As you all may know, I used to live in NY and now I’m back in GA.  The way of life is so different between those places, especially when it comes to driving.  I like to drive fast (hence the name of my blog) and despise overly cautious drivers and super reckless drivers.  I feel that there is a happy medium that people can reach to maximize drivability everywhere.  Unfortunately, most people suck too bad at it for this ever to happen.  Sigh…

For your reading pleasure, I will share some of my driving comparisons between driving in GA and NY:

  • In NY, people are very impatient in their cars.  They start rolling through the intersection before the light has turned green.
  • In GA, people are sl-ooo-ww.  The light turns green, and it can take the first car up to 30 seconds to start going.  <— I hate this!!!
  • In NY, merge lanes are few and far between.  Being 16 and trying to merge onto the Taconic Parkway was nerve rattling the first few times.  People are flying by at 70, and you have 2 seconds to get your POS car going that fast or get run the f*uck over.
  • In GA, merge lanes are long.  Perhaps too long since people think that they can putter along at 45 miles an hour and merge onto the highway.  Hello!!  The cars are going 70.  Move bitch before you  get me run the f*ck over!
  • Suicide lanes are all over GA on big four(+) lane roads.  For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s a middle lane/turn lane that you can sit in if you are trying to turn left onto a busy street and traffic won’t clear enough in both directions to let you out.  It’s such a time saver!
  • I don’t recall having those where I lived in NY, and it was awful.  No suicide lanes means sitting at the intersection FOREVER until traffic clears to let you take your left, especially if there is no signal.
  • In NY people more than likely go more than the posted speed limit, meaning traffic keeps moving.
  • In GA, people frequently drive a few miles an hour UNDER the speed limit, in the left lane.  On a two lane road this means you are stuck/boxed in, especially if there is another slow driver in the right lane. <— I want to run these people off the  road.
  • In GA, specifically in the Atlanta area, rush hour can start at 3:00 p.m. on a Friday and last till 7:00 p.m.  Four hours, seriously!  It blows.  Who is getting out of work at 3:00 on a Friday, and why am I not one of them???
  • Where I lived in NY rush hour did not exist.  It was great.  I know there is more traffic in the city,  but at least there are other and better public transit options there.  Atlanta’s are pretty crappy.
  • GA drivers and any kind of precipitation = one nasty mess.  People in GA loose all ability to drive when it rains, don’t even get me started when it “snows.”  It could be sprinkling and people drive 10-15 miles under the speed limit.  For light rain.  It’s one thing if there’s a torrential downpour, but for sprinkles it’s not necessary.  Being overly-cautious can cause some serious snafus.
  • NY drivers don’t let any percip hold them back.  I can remember driving home from work in a snow storm in my piece of crap Dodge Spirit, and almost being run off the road by a humongous SUV.  That was awesome. <— Hated that!
  • Speaking of SUVs, way too many people in Atlanta drive SUVs.  You are in a city, you don’t need an off-road vehicle to cruise the streets of Atlanta.  There isn’t enough room.  What is even worse is the number of people driving SUVs in my college town.  All of these tiny little girls drive mondo cars where they can barely see out of the windshield and nearly run you off the road because they are talking on their cells.  HATE!
  • In NY, people drive a lot of SUVs, but there is snow and hilly roads to contend with.  You need 4-wheel drive to get around in the winter.

Ok, that’s all I have for my driving comparisons.  Feel free to share your favorite/hated driving situations with me.  I’m always up for a laugh!