Woo hoo for 100 posts!  Go me!

Unfortunately I’m in a bit of a funk today.  T just told me that Fado might be coming down with a kitty cold too.  Ugh, 2 sick cats = no fun.  It’s bad enough to have to give one of them meds, but 2.  Ick.

I was working on something in Adobe Illustrator today, and when I saved it as a PDF, it looked funny.  Everything is really tiny and weird when I print it.  And I can’t figure out how to fix it.  Anyone got any magical suggestions?  Or Illustrator knowledge they can share?  Pretty please… 🙂

I have to do a lot of reports for work, and I am so not looking forward to that.  Blegh.

I’m super tired because I was worried about Zoey and sat with her in the bathroom for a little while last night, meaning I didn’t go to bed till late.

I still haven’t sent out my invitations. And I am so not looking forward to sitting there writing them all out by hand.  Boo.

I am super excited about the Fourth of July weekend though.  Lots of pool time, grilling out, hanging with friends, and possibly visiting Stone Mountain for a hike and the laser show.  It should be an awesome way to spend the weekend!

Keep your fingers crossed that my fur babies get well soon!