Does anyone else ever feel that having to work on Fridays is pointless?  Especially during the summer?  I know my productivity goes waaaay down when it’s beautiful outside, and I am ready to relax for the weekend.  The other thing I’ve noticed is that in a lot of industries, a bunch of people get to leave early on Fridays.  Why doesn’t this work for everyone (like me)?  Isn’t it fairly pointless to be busting ass to work when you can’t get a hold of anyone else since they aren’t working?  Oh, America.  Why can’t you be less work and money making oriented and be more low key like many European countries?   Sigh…wishful thinking.

Today has been super boring.  I have literally done nothing.  NOTHING.  Ok, well maybe I’m lying a little.  I’ve done a few things.  But most of them have been in the last few minutes.  And I’ve only done them because I feel bad for being such a slackass.  I’ve spent a large chunk of my day reading blogs and gossip sites, picking out wedding hairstyles, and chatting with my co-workers.  Boss, please give me that raise since I am such a hard worker! <—Normally I am, just not on Fridays!

Another reason working on Friday sucks is because you are tired from the week.  You’ve been working hard (hanging out too late with friends) and need a break.  Today.  I am exhausted.  T decided he was going to get up at 6 to go to the gym this morning.  Of course I woke up when the alarm went off, then again after the snooze cycle.  Then I had to pee.  Then he couldn’t find his workout clothes in the dark.  So he turned on the light for a second.  The whole ordeal took about 15 minutes.  As soon as I dozed back off, our fried Jay came in to take his shower (the working shower is in our room and he was staying with us because he had a meeting in Atlanta this morning and lives far away).  After Jay’s shower ended, then my sister came in for hers.  So yeah, this morning sucked.  I was practically up and dozing in and out of sleep till I got up at 7:45.  Then my head was hurting and my neck was sore from sleeping weird, so this morning was awesome.

To top it off, I was in a super funk for no reason that I can think of.  I’m just pissy.  Probably because I’m tired and bored to death at work.  Sorry for being a Ranty McRanterson.  Yuck.  Ok, well I’m heading out.  Happy weekend!