Today has been a very random work day, but that’s why I love Fridays.

First off, my boss called in saying she forgot about her daughters’ school field day and was heading to it and would be late.

After field day, she realized that she had to go to her training session before we all headed out for our intern’s going away lunch.

Our intern got here around noon because she had to give her last college presentation this morning.   We were worried she wasn’t coming since it took so long.

We went to Olive Garden since the intern really likes it.

It was good, but it was so heavy and filling.

Now I’m sleepy and my stomach hurts.  Stupid cheesy, greasy goodness.  Stupid bad stomach.

A little while after we got back to the office, there was some drama in our driveway.  Two K-9 cop cars had pulled over this woman in a mini-van and had taken over our driveway.  She was in some type of hand restraints, and they kept making her kneel on the ground.  They looked through her car and finally a third none K-9 unit put her in the back and drove off.  We weren’t sure what she had done, but all five of us in the office were spying out of the kitchen windows to figure out what was going down.  Finally a tow truck came and took her car.  But before they left, the cops took all of these bags and stuff out of her car.  Maybe she stole it and got busted.

The time is dragging by way to slow, and I am so ready to get out of here.

My stomach is still jacked up from Olive Garden…grrr

We’re having a Tres de Mayo party tomorrow, and I’m super excited.  But there’s a chance it’s going to rain.

I swear it’s rained at least once every weekend since St. Patty’s weekend.  Grrr…

Happy weekend!