I love spring time, but I also hate it. When it is a balmy 80 degrees outside with sparkling blue skies and puffy white clouds, I can’t focus. It takes me twice as long to get my work done, which makes me feel like a slacker. Sigh, is the day over yet?

Over the weekend, my parents and grandmother came over for a little afternoon barbecue. It was fun and the food was great. While we were sitting around on my nicely swept porch, my dad hands me a summons for jury duty. Awesome! I opened it up and realized that I was being asked to go to a US District Court that is 45 miles from my house. I know!

Apparently they still have me listed as living at my parents’ address, even though I’ve lived in Atlanta almost three years. What’s even worse is that they want me to come in at 8:15 a.m. on May 27th. I get back from NY the night before, plus it’s the day after Memorial Day. This basically puts an end to any Memorial Eve festivities. I also have a dentist appointment that morning that I will have to reschedule. Damn civic duty!

I did submit a letter along with the information I had to fill out saying that I live in Atlanta, so hopefully they won’t make me drive all the way down to bumble fuck for this. I can stay at my parents’ house, but it’s still a 30 minute drive from their house to the courthouse I was assigned to. Boo.

On the wedding front, T and I have decided to go to the Mayan Riviera for our honeymoon. It looks amazing, and I’m really excited! Trying to honeymoon in Europe followed with a visit to Germany was kind of steep (like close to $10,000 steep) so we decided to hold off on Europe. We were talking about still trying to head to Germany for my Opa’s 80th birthday, but those tickets are just so expensive. I checked last night, and they were more than $1,000 per ticket. Maybe if we get a lot of money for the wedding we can still try to swing the German adventure. I’ve come to the decision that 2008 was a bad year to decide to get married since the economy has gone down the drain and prices are skyrocketing. Sigh…

Not to end on a sad and poor note, check out a picture of the place where we want to stay.

Roof top suite with hydro spa. I hope we have a view like this! Yay