Unlike T and his boys, my girls and I had a very hard time deciding where to go for my bachelorette party.  The boys decided from the second we got engaged that they were going to Vegas for a weekend.  At first I thought I wanted to do that too, but after some consideration I realized that it would cost a fortune.  Unfortunately most of my girl friends (me included) don’t have a lot of extra cash to blow on a weekend in Vegas.   I’m sure you can go out there without spending a ton of money, but with us having to go in July and with the constantly rising gas prices, I’m sure tickets would be close to $500.  Which is a ton of money, and we haven’t even thought about the hotel and the expenses of actually going out and doing stuff.  In the end, none of us wanted to spend a grand for a 4-day weekend.  Plus, Vegas in July = scorching!

A few weeks ago, my sister’s best friend let us know that her parents have a condo on the beach in Panama City Beach that we can stay at for free.  This is right up our alley!  It’s right on the beach and has a pool, and we won’t have to spend a dime to stay there!  This means we have a lot more freedom on what types of activities we can do since we are saving some cash.   I’m super excited about hanging out with my girls and lounging on the beach for a few days!  It’ll be so much fun!

Plus we are all excited to get tacky airbrushed t-shirts made (you know you’re jealous!) that say something classy about my bachelorette weekend.  CMc said she went there in college, and they ended up at a pirate-themed restaurant.  So we will totally be going there too!  And don’t forget about Club La Vela, PCB’s most famous club.  I will definitely be sporting my penis veil there while I spastically shake my groove thang through the throng of partyers.

As I plan more and more of my wedding, I’m starting to realize that I am a pretty laid back bride.  I don’t need everything to be perfect or super expensive to be happy.  I want all of the people close to me to have an amazing time that they will never forget, and that will make me happy.

If anyone’s got any fun suggestions on cool PCB places to check out, throw them my way.  I haven’t been there since I was a freshman in college, and we couldn’t get into anything.