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Sorry for my extended absence! I’ve been crazy busy with work and wedding tasks. Last Wednesday we spent the day visiting our client in the mountains to review our plans for their May media trip. It was so beautiful up there, even though many of the trees and flowers hadn’t bloomed yet. When we go back in 3 weeks, I’m sure everything will be out and the whole place will be so colorful.

While we were there, the GM decided to show us a place we could use for a post-hike picnic. Unfortunately it was up a trail into the woods, and my boss and I were in heels. We ended up hiking into the woods for 45 minutes in our work clothes and nice shoes. Let me tell you, by the end of our adventure my ankles were so sore from balancing on rocks and uneven surfaces for so long. My feet were also wet and muddy since my shoes weren’t closed. At least they came clean, and I didn’t fall and break my neck!

Friday-Monday I was at our beach client for our media trip. It was awesome! The writers were great, and it was nice to finally put a face to the voices I have been dealing with for so long. While we were there, we got to experience the property to the fullest. There was so much food all the time, and it was so delicious. I’m surprised I didn’t gain any weight while we were there!

We had beachside bonfires with s’mores, went horseback riding, got massages, had a putting competition and attempted to go kayaking. We got rained out, but were going to do it anyway until we found out there was lightning in the area. So we had to pack it up. The thing that sucked the most was once we got back to the resort, the sun was shining again and it was beautiful out.

On our last night there, we had an amazing dinner in the lodge by the equestrian center. The highlight of the evening, besides the food, was the Wii. Who would have thought that a bunch of adults ranging from their mid-twenties (me) to their 80s would have such a good time with a video game. It was entertaining how into Wii bowling everyone got.

By the time we got back home on Monday, I was wiped out. I am not used to being awake at 7:00 a.m. on the weekends.

On another note – Since I was so busy these past few weeks, I never had the opportunity to post my answers to the movie game. Thanks to everyone who guessed! I know I watch weird movies. And the answers are…

1. I told you, it’s a building thing…Slums of Beverly Hills

2. Yeah, I’m just going home, grab a shower and shave, give the wife a little pickle-tickle, and I’m on my way…A League of Their Own

3. One time, there was this lake and it was right outside of town. We used to go fishin’ and swimmin’ and canoein’ in it, and uh this one November this flock o’ducks came in and landed on that lake, and uh the temperature dropped so fast that the lake froze right there and then the ducks, they flew off ya see
and took the lake with them. And uh, now they say that lake is somewhere over in Georgia…Fried Green Tomatoes

4. You’ve got to believe me, Officer, he is coming to Haddonfield… Because I know him – I’m his doctor! You must be ready for him… If you don’t, it’s your funeral!…Halloween

5. It was all that Dan Marino’s fault, everyone knows that. If he had held the ball, laces out, like he was supposed to, Ray would never have missed that kick. Dan Marino should die of gonorrhea and rot in hell. Would you like a cookie, son? Ace Ventura Pet Detective

6. Kidnap For Beginners”, Chapter One. Have you even asked for a ransom yet?…A Life Less Ordinary

7. Cop: Do you know how fast you were going back there?
Driver: Umm… 65?
Cop: 63.
Driver: But… isn’t the speed limit 65?
Cop: Yes, it is.
Driver: I’m freakin’ out, man!
Cop: Yes, you are freaking out… man…Super Troopers

8. Claudia! Claudia! Now, who are we going to get to finish your dress? These impracticalities, cherie! Remember: never in the home!…Interview with a Vampire

9. You ski the K-12 dude, and girls will go sterile just looking at you!…Better Off Dead

10. She was Lo, plain Lo, in the morning, standing four feet ten in one sock. She was Lola in slacks. She was Dolly at school. She was Dolores on the dotted line. But in my arms she was always ____. Light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. _______…Lolita (the new version)

11. Dear God, make me a bird. So I could fly far. Far far away from here. Forest Gump

12. Watch out for the weirdos, girls. – We are the weirdos, mister. The Craft

13. Life and death, energy and peace. If I stop today it was still worth it. Even the terrible mistakes that I made and would have unmade if I could. The pains that have burned me and scarred my soul, it was worth it, for having been allowed to walk where I’ve walked, which was to hell on earth, heaven on earth, back again, into, under, far in between, through it, in it, and above…Gia

14. You people work on commission, right? Big mistake. Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now. Pretty Woman

15. You blow it tonight, girl, and it’s keggers with kids all next year…Heathers


April 9th was my one-year anniversary at my PR job that I love. I work in a really small boutique agency – there are about 6 of us here (including one intern and another girl who’s on maternity leave) – so everything is really hands-on. I have three clients that I work on, on a regular basis, and they are great. When I first started here, I basically jumped right it. It was nice to actually be in an environment where my boss could let go of her clients and let me be the main contact.

