The awesome Hillary tagged me in this meme, so of course I will partake because I don’t want her to think I’m an asscock.  Besides, who doesn’t want to know random facts about me?

1. What prompted you to start blogging?

I started reading Molly’s blog towards the end of 2007, then found some other pretty cool blogs.  After lurking around and reading them for a while I decided to start my own.  I turned 25 and got engaged in 2007, so I thought it would be cool to have a record of what was happening in my life for me to look back at later on.  Plus I love getting advice from my readers!

2. Have you ever been the victim of a crime?

My credit card number got swiped last summer.  Luckily Chase is on the ball and called me as soon as they noticed the suspicious charges.  I guess I never set a pin on the card (make sure you do this if you didn’t do it when you first got the card) and someone had swiped the number, created a card, and withdrew $600 from an ATM in Chicago.  The charges got stopped, but we still don’t know who it was.

3. Have you ever witnessed someone else being the victim of a crime?

I don’t think so.  I’ve seen some parking lot hit-and-runs, but nothing serious.

4. What is your favorite color? Why?

Wow, a favorite is going to be tough.  I really like blue.  Black is another color I favor.  Red is my newest popular color.  I really have no reason for liking these colors except that I think they are pretty and look good on me.

5. What talent or skill would you most like to have, that you feel you don’t have?

I would love to be able to sing.  I really enjoy pretending that I have a voice since it’s awful in real life.  I’d also like to be figure skate or do gymnastics.  Being artistic would be pretty damn cool too.  

6. If you could go back and do one thing over in your life, what would it be? Would you make a change, or do everything exactly the same?

I would go back to college and study abroad more often.  I only went once.  T and I were both planning on going abroad to different countries after freshman year, but after 9/11 we were both a little leery about leaving the U.S.  I finally went to France the summer after junior year, and it was awesome!  

7. What do you consider your most attractive asset? (Hair, legs, smile, etc.)

My eyes.  Followed by my chest – I know, I know.  But I was blessed! 🙂

8. When do you feel the most vulnerable?

When I’m tired.  I need a lot of sleep, at least 8 hours, and when I don’t get it things never turn out well.  I always take things harder or blow things out of proportion.  

9. If you were a rap star, what would your stage name be?

Cherry Bing – haha I know it’s lame.

10. What is your favorite curse word?

Fuckass is pretty amazing.

I’m not going to tag anyone else since it’s late on Saturday, but I’ll ask you to not be a fuckass and play along anyway.

Happy weekend!
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