My co-worker and I have been going out of our minds because obviously the boss forgot that she told us we could leave.  For your entertainment, our g-chat conversation:

ME: kill me now. grrrrr

Co-Worker I KNOW! i am sooo bored this is almost as bad as Easter

ME: yeah. worse

Co-Worker it is really ridiculous

ME: she’s kept us here longer. what can she be working on???? there’s nothing left to do

Co-Worker ha ahhhhh i dont know but i am about to just run out the door and hope she doesnt hear me leave 😉 I wish i had the balls to do that

ME: for real………

ME: i have to pee

ME: i think landlord just locked the door over there

Co-Worker are you serious??? Ok well i am going to go try and pee and maybe if it is locked she will let us go

ME: i hope he’s not bringing the key over. I hope he leaves

Co-Worker uumm interesting what do you think he is doing?

ME: don’t know

Co-Worker I am about to go ape shit

ME: is his car still out there. i know

Co-Worker i am soooooo ready to get outta here

ME: i haven’t done shit in a hour and a half <==== landlord brings key over

Co-Worker DAMN IT! we are never leaving! this is terrible

ME: damn it. did he bring the fucking key over?

Seriously. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at least you get to leave in 20

i’m leaving then too. i didn’t take lunch and am going to the game.

Co-Worker hahahahah shhhh your making me laugh

ME: sorry. what is she working on? i don’t understand!

Co-Worker I have no idea! from now on when she tells us we can leave early we just shouldn’t even get excited bc it never happens

ME: i know. especially if she’s gonna be gone for 4 hours and won’t be working on anything

Co-Worker You want to see something that will make you even more pissed? go on and look at the first pic on there.

How can someone have an f-ing body like that?!?!?!


i’m gonna kill some one

no fucking way

she’s tiny and has huge boobs

Co-Worker I know and dating brody jenner….why?

ME: i know. douche

Co-Worker I can honestly say if i had that body i would be the happiest person in the world

ME: me too

ME: did you see this one? Bobby Brown’s son: I did Lindsay Lohan in the bathroom

Co-Worker ha ha no i haven’t gotten there yet hold on

But wait go back to the brody thing he looks disgusting in those pics did you look at them? ha has miny tits

ME: no. ewww. oh god he does!!! he used to be cute

Co-Worker isnt he gross

ME: what happened?

Co-Worker I remember him being way hot and now he is so not.

ME: yeah, me too. the hills brought him down

Co-Worker I guess


Co-Worker I know this is such BS!

Co-Worker Kim Kardashian seriously has the most ginormous ass ever

ME: i know. what the hell does she eat?

does she feed it? maybe that’s why it’s so big

Co-Worker haha yeah it looks like she does feed it cause nothin else is big

ME: i know. i’m hungry. maybe i should feed my butt so i don’t get fat

Co-Worker i would still get fat it would push itself into my stomach.

Landlord is so wierd i dont know what it is about him but i dont like him

ME: yeah, he’s so random. so is this conversation, haha