Besides finally landing a job where I am actually doing what I like, there are some awesome perks. One of them being free travel! I know, it’s awesome. My boss has two 4-year old twin girls, so she is over traveling for all of the media trips we make. She still goes on some, but has also asked me to go along or run them on my own.

There is one coming up in two days, and I can’t wait! I get to spend four days at the beach, for free, showing journalists why my client rocks. It’s going to be great. I’ll get to try some new things (horseback riding, kayaking, maybe golf) and meet some of the people I correspond with on a regular basis. I’m super excited.

In May, I get to go on another trip to our client in the mountains. I went last July so I could experience what I was pitching, and it was great. Escaping Atlanta smog for fresh mountain air is amazing.

Another perk about working in a smaller office is the more flexible time off. We have to all schedule days off/trips around our each other’s to make sure the office is covered, but that’s still not bad. For example: A couple of Fridays ago I had a hair appointment at 6 p.m. My hair dresser is about 45 minutes south of where I live/work. This means that I needed to leave the office at 4:30 to make it there on time with traffic. I told my boss the whole reason I was going on Friday was because my engagement pictures were on the 13th, and I wanted to have cute hair.  Well, Atlanta traffic SUCKS, especially on Fridays, and I never made it. So I had to reschedule for the following Friday.  Unfortunately they had no Saturday appointments and could only fit me in during the week.  I waited to tell my boss because I was hoping something would change. It didn’t, but she was cool with it.

She’s also cool with all of the days that I will have to take off for wedding related events. Showers in NY, bachelorette party, wedding weekend and honeymoon. I love this job!

On a different note, I picked up my veil a few days ago. I put it on when I got home, and it was so weird. I felt like I was playing dress up in other people’s things. My dress is supposed to get here mid-May. That’s exciting, but also means I need to get a lot more serious about getting in shape. No more slacking!

As the spring winds down and changes into summer, I finally realized how super-busy I am about to be.  With the wedding quickly approaching and work, I’m going to have very little free time.  This week alone I will be making trips to visit two clients.  One for the day on Wednesday and the other for four days for the media trip. 

Once May rolls around, things get even crazier.  First of all, T will be in Tennessee for the entire month of May and parts of June for work.  He gets to come home on the weekends, but still.  I’ll barely see him.  My sister graduates from college May 10th, so I’ll be busy celebrating with her and the family.  Don’t forget about Mother’s Day on the 11th.  Then the following weekend I’ll be on another media trip to the mountains.  The next week my mom turns 50 so I’m sure there will be a celebratory birthday dinner at some point for her.  We’re going to NY for Memorial Day weekend to see T’s family and have our first shower.  Hopefully everyone realizes that they’ll have to mail the presents to Atlanta since we can’t lug them on the plane.  The last weekend in May we are meeting with the priest who will do our service.  I’ve spoken to him and he seems like a really nice guy.  June 7th will be the bridesmaids’ shower, and during some other weekend in June my mom and one of her friends will be holding another shower for me.   

Somewhere during all of this craziness, I still need to pick out flowers for the wedding, start looking into tuxes, choose the time for the ceremony and reception, order the invitations, mail them out, decide what the hell we are doing for our honeymoon, visit the hotels I want to block so I can complete the block, do a major spring cleaning of my house and patio since the out-of-town family will probably want to see it when they are in town for S’s graduation, and um, loose at least 20 pounds before the wedding.

I seriously suck at this whole working out thing.  I usually make it at least two times a week in the beginning of the week, then things fizzle out becauseI get busy or tired.  It’s so annoying.  The only benefit to T being gone for the month of May is that I can go to bed a lot earlier so I can gym it up before work.  He is such a night owl and always keeps me up way too late.       

Yeah, now it’s back to work for me.  I have to create 20 personalized itineraries for our trip this weekend.  Sigh…

This week has been one of the craziest weeks I’ve had at my current job.  My boss has been out of town for a majority of the last two weeks (once for her daughters’ spring break and again for a media trip).  Last Thursday when she got back in town, she was contacted about giving a presentation to a potential client the following Thursday.  We were super excited at the possibility of picking up a new resort, but also freaking out.  The boss was scheduled to be out of town Sunday-Thursday.  This meant that my co-worker Mel and I were practically going to have to put the whole presentation together on our own. 

