Yeah, with the wedding only 32 days away, be prepared for wedding blabber 2008.  It’s all I’m thinking about because I’m trying to get everything finalized so I’m not too stressed at the end. 

First of all, I ordered Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred DVD and oh. my God.  It kicked my ass.  That woman is crazy.  I’ve only done the first level, which is about 20 minutes long.  And you know what?  I have never sweat that much for 20 minutes of work.  When I’m at the gym, I don’t sweat nearly as much and I work out twice as long.  I felt pretty good afterwards, but my legs hurt like hell.  Ow.  I’m gonna try to do it again in the morning.  As long as I can move my legs again.  🙂

This weekend was wedding-tastic.  Saturday morning I had a marathon hair appointment.  First, I had my regular hair cut and color.  That lasted about 1.5 hours.  After that I went through my trial wedding hair and make up for another 2 hours.  My head was loaded with rollers while my face got beautified, then we played around with my hair.  I decided to go with an updo just because it’s super hot in Georgia in August, and it looks really cool with my color.  Plus it’s glamorous.  What, you want to see it?  Ok.


Yeah, I like it a lot.  And so does T.  He kept telling me how hot I looked all night.  Aww.

Sunday we went to my parents’ house to celebrate my dad’s birthday a few days early.  It was a lot of fun.  We ate, drank and laughed like crazy people.  We also played around with wedding songs.  My dad and I were testing out different songs for our father-daughter dance.  This resulted in some impromptu dance lessons from my mom and dad in our foyer.  I’m sure if people saw us, they would have thought we were crazy!  But I think we have a song picked out!

We also finally decided on wedding favors.  We’ve decided on personalized shot glasses that we’ll fill with candy.  Everyone loves shot glasses, and they’re fun keepsakes.  Plus being filled with candy makes them even cooler.  Now I just need to know how many people are coming so I can order them…

Today I went to look at some programs after work.  Who knew there would be so many that I just didn’t like?  I finally found one that I think is classy and modern, exactly what I’m looking for.  It comes with a pocket (that will either be red or black shimmery paper) to hold the program.  The actual program will be on tri-folded white paper.  I think it’ll look pretty nice afterwards.  No we need to finalize the ceremony so we can order them…

I can’t wait till Thursday because that’s the day we are leaving for my bachelorette party at the beach.  I’m so excited!  We’ve got a good group of girls going, even though not everyone invited can come.  I know there will be many crazy shenanigans and tons of fun!  For the weekend, I ordered some cute dresses and a bathing suit from Victoria’s Secret.  Too bad 2 out of the 3 dresses don’t fit.  This is what baffles me.  Victoria’s Secret = bras and boobs.  So shouldn’t the dresses be cut to fit boobs?  Yeah, guess they didn’t think of that.  I look semi-scandalous in them, so I’m sending them back.  But the bathing suit fits and is super cute.  It’s the light brown and white polka dotted one that’s all over the catalogues.  I love it.  And it’s bandeau so no funky tan lines for the wedding!