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I had a super fun weekend, except for Sunday afternoon.  Friday night we hoped in the car to celebrate our friend Z’s birthday in Athens.  Drinks were consumed, dance moves were busted, and everyone had an all around great time.  Saturday we enjoyed a BBQ at another friend’s house and spent some time lazing around in the pool.  Saturday night we went out to dinner for CMc’s birthday, which was followed by a crazy scaveneger hunt and dancing. The scavenger hunt was so much fun. We broke up into 4 different teams and spent about 2 hours running all over downtown Athens trying to check off as many activities as possible. In the end, I think our team won.  But by the time we all reconvened at midnight, CMc didn’t feel like reviewing all the teams’ lists.   Oh well.  Even if we didn’t win, we had a ton of fun and managed to check out some new places.

Sunday around noon, we went out for a birthday brunch for CMc.  Afterwards, I promised my sister (Little S) that I’d help her clean up her room since she was moving out of the Athens condo (tear).  We dusted, vacuumed and scrubbed some floorboards.  Around 4, we called the U-Haul place to go and pick up the truck.  Originally they had told her she could pick it up at 1.  But earlier that morning they had called and said it wouldn’t be ready until 4.  Of course, when she called at 4, it still wasn’t quite ready.  We were finally able to get it a little before 5.  We got there and the truck was tiny! And upon our inspection, we realized that it didn’t have a ramp.  Um, not having a ramp to move furniture = seriously f*cking annoying.  When she asked the guy about the ramp, he told her that the small trucks don’t come with one.  If she had realized that when she was reserving it, she would have ordered the next larger size.  The place we got the truck from also didn’t have and dollies for us to rent, which meant we had to go buy one.   On top of the lack of size and ramp, she ended up paying almost $300 for the stupid thing.  Apparently this weekend was the big moving time for Athens, so the company doubled their prices.  Not cool.

Luckily, she didn’t have a lot of stuff left to pack.  Only her bed, TV stand, desk chair, some boxes and old clothes.  Her friend who she was sharing the U-Haul with, on the other hand, had an apartment full of crap.  Being the nice sister and brother in law, T and I volunteered to help Little S and her friend out.  Well, it sucked.  A lot.  We were loading things till about 8, when it started to torrential down pour and lightening.  Of course we had to haul the remaining stuff that wasn’t in the truck yet back inside and wait out the rain.  Around 9 we finally hit the road.

T and I were planning on just going home, but we knew my dad, my mom, Little S and friend would never be able to get all of the heavy stuff out of the truck, so we went to my parents’ house to help.  We didn’t get there till 11 and didn’t leave until 12:15, meaning that we didn’t get home until 1.

When we got home, we were greeted by our kitties.  And one of them wasn’t looking so hot.  Pour little Zoey’s meow was super croaky, she was sneezing and coughing, and her poor eyes were watering like faucets.  Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep between the late arrival, Fado’s noisiness in our room once we went to bed, and Zoey’s constant sneezing.

I took her to the vet this morning and she has a respiratory infection and/or allergies.  She had a slight temperature, but everything else was fine.  I was given some antibiotics and allergy meds for her sneezing.  Does anyone else find it funny that cats can have allergies?  T is back at home this week and is studying, and he says she’s doing fine.  She’s spent the afternoon sunning herself on our porch.  But I am not looking forward to having to force feed her the meds the rest of this week.  Poor kitty!

In other random news, my college’s mascot passed away over the weekend.  He was a month shy of his 10th birthday when he died of heart failure.  His funeral was today at 3p.m.  He was buried inside our football stadium along with the other bulldog mascots who have died.   It was weird, but it hit me really hard.  He’s been the mascot the entire time that I was in college.  He was our most winningest mascot ever, and I (along with the rest of the Bulldawg Nation) was hoping he could be around to see us win a national championship.

Here’s to you Uga VI…You were one damn good Dawg!  RIP little buddy.


I’ve been pretty busy today, and I’m feeling a little fried.  So I stole this from the lovely Sharon.  Enjoy!