Monday, Tuesday and especially Wednesday were jam-packed with presentation creating, media list building and office cleaning galore.  We had to look great when the potential client came in.  Mel and I did a lot of the work, but we had help from our intern and another co-worker. 

I don’t know if you remember what it was like to be an intern.  I do since it was only three years ago that I was in the Intern’s shoes.  Except I acted completely different.  Let me give you some background…she is only here on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and her internship actually ended at the end of March.  We needed some extra help until the summer internship starts, so the boss hired her on hourly.  Well, she’s never been much of a hard worker, and she’s gotten worse.  When she finishes a task and has nothing else to do, she sits at her desk looking for jobs or doing homework.  It’s one thing if she’s doing this as an intern, but now she’s getting paid.  She should step it up a little.  I know I don’t always work as hard as I should (**cough, cough** today) but i get stuff done.

Anyway, we asked her to help us put the presentation together.  Her job was to create a portfolio of all of the different publicity we’ve amassed for our clients.  It’s not very hard, but I guess she’s not very bright.  Every few minutes she would ask Mel or me if this publication was a big pub.  If you are working in PR, you should know the major pubs, especially if you’ve been here four months.  Putting together the book can be a pain because you sort through a ton of publicity, but it shouldn’t take you two whole days to complete.  She didn’t even get all of the articles in there that we wanted her to do.

She is constantly on the phone or doing a half-assed job, and it’s really starting to piss all of us off.  Everyone realizes how slack she is, except the boss because she pretends to work hard when she’s around.  On Wednesday we’d had it up to here (hand way over my head).  She was giving so much attitude the entire day.  Every time we asked her for something, she would sulk away and take her sweet-ass time, that we didn’t have to spare.  She finally did as much of the book as she could and got on her computer.  Leaving shit all over the conference room, where the meeting is supposed to take place. 

I walk into the office, look at her, and ask her to please clean up the conference room that she has left in a disaster zone.  She sulks back into the room, and straightens up.  All of a sudden she walks into my office with an armload of publicity and tries to set it on the floor.  I ask her to please put it back in the closet where she got it from.  What does she do?  She dumps it on a shelf, all jumbled together.  Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?  I wanted to smack her across the head.  Later we asked her to vaccuum the conference room.  She took 30 minutes to do it.  The room is not that large.  Then stormed out the door at 4:25 (she is supposed to leave at 4:30).  At one point Mel heard her mutter under breath, “Don’t worry, I won’t be here much longer.”  Thank fucking god!

It’s not like she was the only person doing shit work.  We were all cleaning and dusting and straightening.  So she had no reason to get pissy.  She’s always been a little weird.  She’s super-sheltered and has never lived away from home.  She really never connected with us, and Mel and I are super outgoing.  Whatever, we’re not missing out.  

We found out today that she got a full-time job and starts May 5th, so in two more Fridays Miss Attitude will be out of our hair.  She is so naive and clueless about how the real world works, I wonder how long she’ll survive. 

On another note:  Reason number one million why I love my job:  After our presentation was done yesterday, the boss looks at us and says, “I need a drink.  Does anyone want to go get drinks and food?”  Hell yeah we did!  So we spent the last two hours of work on a sunny patio enjoying drinks and apps courtesy of my boss!  Awesomeness!

Happy weekend folks!  


Our engagement pictures came in the mail today, and I’m so excited.  They came out great!  There were so many to choose from.  There were over 100 total, but a lot of them were really similar.  I’m happy that T and I finally have some really cute pictures of the two of us.  For your viewing pleasure…




Ok, that’s all for now.  WordPress hates me and won’t work with me to load my pictures.  Anyone have any suggestions?  🙂



I was bored and couldn’t find anything on TV so I decided to give you 100 facts about me.  Hope you enjoy this special insight into my crazy mind!

I’m not sure why the numbers are weird.  They look fine in the editor.  I promise there are 100.

