My friends always kid me and say that I have a memory like an elephant since I never forget anything. It’s bizarre, but I do have the uncanny ability to remember random details or events from my life fairly clearly. Too bad I couldn’t do that with school work and tests – I would have been stellar!

Since I seem to remember so many random details of my life, I started to think about the songs and bands that influenced me or were important to me throughout the years.

One of the first songs I remember singing along to was Lobo’s “You and me and a dog named boo,” except I thought it was blue since I was so young. My mom and dad would sing it in the car, and I’d join in. I always had to stop singing though because it made me cry – I’m not really sure why but I think I thought the dog died. This was probably when I was between 4-5 years old.

Around ages 7-8, I discovered my dad’s old tape collection and pilfered his REO Speedwagon and Tom Petty tapes. I would stand on my bed, look into the mirror, and sing along with my microphone (the top of the canopy bed post) “And I’m gonna keep on loving you…” Tom Petty always makes me think of my sister. We’d swing on the swing set, high into the sky and belt out “Free Falling” and “Won’t Back Down.” I’m sure our neighbors loved us!

Around age 9, I got my first, very own CDs for Christmas. They were Amy Grant and Rod Stewart. At that age I was in LOVE with Rod. For some reason I thought he was so hot! I was a strange kid. 🙂 Eventually my collection grew to include Paula Abdul, Wilson Phillips, and more that I can’t remember.

By sixth grade, I had discovered alternative and grunge. I wore tight shirts with big flannel shirts on top.  I became obsessed with Bush, Nirvana, Green Day.  For the next few years, I only listened to the alternative station and tried to master “my pissed at the world” tough look.

In early high school punk was my new thing, and I rocked out to Blink-182, The Offspring and Rancid.  I started smoking because I was a rebel and spent hot July afternoons in the parking lot of the an Atlanta amphitheater bouncing from band to band at The Warped Tour.

When I started dating T, some Dave Mathews songs made it into our repertoire, along with Third Eye Blind and LIT.  When we were partying, the beats of the Ruff Ryders, Ja Rule, Ludacris and Nelly kept ours ears ringing and party going into the early hours of the morning.  Occasionally the heavier bands like Static X, Staind (before they got poppy and soft) and Disturbed helped me release some of my built up teen angst.

Throughout college, my taste in music became even more jumbled.  Classic rock, rap, hip-hop, metal, punk, some techno, alternative and even some country.  To this day, I still enjoy a mix of everything.  I can’t stick with just one genre because there is so much great music out there that you miss if you don’t venture out.

What bands helped define the important parts of your life?

Happy Weekend!