Poor T is in super CPA hell at the moment. He’s taking part 3 of the test this Monday, followed by the last part on July 25. He has been super busy and studying so hard that he barely has time to do anything else but work and study. Poor guy.

Yesterday, he sends me a g-chat saying that he was bringing home some dessert that he picked up while he was a lunch. It was this HUGE slice (this seriously was no slice, it was like half a cake) of black and white cake. It was a 3-layer chocolate cake with whipped cream and chocolate mousse filling, wrapped with a semi-sweet chocolate shell. And oh my God, was it to die for. I was in chocolate heaven when I ate it last night. The “slice” is so big that I cut it in half heightwise, then again length wise. The box it was in probably weighed 5 pounds when it had the whole slice in it. Seriously. But it was so cute when he told me about it. He’d been thinking about me at lunch and knew that I would heart it, so he bought it for me. What a sweetheart!

When he got home last night, he walked in with the monster cake and some flowers. He bought me flowers just because. I know I’ve been doing a lot of the stuff around the house since he’s been studying, but it was really nice of him to do that for me to show his appreciation. It’s the little things that make me happy!

I made my yummy fish tacos last night, which T and Little S loved! Poor T had to lock himself upstairs in our guest bedroom (aka Little S’s room for now) to eat and study. But when he came down he complimented me on how great the tacos were, especially the seasoning I used on the fish. That also really made my night. It’s such a high when you cook something from scratch (I used a recipe to get the ingredients, but don’t follow it at all) and the people that you love really enjoy eating it.

What makes you really happy or makes your day?