Right before I left work on Friday, I got a phone call saying my wedding dress had arrived. I was pretty excited but couldn’t pick it up until Sunday since I was going to be out of town for my sister’s graduation. When I got back on Sunday, I rushed to the store and got there with 15 minutes to spare (they closed at 5 p.m.). A lot of the people had left for the day, which I thought was weird since the store was still scheduled to be open for 15 more minutes. I finally tracked down the lady I’d ordered the dress from, and she helped me try it on. It fit amazingly well. Yay! I am getting my period in a few days though, so I’ll probably try it on again in a week to see how it actually fits when I’m not all bloated.

I have to have the dress altered by late June/early July, so I have some more time to tone up. I guess I also need to pick out some shoes. The dress is the perfect length when I’m flat-footed, but if I wear any sort of heel it’ll be too short. I should be able to let it out some in the front to solve that problem though. I don’t want any shoes that are too tall because T and I are only about an inch apart in height. I’m thinking some sort of cute kitten heel will be the best option. Anyone got any suggestions? 🙂

I also desperately need to order my invitations (oops). The ones I had originally picked out don’t appear to be online anymore. I do have a catalogue, so maybe I can find them through that. I did find another place that had some super cute invitations that I’m really digging. I may just have to switch companies…

Here they are in no particular order:

I really like the one with the black border and the swirl on it. I also think the black one with the white detailing looks cool. What do you think?  **Sidenote:  Our colors are claret (dark red) and black.**

In non-wedding news, my sister’s graduation weekend was fun. I kept tearing up like a baby during the ceremony, I’m such a softy. Afterwards we hung out with the fam for a few hours and walked all over town so she could take pictures. Later that night we met up with her friends and went karokeing and then out. Karaoke was so much fun. We went to this Japanese place that let’s you rent a room for an hour and you can sing and dance like an idiot without the whole place staring at you for being awful. It’s so entertaining, I completely recommend it if you ever get a chance to go!