with a rug.  I’m really glad we didn’t pay to get in or I would have been pissed.  There was also the strangest mix of people there.  There were a lot of older people (think 40s-50s) mixed in with people in their younger 20s.  It was bizarre.  We only hung out till about midnight and ended up a a dive college bar with T and some of our guy friends.  The night turned out differently than expected, but I still had a great time.

Saturday we were supposed to go wedding band shopping but decided to wait until Sunday to go.  That night, some of T’s co-workers and friends threw us a little stock the bar party.  It was at the same house that hosted the Super Bowl party.  They have a huge house with a basement, monster projection TV, bar and Wii.  We ate, drank, played some Wii, watched the Olympics, then rounded out the night with some flip cup and beer pong and crazy dancing.  It was a lot of fun.  And T was super excited about all of the fancy whiskey and bourbon we got.

Sunday we headed to Tiffany to look at/buy our wedding bands.  My engagement ring is from Blue Nile, but I was having a really hard time deciding what I wanted without seeing what it looked like on.  I tried on a ton of rings and finally found the one I liked.  T knew exactly what he wanted, so we bought both of the rings.  Well, they were a lot more expensive than we wanted to pay.  But we felt like it was worth it.

Today, I went to Blue Nile to compare the prices, and they had the exact same ring for about $1,000 less than what we paid at Tiffany.  Yeah, I was not so thrilled.  After some thinking, I decided that I will take the ring back to Tiffany and order the one from Blue Nile.  I ordered it after I got back from lunch, and I should be getting it on Wednesday.  And because T got my engagement ring there, they knocked off another 10%.  So now I am definitely taking the other one back.  There is so much that I could use that $1,000 for.

This is the ring I went with.  Yay!

While we were out and about yesterday, we also went to Macy’s because T wanted some new cologne.  We walked into the store and he had every intention of buying Aqua di Gio when we were intercepted by the sales lady.  She was really friendly and told T that if he like Aqua di Gio, he would like the new Versace cologne.  We smelled it and it did smell good.  In the end, she got a little pushy and T wasn’t 100% sure he loved it, but got it anyway.  Then as we were leaving, he started thinking he didn’t really like it that much after all.  I think it’s just because it was a new fragrance and he noticed it more than usual.  I like it and think he smells good.

Seeing T with new cologne made me want to get some perfume since my Ralph was running low.  It took me forever to find one because I like the lighter/fresher smelling ones.  I felt like one of the ladies at the counter was pushing this one perfume on me telling me how sexy it smelled and blah blah blah.  I thought it smelled awful.   Finally another lady swooped in with some Vera Wang perfume, and it smelled amazing.  It’s a popular wedding fragrance, hence the name Sheer Veil.  But it was soooo expensive, but once I smelled it I loved it.  So I bought it.  And I’m wearing it today, and it’s still awesome.  And now that I’m returning the super expensive Tiffany ring, I don’t feel quite as bad for spending ton on perfume.

I started this post on Thursday, but never had a chance to finish it.

Today T and I met up to get our marriage license. My parents have been flipping out about us not having it yet and have been driving me crazy. We were finally able to get our week day schedules to meet up, so we went. We were both about 15-20 minutes away from the place. The place is right up the street from Mc.Hell, and I know how bad traffic can get over there around lunch time. Well, I wasn’t expecting to hit a standstill. Apparently, a motorcycle cop and a car collided and they had closed down a huge chunk of the road to do an investigation. This meant we got routed down a side street , and I had no idea where I was to get away from the gridlock that was caused by the diversion. Needless to say, it took me and a million other cars about 45 minutes to weave our way through the neighborhood and get to a main road.

During my detour, I gave T and buzz to let him know what was up. Well, surprisingly he was also stuck in accident traffic. At first I thought it was the same one, but he was a few miles north of the county office.  He was stuck in traffic from a separate accident on the same road.  I thought that was a little bizarre, but what can you do.

After more than an hour in the car, I finally made it to the place.  T had beaten me there since his accident hadn’t been as bad as the one involving a cop.  He filled out most of the paper work and all I had to do was sign a few things.  We were in and out of there in about 20 minutes.   We decided to grab a bite to eat since we were both starving and neither one of us really wanted to go back to work.  We went to a cute little French bistro-type restaurant called La Madeline and decided to get 2 different sandwiches and trade halves.  It was a good idea since we each got to have halves of 2 sandwiches.  We also opted for their pasta salad, which was so tasty!  While we were eating, I noticed that the sky was practically black and the wind started to pick up.  We quickly finished lunch so we could get back to work before the storm came.

