I’m sure you are all feeling the pinch in your wallets and bank accounts like I am.  Everything keeps getting more and more expensive, but salaries are staying the same.  Something is wrong with this picture.  Gas is over $4, groceries are sky rocketing, and even make up keeps costing a little more each time I buy it. The economy needs to fix itself, like yesterday.

Anyway, in early April I had my official one year anniversary at my PR job that I love.  To get here, I made a lateral move from McHell.com.  This means my sort of crappy salary came with me.  At that time, I was so ready to get out of there that I didn’t care.  I was even able to talk my new boss up $4,000 from what she initially offered to match my McHell money.

Last year, the amount of money I was making was fine.  Life hadn’t gotten so expensive.  Gas was still under $3.  (Remember how we used to complain about that?  If only we could go back to the glory days!)  I wasn’t planning a wedding that requires expensive purchases of gifts, jewelery and trips.

Well, now the times have changed.  Things are getting tighter.  I’m going out less and shopping less, but I’m still struggling to save money.  I’m trying to be frugal but it’s not working because the economy isn’t playing along.  So it is highly crucial for me to get a raise.  I’m a big girl now, and I should get paid like one.

I’ve been out of college since 2005 and working, yet I am still pretty close to entry level wages (in my opinion).  I know people that have just graduated that are making almost as much as me or more.  Take Little S for example.  She has been working for about a month.  But she makes $8,000 more than I do, and she gets “an adjusting to your new life” stipend of like $6,000, a company credit card, car, laptop, cell phone and commissions once she actually starts selling things.  I know she is in a completely different field than I am, but it’s still a slap in the face to have my sister, who is 22 and right out of college, making a hell of a lot more money than I am.

When my one year anniversary rolled around, I was banking on the boss calling me in for a review (hooking me up with a raise).  But April came and went, as well as May and June, and nothing.  She has been traveling a lot for work and summer vacation, so I haven’t really had a time to pull her aside to talk since she hasn’t been here.

Yesterday, I finally worked up the balls to say something to her towards the end of the day, and she ended up on a really long phone call.  I thought I could catch her when she was off, but I heard her wrap up the convo  by saying she had to be somewhere by 6.  Plot foiled.  She busted out of the office in a whirlwind and was gone.  And I never had a chance to say anything.  Instead of waiting till today, I just decided it may be easier to write her an e-mail asking to set up a time for a review.  I was hoping it would happen today since she is leaving again tomorrow.

All morning I was a my desk, twitching a little in anticipation, and nothing happened.  NOTHING!  I was thinking she hadn’t read it or didn’t want to talk.  Finally around 3 she told me that she felt bad for not doing my review yet because she has been meaning to and that we can talk next week.  YAY!!!  Finally.

Now here is my dilemma.  Out of everyone in the office, I feel I have the most responsibility.  I am one of the younger employees, but I work on 3 clients practically all by myself.  I do get a little help from our interns and my co-worker Mel, but they are mine.  I’m the one that arranges media visits, handles problems, reminds them that we need to work on things.  I am planning on asking for a $5,000 raise (I want to ask for $8,000, but I know that’s waaaay too much).  I know it’s a lot and times are tight, but I feel that for the amount of work I do, I should get compensated a lot more.  I have a lot of responsibility and want my salary to reflect my hard work.  We are a small company (which makes me feel guilty for asking for so much) but I need to be able to live my life without feeling like I am going to end up broke on the street somewhere.  And I really don’t want to find a second job on the corner.  😉