I had a super fun weekend, except for Sunday afternoon.  Friday night we hoped in the car to celebrate our friend Z’s birthday in Athens.  Drinks were consumed, dance moves were busted, and everyone had an all around great time.  Saturday we enjoyed a BBQ at another friend’s house and spent some time lazing around in the pool.  Saturday night we went out to dinner for CMc’s birthday, which was followed by a crazy scaveneger hunt and dancing. The scavenger hunt was so much fun. We broke up into 4 different teams and spent about 2 hours running all over downtown Athens trying to check off as many activities as possible. In the end, I think our team won.  But by the time we all reconvened at midnight, CMc didn’t feel like reviewing all the teams’ lists.   Oh well.  Even if we didn’t win, we had a ton of fun and managed to check out some new places.

Sunday around noon, we went out for a birthday brunch for CMc.  Afterwards, I promised my sister (Little S) that I’d help her clean up her room since she was moving out of the Athens condo (tear).  We dusted, vacuumed and scrubbed some floorboards.  Around 4, we called the U-Haul place to go and pick up the truck.  Originally they had told her she could pick it up at 1.  But earlier that morning they had called and said it wouldn’t be ready until 4.  Of course, when she called at 4, it still wasn’t quite ready.  We were finally able to get it a little before 5.  We got there and the truck was tiny! And upon our inspection, we realized that it didn’t have a ramp.  Um, not having a ramp to move furniture = seriously f*cking annoying.  When she asked the guy about the ramp, he told her that the small trucks don’t come with one.  If she had realized that when she was reserving it, she would have ordered the next larger size.  The place we got the truck from also didn’t have and dollies for us to rent, which meant we had to go buy one.   On top of the lack of size and ramp, she ended up paying almost $300 for the stupid thing.  Apparently this weekend was the big moving time for Athens, so the company doubled their prices.  Not cool.

Luckily, she didn’t have a lot of stuff left to pack.  Only her bed, TV stand, desk chair, some boxes and old clothes.  Her friend who she was sharing the U-Haul with, on the other hand, had an apartment full of crap.  Being the nice sister and brother in law, T and I volunteered to help Little S and her friend out.  Well, it sucked.  A lot.  We were loading things till about 8, when it started to torrential down pour and lightening.  Of course we had to haul the remaining stuff that wasn’t in the truck yet back inside and wait out the rain.  Around 9 we finally hit the road.

T and I were planning on just going home, but we knew my dad, my mom, Little S and friend would never be able to get all of the heavy stuff out of the truck, so we went to my parents’ house to help.  We didn’t get there till 11 and didn’t leave until 12:15, meaning that we didn’t get home until 1.

When we got home, we were greeted by our kitties.  And one of them wasn’t looking so hot.  Pour little Zoey’s meow was super croaky, she was sneezing and coughing, and her poor eyes were watering like faucets.  Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep between the late arrival, Fado’s noisiness in our room once we went to bed, and Zoey’s constant sneezing.

I took her to the vet this morning and she has a respiratory infection and/or allergies.  She had a slight temperature, but everything else was fine.  I was given some antibiotics and allergy meds for her sneezing.  Does anyone else find it funny that cats can have allergies?  T is back at home this week and is studying, and he says she’s doing fine.  She’s spent the afternoon sunning herself on our porch.  But I am not looking forward to having to force feed her the meds the rest of this week.  Poor kitty!

In other random news, my college’s mascot passed away over the weekend.  He was a month shy of his 10th birthday when he died of heart failure.  His funeral was today at 3p.m.  He was buried inside our football stadium along with the other bulldog mascots who have died.   It was weird, but it hit me really hard.  He’s been the mascot the entire time that I was in college.  He was our most winningest mascot ever, and I (along with the rest of the Bulldawg Nation) was hoping he could be around to see us win a national championship.

Here’s to you Uga VI…You were one damn good Dawg!  RIP little buddy.