Last night I went around with my friend JD to look at condos since she is thinking about buying one. We roamed my neighborhood with her dad and realtor and checked out the different options that are available. She found some she really likes, so I hope it all works out for her because my neighborhood seriously. rocks. A ton.

I bought my condo about 2 years ago, and I think my dad was the one who found the neighborhood. It’s in an amazing location where we are close to the highway and city but have the feel of living in the country. It’s seriously massive with multiple swimming pools, tennis courts, a golf course, and 900 units. It’s been around since the late 1960s-1970s, so there is a lot of greenery – large tress, grassy fields, pretty flowers. As JD and I have been trying to get in shape, we’ve started to explore the entire neighborhood and learn our way around while enjoying the scenery.

One of the tree-line streets

One of my favorite things about the place is that the lake by the golf course is swimming with ducks, geese, swans and herons. It’s so neat to know that I’m in a city but am surrounded by nature and animals.

One of the neighborhood swans

There is a little cafe in the complex that we venture to every once and a while, and it’s always like a trip back in time. I swear that it reminds me of the camp/resort they are at in Dirty Dancing. There’s a large patio that overlooks the lake and golf course, and there are always oldies playing.

We ended up there last night after condo hunting and stayed way too late! But it was so relaxing to sit on the patio and watch the 2 swans swim together on the lake before settling down on the grass for the night. The momma and daddy ducks and geese rounded up their fluff ball babies and also curled up on the grass. Even the herons, nested high in the pine tree with their little ones, quieted down for the night. I am surprised that 5-6 of those birds all fit into the nest.

When I first started looking for condos, I thought I wanted to be in the heart of the city where everything is always busy and noisy. But now that I’m here, I’m so glad I chose to live a little ways away (5-10 minutes) where I can have trees, grass and a patio. And my little Fado and Zoey can roam and explore and sit on the fence like cats from cartoons.