This weekend was very wedding-focused.  On Saturday afternoon, T and I went to our first cake tasting.  I was pretty excited.  I mean, who doesn’t love free cakey-goodness?  We’ve decided to take a different approach to our wedding cake.  Instead of having the multi-tiered masterpiece that may look a lot better than it tastes, we’re opting for a cupcake cake.  We feel like this will give us more options, it’ll look cool, and taste amazing.

The bakery we went to specializes in making a variety of awesome, delicious cupcakes.  I learned about them through our wedding ceremony and reception location since they are a preferred vendor.  Plus the first time my dad and I went to tour the facility, there was a tasting going on and we were able to snag a couple of the frosty masterpieces.  T is not a huge cake fan to begin with, but he really likes cupcakes.  I know there isn’t much of a difference between the two, but what can I say?  Boys are strange.

We were allowed to try six different flavors, so we picked:  carrot cake, red velvet cake, strawberry, mocha, black forest (a German classic) and raspberry zinger.  And let me tell you.  These are no ordinary cupcakes.  They are gourmet and are so beautifully decorated.  The store had closed for the day, so we were the only ones inside.  We walked in and the bakery had the feel of a little French cafe.  And our cupcakes…looked like decorations.  I felt bad eating them they were so cute!  There were two long, white rectangular plates sitting on a table with three perfectly decorated cupcakes on each plate.  We got the run down on each one before they were cut in half for us to share.  So tasty! 

We’re allowed to choose up to three flavors for the cupcakes, and as of now we’ve picked red velvet and raspberry zinger.  We’re torn between the black forest and the mocha, but I’m leaning towards mocha.  The black forest was good, but it doesn’t even compare to the authentic version you can get in Germany.  Sigh, how I miss thee, amazing cake…

What are we going to do when we cut the cake, you ask?  Well, this is the cool part.  Our cupcakes will be displayed on a tiered platter and on the top will sit a giant cupcake that serves as our cake topper.  For the topper, we can go with vanilla/vanilla, chocolate/vanilla or red velvet.  Being that neither T nor I are huge vanilla fans, we’re going with red velvet, which is also a popular flavor for Southern wedding cakes.  Who knew!?!

I know your mouth’s are watering because mine is remembering how awesome they tasted.  Since you can’t taste them, I’ll show you a picture so at least your eyes can see their greatness.

I know it’s kind of small, but it’s all I could find at the moment.  For any of my Atlanta readers, go check the place out.  It’s called The Little Cake Bakery.  You won’t regret it!  🙂

Ok, ok…wipe the drool off of your keyboard.  Go ahead, I’ll wait (whistling Jeopardy theme).  Alrighty then, the cake tasting wasn’t the only wedding activity to be completed on Saturday.  After we were finished and happy on our sugar high, we headed to Target to complete another registry.  T grumbled a little, but seemed to have fun picking out random items for our life together.  Unfortunately T wasn’t overly thrilled with the electronics available at Target.  He wanted to try to register at Best Buy for that stuff.  I told him they didn’t do registries, but he wanted to check for himself.  So we went.  And to his dismay, no registry.  Oh well.  Maybe we can find somewhere else with better electronics so it will make him happy.

Sunday we had our engagement pictures in beautiful Piedmont Park.  I was getting pretty nervous as Sunday rolled around because the weather guys kept saying that it was supposed to be funky out.  Well, someone was on our side that day.  Even though the temperatures dropped from near 80 to the upper 50s, we had crystal clear blue skies and sunshine.  It was a little breezy out, but the 20 mile an hour winds held off until right after we finished posing.  I think we’ll have some awesome pictures, and I can’t wait to see them.  Maybe I’ll even post a few here!

Squeeze in some fun time with friends and some date-like activities for me and T, and it was a pretty awesome weekend!