What was I doing 10 years ago?

  1. I was probably at Color Guard camp learning routines.
  2. Hanging out with my friends at the pool.
  3. I was about to start my sophomore year of High School.

What are five non-work things on my to-do list today?

  1. Give T a big hug and kiss when I get home.  He’s back, for good! 🙂
  2. Pack for trip to my former college town, Athens.
  3. Drive to Athens.
  4. Celebrate my friend Z’s birthday tonight!
  5. Drink some drinks and relax with friends.

Five snacks I enjoy:

  1. Chocolate
  2. Doritos
  3. Cheese
  4. Fruit
  5. 100-calorie snack packs

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:

  1. Travel around the world.
  2. Give money to some of my friends and family to pay off their debt.
  3. Build a really cool house.
  4. Donate money to various charities (animal-related, cancer-based, etc.)
  5. Buy a bunch of new toys and things for myself!

Places I’ve lived:

  1. Weiden, Germany
  2. Aberdeen, Maryland
  3. Alfdorf, Germany
  4. Ingelheim, Germany
  5. Jonesboro, Georgia
  6. Poughkeepsie, New York
  7. Fayetteville, Georgia
  8. Athens, Georgia
  9. Atlanta, Georgia

Jobs I’ve had:

  1. Pharmacy technician (first job ever)
  2. Telefundraiser
  3. Admin Assistant (random summer job)
  4. PR/Marketing Specialist along with trainer, recruiter and tech person (McHell)
  5. Account Executive at a PR firm

That’s it!  I’m outtie!  Happy weekend…see you on the flip side!

If you were to hang out with me in real life, there a few things that about me that you would have to get used to.  First of all, I have a squirrel bladder.  I always have to pee.  It’s annoying for me, and I’m sure it bugs the hell out of people.  But I can’t help it.  It gets even worse when I’m drinking.  I’m really scared about what will happen when I’m pregnant one of these days.  Will I just have to live in the bathroom?

Another thing is that I have a crazy stomach.  Actually, my whole family does.  When I was a little kid, I felt like I had the stomach flu every month.   I finally outgrew that when I got a little older.  In my teen years it was horrible.  My stomach would bug me almost every day.  I had to watch out what I ate because if it was too greasy, I’d be in the bathroom, miserable.  I think I’m better than the rest of the family, but  it’s still annoying.

I remember this one time, when T and I had first started dating (we were about 6 months in), he had come over for the day to hang out since neither one of us had a final that day, and we were out of school.  We’d played softball with my sister, adopted a kitten for him, and had dinner at my house.  Well, that was a time that my stomach was in its very volatile stage.  I had just started taking the pill, and my stomach was not reacting well to the hormones.   After dinner, we were hanging out and being stupid when my stomach started hurting really bad (aka I had to go number 2).  Of course since we were still in the beginning stages of the relationship, there was no way that I could go while T was there.  He’d realize that I was gone for a while and know what I was doing.  So I suffered through it.

Finally, I felt so miserable that I told him he had to leave because I had to study for my physics final.  I’d completely forgotten that I’d picked him up, and he didn’t have his car.  Luckily he only lived 10-minutes away, round trip.  So I drove him to his house.  When we got there, he decided to be cute and want to talk and make out.  I was DYING and just wanted to be at home.  I’d reached the point where I was completely miserable so I did what any normal girl in my situation would do.  I told him I felt nauseous and thought I was going to throw up, and shoved him out of the car (yup, SHOVED) while yelling “I’m Gonna Puke!”  Then I sped out of his driveway to my house.  When I got home, I booked it to the bathroom.

Unfortunately, my crazy antics had really freaked him out.  So being the good boyfriend he was, he called to check on me to make sure I was ok.  Little S answered the phone, and T said that I had felt like I going to throw up, and he was worried.  Of course, Little S, being the awesome sister she is, told him that I was not throwing up and was instead taking a poop.  I was mortified when I found out, but he didn’t care.  We still crack up over it all these years later.

