Today we have our first planning meeting with our wedding venue, and I’m pretty excited.  I really wanted my mom to come along to give her input (plus she’s a lot easier to sway when it comes to costs) but she has a dentist appointment.  My dad is coming along to help figure out some of the expenses.  We booked a special Sunday package so we are saving some money.  But it’s only for 100 people.  I’m pretty sure we’ll end up with closer to 130, so we’ll have to pay extra for those people.  I also want to extend the reception time.  The package says we get the venue for 4 hours (30 minutes for the reception and 3.5 hours for the reception).  I think that is way too short.  By the time everyone starts having fun, it’s time to pack up and leave.  We’re shooting for about 5 hours.  What do you think?  Is that too long?  Should it be longer? I’m hoping that while we are there, we can start looking at and discussing options for our linens.

On Saturday, T and I are going to look at tuxes for the wedding.  We had to find a store that was in Atlanta and NY since 3 of his groomsmen and dad live up there.  I looked at some of the styles online, and I think I’ve found some styles that I like, but I will need to see what they look like on T.  I don’t know much about tuxes, but I know that it will be ungodly hot here in August, so we will definitely want to choose something that isn’t very heavy.

I think while we are out looking at the tuxes we will stop by a jewelry store to try on wedding bands.  I’ve looked online, but I feel that I need to try some rings on to get an idea of what looks best with my engagement ring.  For T it will be pretty simple.  He wants a medium-sized platinum band, with no frills.  I wish it was that easy for me.  I’m still not 100% sure about what I want.  I don’t want anything too plain, but I also don’t need a ton of diamonds on it either.  Oh, decisions decisions.

Saturday is my first bridal shower (yay) that is being hosted by my AMAZING bridesmaids.  I’m really excited.  Since we are going to Mexico, the shower will be Mexican-themed.  I HEART Mexican food and margaritas!  There will be tacos, soup, dips and maybe even a pinata!

OH MY GOD…I’m getting married in 80 days!  Squeee!  🙂

Random question – Does anyone have a good Web site that they can recommend for wedding hair and make up ideas?  I’ve look on The Knot and The Wedding Channel, but everything seems super-trendy or looks bizarre.  I have an idea of how I want my hair to look, but I’d still like to browse through some different styles.