As you may know, I have 2 cats.  A boy (Fado) and a girl (Zoey).  Fado is this tiny, 10-pound black cat.  He is long and slinky and likes to get into trouble.  Sometimes I think he acts more like a dog than a cat.   He is not afraid of water and will play outside in the rain.  When I let him in and dry him off, he wants to go right back out into the rain.  When I’m in the shower, he pries the shower curtain open to check out what’s going on.  Sometimes he climbs in and just sits at the end of the tub watching the water.  It’s strange, I know.  He also will only drink water out of the faucet, but sometimes I catch him trying to drink out of a cup.  The faucet thing is pretty bizarre.  When he hears the water running, he comes flying into the room and jumps on the counter to get a drink.  He does this in the bathroom or the kitchen (kind of gross, I know); he doesn’t care where it comes from.  Sometimes it’s cute, but other times it’s really annoying.  Like when I try to brush my teeth or wash my face and have to fight him for the water.

He also loves being outside.  Sometimes I can throw pine cones or rocks around the grassy area behind our house, and he will chase them and act so excited.  I see all of the neighbors playing fetch with their dogs and feel a little weird to be playing in the yard with a cat.

Little S is staying with me since she just started her new full time job and is still adjusting to her new 40-hour week.  Last night after dinner we were sitting around, and she was bored.  So around 9 p.m. we decided to go for a walk.  We headed out the back porch gate and walked around to the street when we saw Fado slinking through the bushes.  Since he acts like a dog, when we called his name he came running over to us.  Meowing the whole way.  We petted him a little, told him bye, and headed on our way.  Once we reached the street, I turned over my shoulder to see him meowing and trotting after us.  I told Little S, and we stopped and watched him for a few seconds.  He was acting like he wasn’t following us when he really was.  He’d stop and look around, then dash past us and stop again.  We told him to go home and kept walking.

Well, the crazy little guy ended up following us the entire time.  He’d get really far behind, and I’d start to worry because he’s black and parts of the neighborhood aren’t lit that well at night.  So we’d whistle and call his name, and he’d come running at full speed.  The poor little guy tuckered himself out, because at one point he was sitting by a bush panting, like a dog!  We kept walking and gave him a chance to rest.  We decided we needed to head back towards the house since it was getting late, and Fado was trailing us.  On the way back he wasn’t being as cooperative as he was on the way down.  He kept stopping in the grass and meowing, which was making me nervous because there were a lot of cars driving by, and I was afraid he’d get spooked and run into the road.

So, what did I do?  I scooped his little furry ass up like he was a baby and carried him home.  Yeah, pretty much the whole way.  I put him down a few times, but he was taking forever to catch up with us.  This led to me picking him up again and continuing the hike up the monster hill to my house.  If you could have seen me, you probably would have cracked up.  How often do you see 2 girls exercise walking, while one of them carries a little black furball in her arms like a baby?  Probably not too often!  I seriously felt like a crazy cat lady.

Once we got home, I thought that we were lucky that Fado was the one to follow us and not Zoey.  She hates being carried and does this flailing arm/leg thing that makes her look like she’s swimming when you pick her up.  Fado will just lay in your arms or hang over your shoulder like a kid.  I guess this is what being a parent feels like!  🙂