Wedding planning. I thought I had all my shit down. I’ve been really super organized. My mom keeps telling me how proud she is of me for doing all this by myself, never pestering her or needing much help. She even tells me that I should get into this for a living. Yeah, on the surface it sounds great. Until I have a run in with a bridezilla because we all know I can’t control my temper and someone could get hurt. Let me tell you, it won’t be me.

Anyway, it’s been pretty much smooth sailing the whole way. The biggest bump was the bridesmaid’s dress fiasco, which ended up being fine in the end. Everything fit and zipped. Crisis averted. But now, that it’s crunch time, things are getting crazy. I’m semi on edge, and could possibly become a raging bitch or a drunk (hopefully neither).


We are meeting with the DJ on Tuesday to go over our music selections. The only problem is, we haven’t done that yet. And to top it all off. I lost the handy dandy music picking out sheet. Hate. T is gone all weekend for his bachelor party so I guess Sunday and Monday nights will be music nights. In the mean time, I hope I can find that damn thing. Or the DJ can send me a new one.


Yesterday we were supposed to meet for the final time with our priest. I wanted to use this time to go over our ceremony so I can start working on the programs. Well, he was sick last night so we couldn’t meet. I’m not mad about that, and I hope he feels better soon, but I’m scared it will really make things tight for the programs. I’m thinking we better meet on Monday because if we wait too long, there will be no programs at the wedding. Especially since I’m not sure about what to put in them since we haven’t really discussed the ceremony yet…

The Favors

We decided to go with personalized shot glasses. They are really cute and who doesn’t like collecting random shot glasses. I decided to order them yesterday, and almost had an aneurysm. Seriously. I went to the Web site to order them and followed the instructions. It said to order them, then choose your design. Well I did that, except you couldn’t choose the design. You had to upload your own, which I didn’t want to do. So I spent a ton of time trying to figure out how to get the artwork from their site attached to my order. Finally someone said I could e-mail it. I checked today, and they said they have it, so that’s good. But I seriously thought that I ordered 150 blank shot glasses. That would have been stupid!

They will look like this, but with black writing.

Pre-wedding Hotel

At first I wanted to rent a hotel for all the bridesmaids to stay in the night before the wedding so we could get ready there the next day. But my plot keeps getting foiled. The hotel I’ve blocked for our guests has suites. At one point I asked if it was possible to fit 6 people in it. I was told yes. So I booked it yesterday and realized it was a king suite with one bed and a sofa bed. Umm, that doesn’t fit 6, so it was a no go. They were going to check and see if it would be possible to let us have a couple cots, but that can’t happen either. Plus I’m not sure if they’d let us keep the room until 2:30 without charging us for another day so we could get ready. Now I’m not sure what we should do. All stay at our own houses and either get ready at my or Little S’s house. I guess I’ll have to do a survey. Annoying.


The guest bathroom toilet is all kinds of fucked up. It was running like crazy last night so T and I finally had to turn the water to it off because we couldn’t get it to stop running. I was scared that it was going to overflow. The thing was running like it was a fucking faucet. It was insane. Hopefully my dad can look at it and help me fix it.

Chinese Take Out

Today my co-worker and I decided to order Chinese/Thai take out for lunch. We love this place because it is amazing. We both had to pay with cash. She had a $10 bill, and I had a $20. The food got here and we went to pay. Of course the delivery guy spoke very little English so we had a hard time communicating with each other, and he had very little change. What kind of delivery driver doesn’t have lots of ones? So we spent like 5 minutes trying to get the payment straightened out. He broke my $20, but then had no ones to make more change. Our total was $14.9,1 and in the madness we gave him a $20. Um, yeah. He lucked out. And I’m pissed at my co-worker for making the whole process more complicated than it needed to be. She was no help in figuring out a solution to him not having any change. Grrr…

Ok, that is it for my ranting. Sorry for all of the negativity, but I’m stressed out. Tomorrow will be much happier reading because I’m taking part in the second Create Your Own Blogventure. Aren’t you just super excited?!?! I am!! It all goes down at 10 a.m. EST tomorrow. Make sure you start here, at the lovely NPW’s page. My section in one of the endings, so you won’t get to me till you read for a bit.