Another time we were coming back from a trip to VA Beach.  T and I were in one car, and his family was in another.  I’d eaten some left over pizza, and ended up with a terrible stomachache.  We were in the middle of nowhere.  We tried calling T’s dad, who was driving a head of us.  But he wouldn’t answer his phone.  We tried flashing our lights and signaling for him to pull over.  He didn’t get it.  After much aggravation, we got him on the phone.  We told him I had to find a bathroom, and we needed to stop.  He complained a little about stopping, but there was nothing I could do.  After driving around for a few more minutes in bumble f*ck, he stopped at a bathroom.

You will never guess where he pulled over.  Go on, I’ll give you a few minutes to ponder.  Are you ready?   Buddy’s Bait and Tackle Shack.  Yeah, a run down, red neck fishing shop.  The building looked like it was going to collapse on itself, and I couldn’t even imagine how nasty it was inside.  Hell, I wouldn’t have even peed in there, let alone number 2.  I told T there was no way in hell I was going in there, so we found another place (we led the way this time around).

So yeah, my stomach sucks sometimes.  If I eat too much greasy food, it usually ends poorly for me.  Lots of olive oil = awful.  Too much cheese on pizza or Mexican = um, ow.  Guacamole or avocado = death.  I’m allergic to it, and I feel like someone is stabbing me in the stomach if I eat it.  Which sucks because I really like it.  😦

Anyway, sorry for special post today.  I wasn’t feeling creative but I did have a stomachache.  Hopefully my stories brought you a laugh because you know that we’ve all been there before!

Haha, my sister just G-chatted me saying that her stomach was jacked up.  Told you it was a family thing!

**This may be a little gross so if you’re eating, I’d finish then read.**

Living in an old building (my townhouse is from the late 1960s) in the South guarantees that you will have a few creepy crawlies in your house at some point.   When it’s cooler out, I often leave the back door open so the furbabies can come and go as they please.  Naturally this allows some  bugs in.  For the most part I’m not to scared of bugs.  I can handle spiders, flies, bees, ants, whatever.  The one thing I can’t handle is cockroaches.

One of the first things I realized after I moved in was that roaches lived in the brick wall that divides my walkway from my neighbor’s, right outside my front door.  During the summer months, once it gets dark, you are guaranteed to see a few roaches crawling around.  It’s super gross, but at least it’s outside.  I usually squeak a little and run by them to the front door.  The same goes for the back porch.  Every once and a while you’ll see one scurrying across the brick wall, up towards the roof overhang.  After some research, I’ve found out they like to hide under roofs/in attics because it’s warm and damp up there.

Unfortunately, those little bastards make their way into my house here and there, and it completely freaks me out.  I am not a dirty person.  I may be cluttery, but not dirty.  I wash my counters and do my dishes and don’t leave food laying around to attract them.  But I’ve learned from one of my co-workers, who used to do PR for a pest control company, that roaches love water and soap residue.  That’s why they are more often than not found in bathrooms or in your kitchen (ick).

Anyway, last night I was watching my college baseball team in the College World Series (we got routed), and the game was taking forever.  I was getting sleepy, so I decided to get ready for bed and watch a little more.  I traipsed up the stairs and into my bathroom.  Flicked on the light, and was about to use the bathroom when I looked up.  Holy shit, I kid you not, there was a monster roach on my ceiling.  It was at least 2 inches long.  I screamed like a little bitch, slammed the door, and ran downstairs to wake up Little S to help me kill it.  It took me a few minutes to convince her to help me (I really wanted her to kill it since T isn’t around).  We grabbed his heavy boy shoes and some bug spray and entered the danger zone.

You should have seen us.  Holding up shoes and spray, prepared to attack at any movement we saw.  We hit the shower curtain (one time one was hiding in there and flew at me when I went to put something in the shower.  Yes those fuckers can fly!) and nothing happened.  We scanned the walls, looked in/under the cabinets, shook out towels and still couldn’t find anything.  That little bastard got away.  Little S looks at me and asked, “Are you sure you saw one?”  Hell yes I was sure.  It was huge.  You couldn’t miss its ginormous blackish body on my white ceiling.

