Saturday afternoon I had my second bridal shower.  It was hosted by one of my mom’s close friends, in our old neighborhood.  It was really sweet for her to organize the whole thing for me.  It was great to get old neighborhood friends together with new ones and reminisce about the good old days.

My shower started at 2, but I ended up being 30 minutes late.  Yeah, I’m not very timely…ever.  I was having some major wardrobe malfunctions that started the downward spiral of delays.  I’d washed my dress Friday night, and let it air dry over night, then thrown it in the dryer in the morning.  Well, when I went to put it on, it was still damp.  So I threw it back into the dryer and finished getting ready.  About 20 minutes later, I put it on again.  That shit was still damp.  Then I spent another 5 minutes blowing drying the chest area.  Finally, I had to go so I put it on damp.  Stupid dress with the bunchy fabric that doesn’t dry.

After I picked up JD, we were going to get CMc, then hit the road.  Of course they were doing some crazy construction on the road that leads to the highway, so we got stuck there for about 15 minutes.  Then on the way to CMc’s, we hit every damn red light.  It blew.  Then of course my gas light came on, and we had to stop again.

We finally arrived at the shower destination, and hurried in.  I opened the front door and walked in.  I noticed that everyone was eating some snacks and chatting, and no one looked annoyed that the bride-to-be can not be on time.  I apologized as I walked in the door and stopped in my tracks.  Sitting in my family friend’s living room was T’s mom, all the way from NY!  I couldn’t believe it!  She’d booked a flight on Friday night to come down for the shower.  It was so sweet.  She’d gotten in early Saturday morning and hung out with my parents, then came to the shower.

Of course this meant that Saturday night plans changed, and I (and JD) stayed at my parents house to hang out with her.  The poor thing had barely slept the night before since her flight was super early on Saturday, but it was still cool to hang out for a bit.  Poor T was in crunch mode and couldn’t get away from studying to come and see her.  I know he’s really bummed about it, and she was too.  But she said the real reason she came was just to see me.  She’s so funny!  I’m just so glad that I get along with his parents, he gets along with mine, and both sets like each other.  It makes life so much easier and more enjoyable!

I watched a decent amount of movies this weekend just because.  Friday JD and I watched The Sweetest Thing.  Man, I forgot how funny that movie was! We were cracking up the entire time.  We also started Waiting, but I passed out about 20 minutes in because I’m just that cool.  Sunday it rained like a maniac so we watched 27 Dresses and Just Friends.  I love random lazy movie Sundays!