  1. I am half German and half American.
  2. I have dual citizenship but only an American passport.
  3. I’ve never lived in the same town as any of my extended family.
  4. I have a little sister, who is three years younger, and she is one of my best friends.
  5. I have a really close relationship with my mom.
  6. When I was younger, I would tell her everything, well almost everything.
  7. I am marrying my high school sweetheart in August.
  8. We met when I was 17, and he was 16.
  9. We have been together for 8.5 years.
  10. I get along really well with his family.
  11. Our parents are friends, and we’ve taken family vacations together or celebrated holidays together.
  12. I really love animals.  My dream would be to own a place where I could have hundreds of animals living around me.
  13. Baseball is the one sport that I know almost all the rules for.
  14. I’ve been an Atlanta Braves fan since I was 8 years old.
  15. I really like to watch hockey.
  16. Especially when there are fights.
  17. T played hockey in high school.
  18. He was number 28.
  19. I made signs to hold up at the game that said”28 you’re so great!”
  20. I used to be a swimmer in middle school and freshman year of high school.
  21. I stopped swimming because none of my friends swam with me, and the one girl I was close to moved away.
  22. I was also on colorguard in high school.
  23. I used to be able to toss a flag and spin in a complete circle before I caught it.
  24. I loved my colorguard in Georgia.  It was so much fun.
  25. My colorguard in New York sort of sucked.  The directors were assholes.
  26. We never performed at football games and practiced more than the football team.  Seriously.
  27. I’ve never had detention in my life.
  28. I can lie straight-faced and that got me out of a few detentions back in the day.
  29. I can argue you under the table.
  30. I like to win, and I’m always right (or so I like to think).
  31. Sometimes I wonder if I should have been a lawyer, but I’m not into political science.  I find it boring.
  32. When I was 16, I had a thing for feather boas.  I would put them on and walk right out of the store.  
  33. I feel bad about it now.
  34. The summer before I moved to New York, we watched Dazed and Confused at least 10 times.
  35. That inspired us to go egging.  A lot.
  36. I get along very well with guys.
  37. I have potty humor and talk like a sailor, according to my dad.
  38. My guy friends have gotten in trouble with other girls for talking dirty because I laugh at it.  Other girls don’t always think it’s funny.
  39. I think Jim Carey is hilarious.
  40. I still watch MTV on a regular basis.
  41. I HATE American Idol – unless it’s the auditions.  But even then I can only take it in small doses.
  42. I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance.
  43. My friend JD and I had tickets to see the live performance in the spring of 2007.  She got the date of the show wrong, and we showed up at the arena the day before.
  44. Yeah, we’re dumb sometimes.
  45. We like to get drunk off a jug of burgundy wine, smoke like chimneys and sing along to songs of our youth on some nights.  Straight up now tell me do you really wanna love me forever…oh oh oh. 
  46. I’m obsessed with Law & Order SVU.  I watch it constantly.
  47. Sometimes I wonder if I should have been an investigative cop.
  48. I think that would make my dad proud since he was an investigator in the Army and investigates fraud for an insurance company now.
  49. When I graduated high school, I weighed 120 pounds and I’m 5’10.
  50. I miss my skinny self.
  51. I want to lose 15-20 pounds before I get married.
  52. I am super lazy, hate working out, and can talk myself out of it with little problems.
  53. I am trying to get my ass in shape.
  54. I HATE the NY Yankees.  Bastards.
  55. I love living in Atlanta but hate being in the Bible belt.
  56. I want to throw a Bible at people who act holier-than-thou but don’t practice what they preach.
  57. I stopped hanging out with a childhood friend because she tried to convert me to Southern Baptist.  Um, no thanks. 
  58. I’ve only slept with two people in my life.
  59. One of them is T.
  60. The other was my friend’s older sister’s boyfriend.  I had just broken up with T and was vulnerable.  He was older and listened to me.
  61. He worked weird hours and would drive from Atlanta to my college to hang out with me.
  62. It only happened twice.
  63. I still feel terrible about it because his girlfriend was super nice and acted like an older sister to me.
  64. I’m not the only person he cheated on her with.
  65. He has never told her or she forgave him because they are married now.
  66. Sometimes I laugh at inappropriate times.  Like when my friend tried to do flips on the rings on the swing set and flung herself on the ground and jiggled.
  67. It runs in my family.   
  68. My mom once laughed so hard at a co-worker’s story about her horse getting struck by lightening that she couldn’t stop herself.  Throughout their entire lunch.  The woman never talked to her again.
  69. My sister once laughed at a kid who could not maneuver on crutches and face-planted in front of her.
  70. I swear my family is not evil, we just laugh at bad times.
  71. When I was in high school, I wondered what it would be like to be a “bad kid” that didn’t care about any consequences and did whatever they wanted.
  72. Now that I’m older, I’m glad I never acted on that fantasy.
  73.  I’ve never been on a blind date.
  74. Sometimes I feel left out, but then I hear the horror stories from my single friends and am glad I don’t have to deal with it.
  75. I studied abroad in France in 2004.
  76. It was amazing!
  77. We ate so much bread and cheese and chocolate.
  78. My chest increased a cup size when I came home.
  79. I love my chest.
  80. People often think my boobs are fake.  People have actually asked me where I got them done.
  81. That makes me laugh.  Yay for perky boobs!
  82. I don’t understand how people can spend hundreds of dollars on a purse or a pair of shoes.
  83. I think most designer bags are heinous, and I would never buy one.
  84. That being said, I will drop $150 on great designer jeans.
  85. I have long legs, and it’s hard to find pants that are long enough.
  86. I hate when people have a life change (i.e. lose a lot of weight) and lose their personalities.
  87. That happened to my college best friend and roommate.
  88. We haven’t spoken in 1.5 years because of a stupid fight about fees charged to us when we moved out of our apartment.
  89. I bought my condo when I was 23 with the help of my parents.
  90. All of the talents I wanted to have when I was younger I still lack.  I can’t draw or paint, sing, dance, or do gymnastics.
  91. Sometimes I hate being tall since it’s so hard to find clothes even though the models they are designed for are my height and taller.
  92. I wouldn’t trade being tall for the world.
  93. I like being in bars and being able to look over the crowd.
  94. I feel sorry for the people who are armpit level.  Eek.
  95. I’m really annoyed by people who have no self-confidence.  But if you can’t love yourself, how can anyone else love you?
  96. I used to care what everyone thought of me when I was younger.
  97. In eighth grade I stopped caring.  If you don’t like me, it’s not my problem.
  98. I can sort of drive a stick.
  99. I really like to laugh and think I’m funny more often than not.
  100. I’ve kissed a girl or two in college.  There’s nothing wrong with getting free drinks!  🙂