Needless to say, we never found it.  So the entire time I got ready for bed I was scanning the room to make sure it hadn’t come back.  Luckily Fado and Zoey slept in my room, so I figured if it ended up getting out of the bathroom they’d take care of it.  To them bugs are like toys.  They chase them and hunt them until they die.  <— Thank God!

Of course I had a hard time falling asleep because I was paranoid that it was in my room.  I spent the first 10 minutes in bed scanning the ceiling in the dark to see if I could find it.  At one point I woke up and had to pee, which meant I had to go into the bathroom.  Fado had managed to push the door open and was sleeping in the sink. I was still freaked out so I turned on the light, blinding us both.  He looked up at me with his squinty green little eyes as if to say, “Mom, what the hell are you doing?  It’s bright now and you woke me up.”  Luckily I didn’t have any encounters with the icky one at that point and haven’t seen it today.   But still, ewwww!

I remember when I was younger, and I saw the movie Joe’s Apartment.  Jerry O’Connell (Joe) moves to NYC and has to live in an apartment with a bazillion roaches.  But they were cute, they sang, danced and helped him get the girl.  Too bad real life isn’t that way…

As you all may know, I used to live in NY and now I’m back in GA.  The way of life is so different between those places, especially when it comes to driving.  I like to drive fast (hence the name of my blog) and despise overly cautious drivers and super reckless drivers.  I feel that there is a happy medium that people can reach to maximize drivability everywhere.  Unfortunately, most people suck too bad at it for this ever to happen.  Sigh…

For your reading pleasure, I will share some of my driving comparisons between driving in GA and NY:

  • In NY, people are very impatient in their cars.  They start rolling through the intersection before the light has turned green.
  • In GA, people are sl-ooo-ww.  The light turns green, and it can take the first car up to 30 seconds to start going.  <— I hate this!!!
  • In NY, merge lanes are few and far between.  Being 16 and trying to merge onto the Taconic Parkway was nerve rattling the first few times.  People are flying by at 70, and you have 2 seconds to get your POS car going that fast or get run the f*uck over.
  • In GA, merge lanes are long.  Perhaps too long since people think that they can putter along at 45 miles an hour and merge onto the highway.  Hello!!  The cars are going 70.  Move bitch before you  get me run the f*ck over!
  • Suicide lanes are all over GA on big four(+) lane roads.  For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s a middle lane/turn lane that you can sit in if you are trying to turn left onto a busy street and traffic won’t clear enough in both directions to let you out.  It’s such a time saver!
  • I don’t recall having those where I lived in NY, and it was awful.  No suicide lanes means sitting at the intersection FOREVER until traffic clears to let you take your left, especially if there is no signal.
  • In NY people more than likely go more than the posted speed limit, meaning traffic keeps moving.
  • In GA, people frequently drive a few miles an hour UNDER the speed limit, in the left lane.  On a two lane road this means you are stuck/boxed in, especially if there is another slow driver in the right lane. <— I want to run these people off the  road.
  • In GA, specifically in the Atlanta area, rush hour can start at 3:00 p.m. on a Friday and last till 7:00 p.m.  Four hours, seriously!  It blows.  Who is getting out of work at 3:00 on a Friday, and why am I not one of them???
  • Where I lived in NY rush hour did not exist.  It was great.  I know there is more traffic in the city,  but at least there are other and better public transit options there.  Atlanta’s are pretty crappy.
  • GA drivers and any kind of precipitation = one nasty mess.  People in GA loose all ability to drive when it rains, don’t even get me started when it “snows.”  It could be sprinkling and people drive 10-15 miles under the speed limit.  For light rain.  It’s one thing if there’s a torrential downpour, but for sprinkles it’s not necessary.  Being overly-cautious can cause some serious snafus.
  • NY drivers don’t let any percip hold them back.  I can remember driving home from work in a snow storm in my piece of crap Dodge Spirit, and almost being run off the road by a humongous SUV.  That was awesome. <— Hated that!
  • Speaking of SUVs, way too many people in Atlanta drive SUVs.  You are in a city, you don’t need an off-road vehicle to cruise the streets of Atlanta.  There isn’t enough room.  What is even worse is the number of people driving SUVs in my college town.  All of these tiny little girls drive mondo cars where they can barely see out of the windshield and nearly run you off the road because they are talking on their cells.  HATE!
  • In NY, people drive a lot of SUVs, but there is snow and hilly roads to contend with.  You need 4-wheel drive to get around in the winter.

