My co-worker Jen came into the office today because she is slowly transitioning back into the working world after having her baby at the beginning of March.  Since our office is so small, she can bring little Addy into the office and work.

And let me tell you, she is one cute little baby!  She has these big blue eyes and fuzzy blonde hair that has a random curl that sticks out like Alfalfa from Little Rascals.  She’s always dressed in these cute little outfits and seems so happy to be taking everything in.  She has those cute and fat little baby cheeks that you just want to squeeze but don’t because you know she’ll hate that.  And they’re bright pink because it’s a million degrees outside and she’s hot.

Since Jen was here, Mel and I went out to lunch with her and Addy.  I rode in the back seat on the way to the restaurant, and Jen warned me that she may be fussy because she hates being in the car.  They’d just driven about 30 minutes to get to the office.  When Addy got fussy, I just started making faces at her and acting silly so she would laugh.  She gave me this huge toothless grin and waved her chubby little arms around.  It was so cute.

For a baby so young, she’s very well-behaved.  During lunch she got a little finicky but I think it was because the restaurant was packed and pretty warm.  Jen just had to hold her and bounce her around a little, and she was a happy camper again.  The whole time we were eating, her big blue eyes scanned the restaurant, taking in every detail.  I am still amazed by how tiny and innocent babies are, and how they come into the world knowing so little.  They are like sponges, ready to soak up every sight, sound, smell and taste.

When I see her small hands and tiny fingers it’s hard to imagine that I was that small once.  I used to fit in the crook of my dad’s arm.  He would hold my head, and I only spanned the length of his forearm.  Now I am almost 6 feet tall and can see eye to eye with him.

When I see little babies, my ovaries don’t start doing happy dances, at least not yet.  But give me 3-4 more years, and I’m sure that will change.  I can definitely imagine myself as a mother, but I’m not quite ready to give up my “me time” and my “me and T” time.  There is so much I want the 2 of us to do before we start our family.  Plus, I’d want more of our friends to be in that same position so we can have babies around the same time.  What can I say, I want my kids to be born into a circle of friends.  🙂