Wow, I can’t believe I did all 100 of these!  

This weekend was very wedding-focused.  On Saturday afternoon, T and I went to our first cake tasting.  I was pretty excited.  I mean, who doesn’t love free cakey-goodness?  We’ve decided to take a different approach to our wedding cake.  Instead of having the multi-tiered masterpiece that may look a lot better than it tastes, we’re opting for a cupcake cake.  We feel like this will give us more options, it’ll look cool, and taste amazing.

The bakery we went to specializes in making a variety of awesome, delicious cupcakes.  I learned about them through our wedding ceremony and reception location since they are a preferred vendor.  Plus the first time my dad and I went to tour the facility, there was a tasting going on and we were able to snag a couple of the frosty masterpieces.  T is not a huge cake fan to begin with, but he really likes cupcakes.  I know there isn’t much of a difference between the two, but what can I say?  Boys are strange.

We were allowed to try six different flavors, so we picked:  carrot cake, red velvet cake, strawberry, mocha, black forest (a German classic) and raspberry zinger.  And let me tell you.  These are no ordinary cupcakes.  They are gourmet and are so beautifully decorated.  The store had closed for the day, so we were the only ones inside.  We walked in and the bakery had the feel of a little French cafe.  And our cupcakes…looked like decorations.  I felt bad eating them they were so cute!  There were two long, white rectangular plates sitting on a table with three perfectly decorated cupcakes on each plate.  We got the run down on each one before they were cut in half for us to share.  So tasty! 

We’re allowed to choose up to three flavors for the cupcakes, and as of now we’ve picked red velvet and raspberry zinger.  We’re torn between the black forest and the mocha, but I’m leaning towards mocha.  The black forest was good, but it doesn’t even compare to the authentic version you can get in Germany.  Sigh, how I miss thee, amazing cake…

What are we going to do when we cut the cake, you ask?  Well, this is the cool part.  Our cupcakes will be displayed on a tiered platter and on the top will sit a giant cupcake that serves as our cake topper.  For the topper, we can go with vanilla/vanilla, chocolate/vanilla or red velvet.  Being that neither T nor I are huge vanilla fans, we’re going with red velvet, which is also a popular flavor for Southern wedding cakes.  Who knew!?!

I know your mouth’s are watering because mine is remembering how awesome they tasted.  Since you can’t taste them, I’ll show you a picture so at least your eyes can see their greatness.