Ok, that’s all I have for my driving comparisons.  Feel free to share your favorite/hated driving situations with me.  I’m always up for a laugh!

Ugh, why is the weekend never long enough!?!? I always feel like the week drags on forever, and the weekends are over in the blink of an eye. It sucks!

Saturday T and I had a long-awaited date night. It’s hard to set time aside for just us when he’s only here 2 days a week and has to study. Damn you CPA for keeping me from my fiance! (In other CPA-related news, T got an 83 on the second part. Only 2 parts left. Keep your fingers crossed that he passes. He has to take both in July).

A few months ago (maybe it was longer) Geisha House opened in Atlanta. I’ve heard great things about it from friends who had eaten there, so we decided to try it for date night. It was pretty cool. Everything was red and black and super modern. We had a table near the bar, which was neat because we could watch the bartenders make drinks. We decided on sushi and edamame for dinner. The bowl of edamame was HUGE and we barely ate any of it before our food came. We ordered 4 rolls, and we were impressed at how quick it all came out. I think my favorite roll of the evening was the unconventional Cowboy Roll. It was made out of a filet of steak, asparagus, scallions and cream cheese. T and I were a little weirded out at first by the sushi that contained no fish, but it was awesome! I’d totally go back there again. Except we may have to try Dolce first! 🙂

Sunday, T dragged my lazy ass to the gym. I did 35 minutes on the elliptical, some crunches, arms, calves and legs. I guess I went a little overboard! I did the machine that works your hip/butt area and makes you look super slutty because you have to push the weights open, which means you have to spread your legs. Since I was in shorts, I was semi-paranoid. CMc and her friends call it the “yes/no machine,” which made me crack up. That’s exactly what it makes you think of! Anyway, today my ass is a bit sore. Stupid yes/no machine!

After the gym, my mom stopped by, and we went shopping for her wedding outfit. After hitting Bloomies, Nordstrom and Dillards, we couldn’t find anything that she loved or wasn’t $500. We decided to hit Macy’s and got her a dress, awesome matching shoes, and cute earrings and bracelet. We also looked for some wedding shoes for me. And let me tell you, that was quite an adventure. Since I’m 5’10 (and T is 5’11) I don’t want super tall shoes because: A) I don’t want to tower over him. B) They’ll make my dress too short. C) I don’t want my feet to fall off. We seriously went to like 5 stores. Most of the cute shoes were at least 3 inches or more.

Finally we stopped at Nine West, and I was less than hopeful since the rest of my day had not been successful. But all of that changed when I saw these super cute peep toe silver shoes. They were the perfect height and were comfy. And they were on sale. Nine West – I HEART you this much! (Imagine me standing with my super long arms stuck out to each side). I know you are dying to know what they look like. So here they are!

So awesome! 🙂

As you may know, I have 2 cats.  A boy (Fado) and a girl (Zoey).  Fado is this tiny, 10-pound black cat.  He is long and slinky and likes to get into trouble.  Sometimes I think he acts more like a dog than a cat.   He is not afraid of water and will play outside in the rain.  When I let him in and dry him off, he wants to go right back out into the rain.  When I’m in the shower, he pries the shower curtain open to check out what’s going on.  Sometimes he climbs in and just sits at the end of the tub watching the water.  It’s strange, I know.  He also will only drink water out of the faucet, but sometimes I catch him trying to drink out of a cup.  The faucet thing is pretty bizarre.  When he hears the water running, he comes flying into the room and jumps on the counter to get a drink.  He does this in the bathroom or the kitchen (kind of gross, I know); he doesn’t care where it comes from.  Sometimes it’s cute, but other times it’s really annoying.  Like when I try to brush my teeth or wash my face and have to fight him for the water.

