The 3-day holiday weekend was amazing.  I think we need to petition, especially since gas prices have gotten so expensive, for a 4-day work week.  How awesome would that be?  I’m dreaming of all the wonderful things I could do with an extra day off…

My holiday weekend started on Thursday night with a trip to the Braves game.  We were playing the Phillies (CMc’s team), and of course we lost again.  I’ve been to 2 games against the Phillies this year, and we always suck it up.  Oh well, we still had fun.  Little S went again on the 4th, and they won.  Plus they had an amazing fireworks show after the game.  Just my luck!

On the actual 4th, T, JD, CMc, and I went to our friend Adam’s house.  His family always throws these awesome holiday parties where everyone eats and drinks way too much yummy stuff, but we all have a super time.  His parents are so cool and so much fun to hang out with.   They seriously bought 19 pounds of chicken (19!!!) and grilled it up.  And you know what?  It all got eaten.  Every last piece.  And they were worried they’d have chicken left over for weeks.

Saturday was pretty chill for the most part.  JD, T and I got some Mexican to help out our hangovers from the 4th of July party (it always does the trick!).  Afterwards we went back to the house and watched 40-Year Old Virgin.  Man, I forgot how funny that movie was.  At parts I was laughing so hard that I could barely breathe.  I thought I might die of laughter, literally because I couldn’t breathe.

While we were digging around our video cabinet, we came across some videos from a couple of high school parties we’d thrown.  They were from senior year, and we looked so young!  That was the phase of my life where I was blonde, super duper blonde.  And I was so skinny! And I hadn’t learned about the wonders of waxing my eyebrows (eek!).  And T had a little baby face.  Little S was at a couple of the parties, and she looked like a baby with her ponytail and braces.  It was too funny.  In one of the videos, I sound like such a New Yorker.  Which is hilarious to me since I only lived there for 2 years.  I guess I pick up accents easily.  Auwwesome!

Sunday, T and I slept in until 2 because it was so dark, gloomy and stormy outside.  I woke up a few times, and it felt like is was really early in the morning.  Plus it was thundering and lightning like crazy, which didn’t make us want to get up.  Once we finally got up, I decided to work on the invitations so I could get them out.  Especially because the torrential downpour kept me from the pool.  I worked on them for about 6 hours.  I seriously thought my hand was going to fall off by the time I stopped for the night!  I made it through about 65, and finished the rest up on Monday.  I mailed the last of them off today (I actually chased the mail truck through the office yard to give them to the mail lady – I’m sure I looked like an idiot).

Speaking of the invites, I had a little drama with them.  Thank God I trusted my gut instinct and weighed them before sending them out, even though we’d already stamped them.  They ended up fluctuating between 1 ounce ($.42) and 1.1 ounces ($.59).  Don’t ask me how.  After a discussion with the mail guy, we decided I should add the extra $.17 to them just to be safe.  So now they have cute little heart stamps and blue ram stamps on them.  That totally screams wedding!  🙂  Not so much…

But seriously, who really pays attention to the stamps anyway?