As we were leaving, I realized we were not too far from my office.  I headed down this road that leads to work when I noticed flashing lights again.  There was a fire truck and some cop cars blocking the street.  Yellow caution tape had been tied to 2 phone poles to rope off the street.  All of a sudden, I was diverted again.   We were forced to weave through this tiny neighborhood (it did have some really cute houses though).  As we were snaking our way through I notice a “No Outlet” sign.  I thought it was a  little strange but kept driving.  Yeah, there really was no outlet.  We were forced to make a loop around a cul-du-sac and head back out.  I don’t know who’s brillaint idea that was, but they should be fired.  There was a school across the street from the road they made us go down.  I don’t know why they didn’t just let us loop through the parent drop off lane, especially since school hasn’t started yet.  Our little winding adventure wasted about 10 minutes.  Since the road was blocked, I had to turn around and go the long way back to work.  I ended up being gone almost 3 hours, but I wasn’t that concerned.  There are only certain times during the week that I can get stuff like this accomplished since government offices aren’t open on the weekends.

But seriously, what was up with all of the bad drivers yesterday?  There were a few other pretty bad accidents in the Atlanta metro that jacked up traffic yesterday.  Was it national let’s suck at driving day and I didn’t know about it?  Weird…

With the wedding only 17 days away, you might be hearing a lot about my stress/drama/whatever else is related to planning such a major shindig.

Today I took the day off work to get a chunk of wedding-related stuff accomplished.  My morning started with a meeting with our priest to go over the ceremony.  While we were in the midst of planning, my cell rang.  I wasn’t planning on answering, but I saw that it was the woman who was supposed to alter my dress. (Back story – I was supposed to see her this past Saturday, but she cancelled on me Friday at 8 p.m.  So we rescheduled for today.)  She told me that she couldn’t make my appointment today because she wasn’t feeling well.  I almost flipped my shit, but I was with the priest.  Then the lady told me that she just had emergency surgery, and I felt bad for her.  She said she couldn’t bend over or lift heavy things.  Well, that makes dress altering slightly impossible.  I think she felt guilty for bailing on me twice in 5 days, so she called another seamstress who could fit me in.  I had to go to her house about 40 minutes away, but she was able to do the alterations and get me in for a second fitting next Tuesday.  Sigh of relief…

After the dress fitting, I went to meet up with the program people.  I went in a few weeks ago but wasn’t able to do too much since I didn’t have the ceremony planned yet (our priest has had a crazy case of bronchitis that he just can’t seem to shake).  I called and asked to speak to the lady that helped me last time, and she was out today.  Figures!  But they told me to come in and they could help me.  I created a draft of my program earlier today and brought it with me.  The girl helping me was a sweetie, and after about 2 hours we got everything figured out. 

After the programs were ordered, I decided to stop by Bed, Bath and Beyond to exchange some plates we received since they were broken.  On my way to BBandB, T calls with some not so great news.  One of the groomsmen is a new State Trooper in NY, and he didn’t fill out his time off request correctly.  So, of course they booked him to work some stupid county fair the weekend of my wedding.  He tried to change schedules with a couple guys, but they were being douchey and wouldn’t.  He’s trying to get it all figured out  by afternoon tommorrow so I can get the correct information to the program printers so I can still get a proof on Friday.  Keep your fingers crossed that this all works out.  Please!!!

I smoked a few cigs to calm my frazzled nerves and decided to head to the mall to buy my wedding jewelery and my bridesmaids’ jewelery.  I got to Macy’s and got sidetracked by the lingerie, but I did find the cutest cheeky boy shorts for my something blue and my wedding night lingerie that is a sexy black and white design.  Woot!  Then it was back to the mission at hand.  I headed downstairs where I was greeted by a super helpful woman who found all the jewelery I needed.  I chose some sparkly earrings and a braclet for myslef and neckalces and earrings with black stones for the girls.  The only problem was that we could only find 4 necklaces, and I have 5 bridesmaids.  But that didn’t stop her!  She tracked down some other area stores that had them.  I decided to stop by another mall (that was slightly out of the way) on my way home.  They only had one left.  I walked in and explained my problem to the woman at the counter.  She gave me a “girl you are crazy for thinking you will be able to find the necklace here since we only have one in stock” look.  She went over to where they were supposed to be, and of course the one wasn’t there.  I was slightly dejected, but she said she would check in some other places.  I walked to the next counter, and saw my necklace.  Another customer was holding it, trying to get it untangled.  I told her my sob story and luckily she gave it to me.  That lady made my day!

Even though today was hectic as hell and filled with some unpleasant moments, I feel like I put a dent in my to do list.  Tomorrow T and I will get our marriage license.  After work, I’m meeting with the Greek restaurant to finalize details for the rehearsal dinner so they can’t screw us over again.

Ugh, wedding planning is hard!  I’m really going to need our honeymoon to unwind and relax.  And lots of massages from T.  Lots!