He also loves being outside.  Sometimes I can throw pine cones or rocks around the grassy area behind our house, and he will chase them and act so excited.  I see all of the neighbors playing fetch with their dogs and feel a little weird to be playing in the yard with a cat.

Little S is staying with me since she just started her new full time job and is still adjusting to her new 40-hour week.  Last night after dinner we were sitting around, and she was bored.  So around 9 p.m. we decided to go for a walk.  We headed out the back porch gate and walked around to the street when we saw Fado slinking through the bushes.  Since he acts like a dog, when we called his name he came running over to us.  Meowing the whole way.  We petted him a little, told him bye, and headed on our way.  Once we reached the street, I turned over my shoulder to see him meowing and trotting after us.  I told Little S, and we stopped and watched him for a few seconds.  He was acting like he wasn’t following us when he really was.  He’d stop and look around, then dash past us and stop again.  We told him to go home and kept walking.

Well, the crazy little guy ended up following us the entire time.  He’d get really far behind, and I’d start to worry because he’s black and parts of the neighborhood aren’t lit that well at night.  So we’d whistle and call his name, and he’d come running at full speed.  The poor little guy tuckered himself out, because at one point he was sitting by a bush panting, like a dog!  We kept walking and gave him a chance to rest.  We decided we needed to head back towards the house since it was getting late, and Fado was trailing us.  On the way back he wasn’t being as cooperative as he was on the way down.  He kept stopping in the grass and meowing, which was making me nervous because there were a lot of cars driving by, and I was afraid he’d get spooked and run into the road.

So, what did I do?  I scooped his little furry ass up like he was a baby and carried him home.  Yeah, pretty much the whole way.  I put him down a few times, but he was taking forever to catch up with us.  This led to me picking him up again and continuing the hike up the monster hill to my house.  If you could have seen me, you probably would have cracked up.  How often do you see 2 girls exercise walking, while one of them carries a little black furball in her arms like a baby?  Probably not too often!  I seriously felt like a crazy cat lady.

Once we got home, I thought that we were lucky that Fado was the one to follow us and not Zoey.  She hates being carried and does this flailing arm/leg thing that makes her look like she’s swimming when you pick her up.  Fado will just lay in your arms or hang over your shoulder like a kid.  I guess this is what being a parent feels like!  🙂

I don’t know what’s the matter with me, but I have been so tired the past few days. I’m blaming it on my period, but seriously it’s like day 4.  I shouldn’t feel this out of it.  If random letters start popping up, it means I’ve passed out on my keyboard…

My car has been making this God awful noise for about 9 months.  It’s due to a problem with the power steering pump or something.  When my car turns, especially on sharp turns, it sounds like a seal crawled inside of the car and is dying.  It’s terrible and slightly embarrassing.  I had it checked out in January when I got new tires, and was told that it had some problems but I could drive it as is as long as the pump’s motor didn’t burn out.  Well, after receiving the almost $2,000 estimate about all of the car’s problems, I said f’ck it and decided to keep driving it as is.

I finally decided to have it looked at after JD’s car drama last week since I didn’t want to suffer the same fate.  My friend ASP’s boyfriend is a mechanic and offered to work on it for me so I could save some money.  Yesterday I got the call from ASP regarding my estimate, and it was more than a grand (cue minor heart attack).  I’m trying to save money for the honeymoon and our wedding bands, plus life keeps getting more expensive while my measly salary stays the same.   I haven’t gotten a raise since I worked at McHell – I made a lateral move for this job.  I tried to tell myself that $1,000 wasn’t that bad since he isn’t charging me for the work, even though I will totally give him some money and beer in return.  About 20 minutes after our original chat, ASP calls me back and gives me marvelous news.  He guy can fix the car for half of what he originally thought.  By ordering some non name brand parts, I can get my steering pump, rack and pin (no clue what that is), and front brake pads fixed along with an oil change and emissions test for around $400!  How amazing is that?!?!  I heart her guy!

