Hmm, I’m probably more along the lines of hardly working today…oops. I’m still a little out of it from the weekend, and it’s not even that I had a crazy one. We went out Friday night since T was back in town from bumble f*ck Tennessee for the weekend. But I’m pretty sure we were home and asleep by 2 a.m., which really isn’t that bad. I also got my period this weekend, which resulted in terrible cramps, awful headaches, and me being exhausted the entire weekend. Wonderful!

Saturday was a busy day for us in regards to the ever-glorious and time-consuming wedding planning. I met with our priest again at noon. Afterwards T and I headed to the tux store for his fitting. Well, there was some drama in that whole process. We picked out these really cool chalk-striped tuxes since they looked so awesome, but we had some issues when T tried them on. The damn pants weren’t flat-front, they had pleats. Seriously, who still wears pleated pants?!?! They aren’t flattering on anyone. He ended up with bunchy crotch, which looked ridiculous. So we spent some time trying on other jackets to find a different tux with flat-front pants. During this whole process, T had on the inflate-a-pants and finally decided to pull them up to where you are supposed to wear dress pants, and Ta-Da. They fit and looked so much better so we decided to stick with the pin stripes! Yay!

After the Tux adventure, we headed to Tiffany’s to look at some wedding bands. We are planning on ordering the rings from Blue Nile, but I needed to get some kind of idea on what band would work well with my engagement ring, and I needed to try rings on in order to do that. After trying on a few different designs, I think I found one that will work. My major problem is that I have a solitaire in a 6-prong setting, so a lot of the rings I tried on didn’t sit flat against my engagement ring. Is that weird? Is anyone else out there having this problem?

I’ll show you what I am considering so far:

My engagement ring

Wedding band option 1:

Wedding band option 2:

Wedding band option 3:

Wedding band option 4:

I guess I could always just go with a plain platinum band, but I’ve sort of become addicted to the sparkliness of my engagement ring, so I might want a little more in my band. I’m just saying… 🙂