This weekend was nice and relaxing. Friday after work T and I met up with some friends at our local Atlanta brewery’s happy hour/tour. Afterwards, we ended up at Tree to celebrate JD’s last day of class. After dinner and drinks, T and I decided that we needed to call it an early night since we were meeting up with our potential priest on Saturday at noon.

We got up fairly early for a Saturday (10 a.m.) and headed out the door to meet the man who will (more than likely) unite us in holy matrimony. He is a priest from the Reformed Catholic Church, and I found him through my wedding venue. Neither T nor I are devout Catholics, but we would prefer our ceremony to have religious ties to it rather than just being from the justice of the peace. What drew us to this particular priest in the first place is that he can do a Catholic wedding ceremony outside of the church, which is what we are doing since both of our families are from out of town and we didn’t want them to struggle getting around Atlanta. The difference between the RCC and a normal Catholic church is that the RCC is accepting of everyone, no matter if you are gay, straight or divorced. Their concern is focused on the teachings, faith, love, prayer and community without all of the strict restrictions, which is totally up our ally. We are really excited to have discovered this priest and will have to go check out the church!

After our meeting, we gathered up some friends and headed to one of our neighborhood pools for some sun and splashing around. The pool we were at has a little club room that can be rented out, and someone was using it for a small party. They had a radio to keep us entertained, shared some awesome watermelon with us, and at the end brought out some guitars and bongos for a jam session. It was awesome! We were bummed to leave, but we were starving and had some grilling to do. The rest of Saturday was spent gathered on our porch, drinking frozen mojitos and strawberry daiquiris and eating homemade garlic horseradish burgers, bratwurst and corn on the cob. Yummers!

Sunday, T and I woke up and decided to hit the pool again for some more summer sun and relaxation. After about 3 hours, we decided to go home and get ready so we could run some errands at the mall. To T’s chagrin, the mall closed at 6 p.m. on Sunday and by the time we were ready it was 5 till. We skipped shopping for date night at our favorite Mexican restaurant and chowed down on salsa, cheese dip and burritos like the fat kids we are. Afterwards, we doused ourselves in medicated aloe and zoned out to the Food Network.

Without further ado, here are some things that make me smile and frown.

T is staying in town this week! 🙂

He has to start studying like a maniac for the last 2 parts of the CPA and will be busy at night. 😦

We had 2 days of pool time! 🙂

We sort of resemble lobsters. SPF 4 and 6 are obviously not enough protection for first times in the sun. 😦

I am wearing a really comfy cotton dress today! 🙂

I forgot how hoochy short it was and have to be careful about bending over around people. 😦

My freaking bra is killing me because it’s rubbing all over my sunburn. 😦