My sister started her very first post-college job yesterday and is staying with T and me until she can find a place to buy (she’s an ambitious little one). I am super-thrilled about this because A) T is out of town during the week through the end of June leaving me home alone.  B) When he’s back, he’ll be studying for the third part of the evil CPA.  Little S can entertain me, cook dinner with me, and motivate drag my ass to the gym!

Yesterday we dabbled in all 3 fun activities.  I received this really yummy recipe from for a Summertime Risotto, and we decided to make it last night.  It was so tasty!  It took a little longer to make than we thought, but it was well worth it.  The risotto was made with white wine, chicken stock, zucchini puree, a little butter and parmesan cheese.  Then it was topped with oven-roasted grape tomatoes (we couldn’t find cherry ones), parsley and seared scallops.   I seriously recommend trying it.  It was worth the hard work.

After dinner, we hung around and watched baseball.  We flipped between the Atlanta Braves and the Dawgs (our college team) beating ass at the college world series.  2-0 baby!  Woot!   While we were watching the games, we did some arm and ab exercises.  See?  She’s already a good influence on me.

Now if only I could be less tired and wake up at 6 a.m. for the gym tomorrow, I’d be golden.

For all of you hungry kids out there, here is the recipe from Self:

Summertime Risotto

Serves 6

1 pint cherry tomatoes
1/4 cup olive oil
1 tsp minced garlic
1 small onion, diced
2 cups diced zucchini
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice*
1 lb arborio rice
1 cup dry white wine
2 to 3 cups nonfat chicken broth
2 tbsp light butter
6 tbsp grated Parmesan
18 sea scallops
1 bunch parsley, chopped (optional


Tomatoes Heat oven to 250°. Gently toss tomatoes in 2 tsp oil with a pinch of salt and pepper. Bake on a nonstick baking sheet 1 hour.

Zucchini Heat 1 tsp oil on medium heat in a medium pan. Cook garlic and half the onion until translucent; add zucchini and cook 5 minutes. Puree zucchini mixture in a blender with lemon juice and 1 tbsp oil. Season with salt and pepper. Set aside.

Risotto Heat 1 tbsp oil in a medium pot on medium heat and sauté remaining onion until translucent. Add rice and cook 2 minutes. Gradually pour in wine, stirring until rice absorbs wine. Add broth 1 cup at a time until absorbed, stirring continually for 20 minutes or until rice is tender (add more broth if necessary). Once rice is cooked, stir in zucchini puree, butter and cheese. Set aside.

Scallops Heat 1 tbsp oil in a small pan. Salt and pepper scallops and cook both sides until lightly browned. Add tomatoes and sauté 5 minutes. Spoon risotto on plate and top with scallops, tomatoes and parsley.

*I’d cut the amount of lemon juice in half unless you want it to be really tangy.

Hmm, I’m probably more along the lines of hardly working today…oops. I’m still a little out of it from the weekend, and it’s not even that I had a crazy one. We went out Friday night since T was back in town from bumble f*ck Tennessee for the weekend. But I’m pretty sure we were home and asleep by 2 a.m., which really isn’t that bad. I also got my period this weekend, which resulted in terrible cramps, awful headaches, and me being exhausted the entire weekend. Wonderful!

Saturday was a busy day for us in regards to the ever-glorious and time-consuming wedding planning. I met with our priest again at noon. Afterwards T and I headed to the tux store for his fitting. Well, there was some drama in that whole process. We picked out these really cool chalk-striped tuxes since they looked so awesome, but we had some issues when T tried them on. The damn pants weren’t flat-front, they had pleats. Seriously, who still wears pleated pants?!?! They aren’t flattering on anyone. He ended up with bunchy crotch, which looked ridiculous. So we spent some time trying on other jackets to find a different tux with flat-front pants. During this whole process, T had on the inflate-a-pants and finally decided to pull them up to where you are supposed to wear dress pants, and Ta-Da. They fit and looked so much better so we decided to stick with the pin stripes! Yay!