**When I studied abroad in France, there was a group of girls that called ourselves the Fat Kids In Action because it felt like all we did in France was eat.  After our date last night, I felt the same way again.**

As you all know, T and I had a much needed date night yesterday.  He’s been so busy with work and CPA studying and testing, and I’ve been wedding planning like a maniac, that we really haven’t spent much time together.  In more ways than one.  So we definitely made up for that last night.  Twice. 😉

We decided to check out this newish Brazilian steak house named Chima for our dinner.  A friend of ours who works at our favorite neighborhood bar also works there and hooked us up with 2 free dinner cards.  So date night was the perfect excuse for us to check it out because normally steak houses like that have a hefty price tag.  The atmosphere was cool.  It was pretty spacious and you didn’t feel like you were sitting on top of other people.  We sat down and started browsing the wine list, when our waiter told us that you could get half-priced bottles of good wine on Mondays.   So we got a nice bottle of pinot noir, which was so delicious and had a slight chill to it.  I hate warm wine, I need it to have some chill to it even if it’s not supposed to.

When you first get there, they tell you to start at the salad bar (probably so you don’t eat all of their meat) and then when you are ready for the meat, you flip this little card over to the orange side.  That tells all the gauchos that they can bring by a ton of yumminess to you.  It’s insane!  While the orange side is up, they practically swarm you (in a good way) and shave off pieces of different types of steak, pork, lamb and fish.  It’s crazy!  Then you feel slightly overwhelmed and flip the card to black to tell them to stop.  It’s like a little game.  Every once in while, T or I would see something we wanted to try, so we’d flip the card back to orange just to taste that one item.

All of the meat was so delicious.  It’s at moments like that, that I realized I could never be a vegetarian because I couldn’t give all of that up.  I love it too much!  Besides all of the protein choices, they had an amazing salad bar with calamari salad, shrimp salad, green salads, cheeses, meats, fruit and soups and rice (which we didn’t even try).  They also start you off with these cute little cheesy biscuits, some amazingly tasty dip, and some type of round/breaded seafood (we thought that’s what they were) balls.  Then once the meat starts coming out, they bring out the creamiest mashed potatoes I’ve ever seen or tried, fried polenta sticks (so good!) and some fried bananas.  Let’s just say that by the time we were finished eating we were slightly delirious and drifting off into meat comas!

I would totally go back again, even though by the time we left I was so full I felt like I would die.  But once we got home, we drank some Limoncello that JD brought back from Italy, so life was good again.

Remember how I was freaking out about T’s bachelor party in Vegas a few weeks ago?  (I’ll give you a few minutes to refresh your memory….ok, ready?)  His trip was this past weekend.  And let me tell you, I was freaking out.  I kept having this giant knot it my stomach throughout the 4 days he was out there.  I was seriously a nervous wreck.  But he was good and even called a few times to say hi.  Except every time he called, the guys would be in the background telling him to get off the phone.  This did annoy me a little because none of my friends acted like that when I was out of town and T called to chat for a minute.  At one point I totally called them out for being guys who can’t get girlfriends harassing the one guy who has one.  That shut them up for a bit.

Their weekend basically consisted of lots of drinking, gambling, eating, drinking, and going to clubs.  When they got back last night, JD and I were ready to hear about all of their stories.  But there weren’t really any good ones.  There were no hook-ups, no getting kicked out of places (like on my weekend), and nothing really crazy to speak about.  I thought this was pretty lame.  If you’re going to spend a lot of money to go to Vegas, shouldn’t you have some kinds of stories?  They totally could have stayed in Atlanta and saved a ton of money since they didn’t do anything spectacular.

On Saturday afternoon, T called to say hi and see what I was up to.  There was a mention of going to a strip club that night, which really bummed me out.  That night when I went to bed, I’d texted him to say good night and that I was glad he’d be home the next day.  He never answered, so my Crazy kicked into overdrive.  I couldn’t sleep because I kept dreaming about all these slutty and skanky naked girls dry humping all over T. Needless to say, I woke up super early on Sunday morning, not very well rested.

I had knots in my stomach all day waiting for him to get home because I was scared of what he would tell me about Saturday night.  Well, they didn’t go to a strip club.  They went to Pure.  At one point in the trip, someone had told them to check out this one strip club, and they got there and had a drink and left.  It was super expensive and you had to pay a girl to hang out at your table, and no one wanted to do that.  So that was the end of strip clubs in Vegas.  So I freaked myself out over nothing.  I was a bit snippy with T at first before I knew what happened because that dream was so real.  But I apologized to him and told him my reasons for being crazy, and he kind of laughed.  His dad and I talked today about some wedding stuff, and he even confirmed that it was a pretty tame weekend on the grand scale of bachelor parties.  So I psyched myself out all weekend for nothing.  But I’m still glad it’s over.

Since I’d lost my mind this weekend, I gave myself some retail therapy.  I went back to school shopping with JD (plus it was Tax-free Weekend) and ended up getting myself a sexy little red and black dress for Bachelorette Round 2 (basically just a girl’s night out in Atlanta) and found my rehearsal dinner dress.  I also bought these super cute purple metallic peep-toed pumps from Target.  I heart them a ton.  I want to show you, but I couldn’t find a pic online (stupid Target Web site) and I don’t have a camera with me.  But I can show you the dress.  I think it’s the perfect mix of elegant and casual, perfect for a rehearsal dinner.

Super awesome!  Yay me!

And, T and I are having a date night tonight.  This makes me super happy! 🙂

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