As the spring winds down and changes into summer, I finally realized how super-busy I am about to be.  With the wedding quickly approaching and work, I’m going to have very little free time.  This week alone I will be making trips to visit two clients.  One for the day on Wednesday and the other for four days for the media trip. 

Once May rolls around, things get even crazier.  First of all, T will be in Tennessee for the entire month of May and parts of June for work.  He gets to come home on the weekends, but still.  I’ll barely see him.  My sister graduates from college May 10th, so I’ll be busy celebrating with her and the family.  Don’t forget about Mother’s Day on the 11th.  Then the following weekend I’ll be on another media trip to the mountains.  The next week my mom turns 50 so I’m sure there will be a celebratory birthday dinner at some point for her.  We’re going to NY for Memorial Day weekend to see T’s family and have our first shower.  Hopefully everyone realizes that they’ll have to mail the presents to Atlanta since we can’t lug them on the plane.  The last weekend in May we are meeting with the priest who will do our service.  I’ve spoken to him and he seems like a really nice guy.  June 7th will be the bridesmaids’ shower, and during some other weekend in June my mom and one of her friends will be holding another shower for me.   

Somewhere during all of this craziness, I still need to pick out flowers for the wedding, start looking into tuxes, choose the time for the ceremony and reception, order the invitations, mail them out, decide what the hell we are doing for our honeymoon, visit the hotels I want to block so I can complete the block, do a major spring cleaning of my house and patio since the out-of-town family will probably want to see it when they are in town for S’s graduation, and um, loose at least 20 pounds before the wedding.

I seriously suck at this whole working out thing.  I usually make it at least two times a week in the beginning of the week, then things fizzle out becauseI get busy or tired.  It’s so annoying.  The only benefit to T being gone for the month of May is that I can go to bed a lot earlier so I can gym it up before work.  He is such a night owl and always keeps me up way too late.       

Yeah, now it’s back to work for me.  I have to create 20 personalized itineraries for our trip this weekend.  Sigh…