After the Tux adventure, we headed to Tiffany’s to look at some wedding bands. We are planning on ordering the rings from Blue Nile, but I needed to get some kind of idea on what band would work well with my engagement ring, and I needed to try rings on in order to do that. After trying on a few different designs, I think I found one that will work. My major problem is that I have a solitaire in a 6-prong setting, so a lot of the rings I tried on didn’t sit flat against my engagement ring. Is that weird? Is anyone else out there having this problem?

I’ll show you what I am considering so far:

My engagement ring

Wedding band option 1:

Wedding band option 2:

Wedding band option 3:

Wedding band option 4:

I guess I could always just go with a plain platinum band, but I’ve sort of become addicted to the sparkliness of my engagement ring, so I might want a little more in my band. I’m just saying… 🙂

This morning I had an encounter with some of my neighborhood’s feathered “friends.”  It was slightly nerve-racking, and you may laugh when you read this, but I have reasons for my fears…

A few weeks ago I wrote about how awesome my neighborhood is with all of it’s beautiful nature and stuff.  Well, this morning I had a special encounter with it first-hand.  Since the boss is out of town, I came in a little late so I could stop by my neighborhood office to pick up my new pool passes. The office is on the bottom level of the building that holds the neighborhood restaurant and bar, the pro shop, and gym.  To get to the office you have to walk along this little path that winds behind the building.  Well, the building is situated right behind the lake.  This means that during the day the ducks, geese and swans will be seen roaming around nearby, probably hoping some kid will throw some bread down from the patio.

I hopped out of my car and headed over to the path, admiring the nice morning, thinking about how glad I was that it was Friday, when I was stopped in my tracks by a gaggle of geese.  Laugh all you want, but they are mean and scary.

Background on my fear:  When I was a little kid, I used to hang out at my great uncle’s house because he had a big yard, a pony and little duck pond.  While the adults were inside, I’d wander down to the pond to feed the ducks.  I was about 4 years old when this occurred. I waddled down to the lake with my little bag of stale bread and started to feed the ducks.  All of a sudden I was surrounded by 3-4 geese, who were practically eye-level with me.  They weren’t happy that I was giving so much bread to the ducks, so they swarmed me and started attacking me to steal the bread.  Needless to say, being 4, I wasn’t able to put up a very good fight, even though I tried.  I’m pretty sure they snatched the bag out of my hands after they  bit my legs, butt and spot on my hand between my forefinger and thumb.  Thankfully my 14 year old cousin was there to scoop me up like a football and run me to safety.

Once I got on the path, about 20 geese were staring me down.  There were probably 6-7 adults and the rest were babies.  The adults circled around the little ones and gave me the evil goose eye.  I had a flashback to my childhood trauma and decided to walk up the stairs towards the restaurant and try to go around them.  Well, that didn’t really work.  It took them a couple of minutes to finally mosey along, but they finally moved so I could get by.  I started down the stairs and all of a sudden one of the babies came puttering along, so one of the adults started heading back my way.  I retreated back up the stairs until they were gone.  The coast was finally clear so I finished the steps and hit the path.  Then another adult goose jumped out of the bushes.  I freaked out a little and started speed walking like hell to get away.  (I’m so lame, I know.)

After I picked up my pool passes, I headed back to the car only to encounter the gaggle, AGAIN.  This time I wasn’t intent on waiting around, so I walked through the grass.  This lead me right past one of the swans and some ducks.  I wasn’t too worried because they were eating and didn’t seem to notice me.  When I got up next to the swan it looked up, and damn those guys are tall when they aren’t floating in the water.  Nothing happened, thank God, and I was on my merry way until I saw the damn geese again.  They had come off the path onto the grass, looked at me, and started hissing.  I stepped it up a notch and hauled ass across the grass hoping that no one saw me hiding from the damn geese.

Obviously I survived my encounter.  But damn, I thought those little honkers had it out for me.

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