Tomorrow my little sister graduates from college and heads into the real world. It’s so weird to think that at this time three years ago, I was in her same situation, finishing off my classes and prepared to dive head-first into the grown up world of 40-hour work weeks, little vacation time, and no more homework. I didn’t have a job lined up yet, and I was prepared to enjoy at least some of my “last” summer. I managed to escape to NY for a few weeks to visit T’s family and see old friends. As soon as I got back, the rents were all over me to get a job.

My sister’s friend D worked at a restaurant where my parents lived (I was crashing in the basement at this point in time) and hooked me up with my first waitressing job. On the day I was supposed to start training, I had an interview at Needless to say after four days of training, I got the job at McHell. So that was the end of my waitressing career. Oh well.

My sister doesn’t have a job lined up, but she is interviewing with a few places. She actually has a second interview on Tuesday for a position that she really wants. Send her good vibes so she’ll land the job (even though she’ll make more money than me. Damn PR for not paying more).

Even if she doesn’t land the job, I told her to not let the rents stress her out about finding one, like they did with me. She is more than welcome to crash in my guest room while she job hunts and gets settled into her new life. I still can’t believe she’s already done with school! Time really flies by.

Today she keeps calling me to ask if she should get more food for the graduation party or what she should put on her cap so we can spot her in the crowd – there will be a couple thousand people graduating tomorrow. At first she thought she’s glue a wooden giraffe to her cap. I told her that’d look pretty bizarre. So she settled on writing her name in white tape. She’s a crazy kid.

Well, I’m off to celebrate my sister’s last night as a college student. Happy weekend everyone and happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms out there! 🙂