I made it back from Panama City Beach for all of you that were concerned.  I’ve just been a little busy since I got back.  I know you are all just chomping at the bit to know what happened…

We got a later start than we had planned on Thursday.  ASP was supposed to take a final early, then leave for the trip.  Well, her professor showed up 15 minutes late and still had some work to do on the test.  There was about a 30 minute delay before she actually took the test.  CMc got held up at work since there was a ton of stuff that had to get finished before she could hit the road.  We all met up around 3:00, split into 2 cars and went on our way.  It took about 6 hours to get there, but it’s in the central time zone so it only felt like 5.

We all reconvened at the sweet condo we were staying at.  Little S’s friend’s parents let us stay at their AMAZING beach front cottage for free.  The place was missing all the tacky beachy decorations and we super nice.  It had a huge patio and was on the 9th floor, so we had quite a view. 

See what I mean?

Our first night was pretty chill.  We went out to dinner and played some board games when we got home because a lot of people were tired.  After we finished our game, everyone went to bed…except JD and I.  We decided it would be cool to sit on the porch, chat and have another drink.  Well, another turned into another, and another (you get the picture).  And the next thing we knew it was 4:30 in the morning and we were still awake…talking about books we like.  Yeah, we get crazy.

Friday morning was a little rough since we had 7 people in the condo and not everyone sleeps late.  I think we ended up getting up a little before 10.  That day was our beach day, so we headed down to the sand to stake our claim.  As you can tell, the water was a little rough, which I happen to like.  Most of us went out and played in the waves.  Let me tell you.  Strapless top (trying to avoid weird tan lines) + waves = lots of flashing and funny moments.  It was a blast.

That night was my big bachelorette night out since no one wanted to be jacked up for the ride home on Sunday.  We all dressed up, me extra specially.  I got the whole shebang – penis veil, penis straw, some kind of wild girls sash – my friends don’t play. 

All dressed up and stuff

Our plan was to go to dinner and head to Club La Vela, the hottest nightclub in the world (um, no).  It’s trashy and the weirdest mix of people you will ever see, but we had fun.  It was Ladies’ Night from 9-12, so we headed in around 10 for free drinks and craziness.  Lets just say that everyone was feeling no pain by the time we left.

The girls made a mini list of things for me to do/collect, so I went around acting like an ass to get it done.  I got a piggyback ride from a stranger, a condom from a girl (no guys in PCB carry them – eww), some guy’s boxes (yeah, I rule), danced with a stranger, random guys to buy us shots, random guys to get me a drink, a bouncer to propose…and then I lost my list.  Not too shabby if I say so myself.

We hit up a bunch of the many rooms the club had, and ended up in VIP.  It was lame.  They had couches roped off for celebrities (not sure what famous person was going to hang out there) and wouldn’t let us sit.  The bartender in there was a total bitch, and at one point CMc looks at me and said she wasn’t going to tip her because she kept giving her attitude.  Well The Bitch heard her, and was trying to throw her out because she thought CMc called her a bitch.  She never did but The Bitch didn’t care.  She ran out to get a bouncer, and I told CMcto hit the road.  The bitch finally came back with the bouncer who had proposed to me (score) and they couldn’t find CMc.  I pretended I didn’t know where she was and everything fizzled out.  The funny thing was, CMc had gone out a side door and was sitting by and chatting with the same bouncer who had been asked to throw her out.  He never knew that she was the person he was supposed to be looking for.

The next few hours were spent being silly and hanging out by the pool deck.  Eventually we realized that CMc and Jax had hopped the fence and were hanging with some guys on the beach.  JD found a cute boy and they were hanging out/making out.  Eventually Jules also had herself a little hook up, leaving me, ASP and Little S to hang out and be random.  Finally we got everyone back together again, and CMc and Jax almost got booted again for jumping over the fence to get back in.  We all played dumb, and it was ok.  Since it was getting late, we sat around talking beside the pool for a bit.  CMc and Jax decided they wanted to go swimming so they jumped in the pool.  All was cool until some bouncers noticed them.  They made them get out and threw them out, which was fine with us since we were all tanked and tired. 

We were all hurting Saturday and pretty much spent the entire day hanging around the condo.  Jax and Jules made it to the beach really early, the rest of us didn’t venture down until 4.  We hung out for a bit, then got ready for dinner.  We went to a shitty pirate-themed restaurant where the food was meh and overpriced, but we got cool hats.  Then we wanted to play putt-putt (mini-golf for you Northerners) but it was rainy.  So we settled for getting amazing air-brushed T-shirts and karaoke at some dive bar across the street. 

The Shitty Ship

All in all, it was a great weekend.  We all had fun and got along.  What more can you want?  We are planning to do a little girl’s night out in a few weeks for all of the people who wanted to come to PCB but didn’t make it.  The boys are going to Vegas, so it’s only fair that we blow it out too! 🙂