I’m back from New York, and we had an amazing time.  But man, am I wiped out.  We were going non-stop for the entire time we were there!  I need lots of sleep and a few days offer to recuperate.

Friday started off with me getting up at 5:45 a.m. to finish packing and get ready to leave.  I went to bed a little before 1 a.m., so it was a little rough getting going in the morning.  Poor T was up at 4 a.m. because he had to fly from Tennessee back to Atlanta, then up to New York with me.  We landed in NY around 11:30 and caught a train to Grand Central to meet up with my friend CoLo.  We decided to take the subway to her apartment on the Upper East Side.  Yeah, let me tell you how much fun it was to try to maneuver the subway with giant suitcases and carry-ons.  We got to her apartment, which was a walk up (such a long climb) and finally made it to the 5th floor.  We dropped off our crap, freshened up and headed out to grab lunch and drinks.

We ended up at a German place called Heidelburg and ate some amazing German food.  It was pretty damn authentic, and T and I were in heaven.  We drank some tasty beers, then headed out to meet up with some of CoLo’s work friends.  We ended up across the street where we had a few more beers and chatted.  Then it was time for the surprise.   She’d gotten us tickets to the Yankees game, which made T so happy.  I was glad to get to go since the stadium is getting torn down, but wasn’t overly concerned if the Yanks won.  They did though, 13-2, which meant that we could leave the game a little early since they were pulverizing the Mariners.   We ended up back at the bar we’d been at before the game, and CoLo and I proceeded to probably spend $20 or more on rounds of naked photofind – the BEST bar game. EVER!

We crashed at CoLo’s studio and grabbed some breakfast before we caught the train to T’s family’s house on Saturday.  T and I acted like goobers on the train, singing along to his iPod and laughing at the dumb people who couldn’t figure out how to make the door open and close to our compartment.  The button to automatically open the door was broken, so people had to pull the handle manually.  Some  people just couldn’t figure out what to do.  They would stand there, beating the “PRESS” button, waiting for the door to open.  It never did.  Some people would just pull it open, but others seemed to get scared and went to a different cart.  Sometimes I heart stupid people for the entertainment value they provide! 🙂

T’s mom picked us up from the train station, and we ended up getting a beer at the neighboring Irish pub.  Then we headed home for some family bonding time, great food and wine…lots of it.  Later that night, we met up with our friend Julie and some of the guys from high school and went out to a local bar.  After a few too many drinks, I stumbled into T’s bed and snuggled with his 25 pound cat.

Sunday was our engagement party, and his family went all out. They hired a caterer who made all of this amazing food (white lasagna, eggplant parm, a seafood pasta, chicken marsala, beef pizzaiola, one of the best fruit salads I’ve ever tasted, cheese, tiramisu and veggies).  She also made this kick-ass sangria that went really fast.  I wish I would have started on it sooner.  It was so tasty!

We cleaned up nicely at the party.  We got our first items off of our registries, lots of cash and some gift cards.  The cash will be put into savings to help pay for our honeymoon!

Now, I’m back at work and exhausted.  I’m not sure if I’m getting sick because my voice sounds like it’s going to give out any second now.  I’m probably just worn down from the weekend.  Sigh…