Wow, in less than 2 months I will be a married woman. How bizarre! How exciting! Since time is flying by at warped speed (does anyone feel like it was just January, and all of a sudden it’s July?) I figured it was time to update all of my lovely readers on my wonderful wedding activities. I know you’re excited!

Things I need to get done, like NOW:

  • Schedule a time to go in and have my dress altered/fitted. I need to have the bottom let out (just a little), the back tightened up, and some of the beading removed from the sides of the dress. Underneath my arm is sensitive and will get irritated by the beads. Can’t have that on my wedding day. I’m also a little hesitant to change too much in regards to the size of the dress in case I lose any weight. I wish I could have it altered a few weeks before the big day, instead of 7 weeks before.
  • Send out the invitations. <—Bad I know. But everyone’s already gotten a Save the Date, so they know when the festivities are going down.
  • Pick out my wedding day undergarments. I think I’ll definitely invest in some super cute and girly undies, but I may skip a bra. My dress has boning in it, so I can totally get away without a bra. Plus the back dips down a little and the bra may show.
  • I need to decide on my something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue (maybe the undies?)
  • I have no idea what kind of jewelery I want to wear on the big day. The top of my dress is very ornate, so I’m having a hard time deciding if I should skip a necklace or not. Also what type of jewelry: pearls, something diamondy, or something more plain? Here’s a picture of the top of the dress. Any input is greatly appreciated! 🙂
  • Get with T and start deciding on the songs that we want to use for the ceremony, reception, etc.
  • Plan out our ceremony so we can get programs made.
  • Find somewhere to make the programs.
  • Decide on a groom’s cake for T and where we should get it from.
  • Meet with our florist to go to the flower market to pick out the types of flowers we want to use for the bouquets, centerpieces and boutonnières.
  • Decide on signature drinks for our cocktail hour. We can bring our own liquor, so we thought it’d be fun to have 2 special drinks that represent T and me. Anyone have any cool ideas?
  • Make final decisions on our rings and buy them. We also need to decide if we want to get anything engraved on them.
  • Decide on the favors. Do we do a food item like yummy truffles? Or koozies?
  • Pay for the rest of our honeymoon. It’s due on the 12th.
  • Book our wedding night hotel.
  • Book a hotel for the bridesmaids and me to stay in the night before the wedding.
  • Decide on shoes for the bridesmaids. CMc found some at Target that she says are really comfortable and super cute. I like them a lot, I just want everyone to try them on and make sure they like them too.
  • I think these shoes are cute too, and they have a lower heel.
  • Decide how I want to wear my hair. At first I was all about the half up, half down look with some curls. But now I’m also considering pulling it all up. I’m so fickle sometimes.
  • Decide on my make up. I meet with my salon team in 2 weeks to do the trial hair and make up run, so I guess I need to make a decision before then.
  • Start getting ideas for my rehearsal dinner dress. Any suggestions for cute stores to try are appreciated too! I’m trying to branch out.
  • Buy a new dress for my second shower next weekend.
  • Get a marriage license.
  • Find out everything that I need to do to change my name.

And, I think that’s all I can think of for now. I feel pretty laid back about this whole process. So far, I haven’t been really stressed and everything is going fairly smoothly (knock on wood). I don’t need the day to be perfect. To me it’s more important to be surrounded by our family and friends and share in the joy of T and I uniting as a family.

But who knows, once it gets a little closer, maybe I will freak out a little. But I will seriously try to keep Bridezilla in check!