This week has been one of the craziest weeks I’ve had at my current job.  My boss has been out of town for a majority of the last two weeks (once for her daughters’ spring break and again for a media trip).  Last Thursday when she got back in town, she was contacted about giving a presentation to a potential client the following Thursday.  We were super excited at the possibility of picking up a new resort, but also freaking out.  The boss was scheduled to be out of town Sunday-Thursday.  This meant that my co-worker Mel and I were practically going to have to put the whole presentation together on our own. 

Monday, Tuesday and especially Wednesday were jam-packed with presentation creating, media list building and office cleaning galore.  We had to look great when the potential client came in.  Mel and I did a lot of the work, but we had help from our intern and another co-worker. 

I don’t know if you remember what it was like to be an intern.  I do since it was only three years ago that I was in the Intern’s shoes.  Except I acted completely different.  Let me give you some background…she is only here on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and her internship actually ended at the end of March.  We needed some extra help until the summer internship starts, so the boss hired her on hourly.  Well, she’s never been much of a hard worker, and she’s gotten worse.  When she finishes a task and has nothing else to do, she sits at her desk looking for jobs or doing homework.  It’s one thing if she’s doing this as an intern, but now she’s getting paid.  She should step it up a little.  I know I don’t always work as hard as I should (**cough, cough** today) but i get stuff done.

Anyway, we asked her to help us put the presentation together.  Her job was to create a portfolio of all of the different publicity we’ve amassed for our clients.  It’s not very hard, but I guess she’s not very bright.  Every few minutes she would ask Mel or me if this publication was a big pub.  If you are working in PR, you should know the major pubs, especially if you’ve been here four months.  Putting together the book can be a pain because you sort through a ton of publicity, but it shouldn’t take you two whole days to complete.  She didn’t even get all of the articles in there that we wanted her to do.

She is constantly on the phone or doing a half-assed job, and it’s really starting to piss all of us off.  Everyone realizes how slack she is, except the boss because she pretends to work hard when she’s around.  On Wednesday we’d had it up to here (hand way over my head).  She was giving so much attitude the entire day.  Every time we asked her for something, she would sulk away and take her sweet-ass time, that we didn’t have to spare.  She finally did as much of the book as she could and got on her computer.  Leaving shit all over the conference room, where the meeting is supposed to take place. 

I walk into the office, look at her, and ask her to please clean up the conference room that she has left in a disaster zone.  She sulks back into the room, and straightens up.  All of a sudden she walks into my office with an armload of publicity and tries to set it on the floor.  I ask her to please put it back in the closet where she got it from.  What does she do?  She dumps it on a shelf, all jumbled together.  Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?  I wanted to smack her across the head.  Later we asked her to vaccuum the conference room.  She took 30 minutes to do it.  The room is not that large.  Then stormed out the door at 4:25 (she is supposed to leave at 4:30).  At one point Mel heard her mutter under breath, “Don’t worry, I won’t be here much longer.”  Thank fucking god!

It’s not like she was the only person doing shit work.  We were all cleaning and dusting and straightening.  So she had no reason to get pissy.  She’s always been a little weird.  She’s super-sheltered and has never lived away from home.  She really never connected with us, and Mel and I are super outgoing.  Whatever, we’re not missing out.  

We found out today that she got a full-time job and starts May 5th, so in two more Fridays Miss Attitude will be out of our hair.  She is so naive and clueless about how the real world works, I wonder how long she’ll survive. 

On another note:  Reason number one million why I love my job:  After our presentation was done yesterday, the boss looks at us and says, “I need a drink.  Does anyone want to go get drinks and food?”  Hell yeah we did!  So we spent the last two hours of work on a sunny patio enjoying drinks and apps courtesy of my boss!  Awesomeness!

Happy weekend folks!