Today my boss and I finally met up for my review(about 4 months late).  She took me out to lunch, and we talked about a lot of stuff.  She thinks I am doing a great job, which makes me happy because I enjoy what I do.  We were gone about 2 hours, and I totally thought I was going to get an awesome raise by the time we were done.  At the end of our conversation, she handed me an envelope and said, “Here’s a little something in honor of your year working with us.”  Hold up, what?  It was just a bonus check.  So that meant I had to suck it up and ask about a raise.  And you know what?  Nothing.  I didn’t even get a grand more.  I was pretty bummed.  She said with the economy being like it is, now just wasn’t the best time.  But she did promise that I’ll get an increase at the start of 2009.  But I could really use it now, especially with the wedding only 26 days away.  Sigh…but on the bright side.  At least the bonus was one lump sum without the taxes removed.  So that’s always a plus.  And way better than splitting up a grand over 24 pay periods.

After we got back from lunch, I had to call back the rehearsal dinner site.  They had changed some things around, and I was only allowed to deal with Don.  I finally got a hold of him to get some details straight so the invitations can be sent out and was dealt some not so stellar news.  Apparently the girl I had been working with (she was super sweet) didn’t really know what she was doing booking a large party, or the policies changed.  He dropped a bomb on me.  First of all, to use the private dining room on Saturdays you have to spend $3,000 on food and drinks since they don’t charge for renting it.  WTF?!?!  That is a shit ton of cash for a rehearsal dinner.  Then he told me we could only have the room till 9.  Originally I had been told 10.  After a slight panic attack (where the fuck am I going to be able to get a room that holds 40-50 people on a Saturday in less than 3 weeks?!?!), we were able to work some stuff out.   They are only making us reach $2,000 (but with 18% grat it’s still more than $2,300).  I talked to T’s parents and they said it’ll be fine.  But it still seems ridiculous to me to spend that much for a rehearsal dinner…grr.  I did look into a few other places, and they were even more expensive.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the drinkers will get that tab up so T’s dad doesn’t have to throw a ton down!

On a happier note, I met with my florist today to actually pick out the types and colors of flowers I want.  And let me just say, I heart him.  He’s awesome and totally gets that I don’t want my wedding to be an antebellum throw down.  I want color and lots of it, plus it needs to be unique.  Let’s just say there will be a various shades of orchids, calla lillies, bromeliads, fern fronds, some greenery and of course some roses brightening up my day.  Yay! 🙂