I know it’s kind of small, but it’s all I could find at the moment.  For any of my Atlanta readers, go check the place out.  It’s called The Little Cake Bakery.  You won’t regret it!  🙂

Ok, ok…wipe the drool off of your keyboard.  Go ahead, I’ll wait (whistling Jeopardy theme).  Alrighty then, the cake tasting wasn’t the only wedding activity to be completed on Saturday.  After we were finished and happy on our sugar high, we headed to Target to complete another registry.  T grumbled a little, but seemed to have fun picking out random items for our life together.  Unfortunately T wasn’t overly thrilled with the electronics available at Target.  He wanted to try to register at Best Buy for that stuff.  I told him they didn’t do registries, but he wanted to check for himself.  So we went.  And to his dismay, no registry.  Oh well.  Maybe we can find somewhere else with better electronics so it will make him happy.

Sunday we had our engagement pictures in beautiful Piedmont Park.  I was getting pretty nervous as Sunday rolled around because the weather guys kept saying that it was supposed to be funky out.  Well, someone was on our side that day.  Even though the temperatures dropped from near 80 to the upper 50s, we had crystal clear blue skies and sunshine.  It was a little breezy out, but the 20 mile an hour winds held off until right after we finished posing.  I think we’ll have some awesome pictures, and I can’t wait to see them.  Maybe I’ll even post a few here!

Squeeze in some fun time with friends and some date-like activities for me and T, and it was a pretty awesome weekend!



The awesome Hillary tagged me in this meme, so of course I will partake because I don’t want her to think I’m an asscock.  Besides, who doesn’t want to know random facts about me?

1. What prompted you to start blogging?

I started reading Molly’s blog towards the end of 2007, then found some other pretty cool blogs.  After lurking around and reading them for a while I decided to start my own.  I turned 25 and got engaged in 2007, so I thought it would be cool to have a record of what was happening in my life for me to look back at later on.  Plus I love getting advice from my readers!

2. Have you ever been the victim of a crime?

My credit card number got swiped last summer.  Luckily Chase is on the ball and called me as soon as they noticed the suspicious charges.  I guess I never set a pin on the card (make sure you do this if you didn’t do it when you first got the card) and someone had swiped the number, created a card, and withdrew $600 from an ATM in Chicago.  The charges got stopped, but we still don’t know who it was.

3. Have you ever witnessed someone else being the victim of a crime?

I don’t think so.  I’ve seen some parking lot hit-and-runs, but nothing serious.

4. What is your favorite color? Why?

Wow, a favorite is going to be tough.  I really like blue.  Black is another color I favor.  Red is my newest popular color.  I really have no reason for liking these colors except that I think they are pretty and look good on me.

5. What talent or skill would you most like to have, that you feel you don’t have?

I would love to be able to sing.  I really enjoy pretending that I have a voice since it’s awful in real life.  I’d also like to be figure skate or do gymnastics.  Being artistic would be pretty damn cool too.  

6. If you could go back and do one thing over in your life, what would it be? Would you make a change, or do everything exactly the same?

I would go back to college and study abroad more often.  I only went once.  T and I were both planning on going abroad to different countries after freshman year, but after 9/11 we were both a little leery about leaving the U.S.  I finally went to France the summer after junior year, and it was awesome!  

7. What do you consider your most attractive asset? (Hair, legs, smile, etc.)

My eyes.  Followed by my chest – I know, I know.  But I was blessed! 🙂

8. When do you feel the most vulnerable?

When I’m tired.  I need a lot of sleep, at least 8 hours, and when I don’t get it things never turn out well.  I always take things harder or blow things out of proportion.  

9. If you were a rap star, what would your stage name be?

Cherry Bing – haha I know it’s lame.

10. What is your favorite curse word?

Fuckass is pretty amazing.

I’m not going to tag anyone else since it’s late on Saturday, but I’ll ask you to not be a fuckass and play along anyway.

Happy weekend!
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I stumbled across this idea from another blog and I thought it would be a lot of fun!  I tried to play her version, but I stunk at it.  So I am trying my own version.   

This is how it works:

Pick 15 of your favorite movies.  Go to IMDB, and find a quote from each movie.  Post them on your blog for everyone to guess.  Fill in the film title once it’s been guessed.

These are the rules:

* No Googling or using IMDB search functions (Don’t cheat!)  * Leave your answers in the comments!

Some of my movies may be a little bizzare, but I hope you all can guess them correctly.  Good luck!  🙂

1.  I told you, it’s a building thing.

2.  Yeah, I’m just going home, grab a shower and shave, give the wife a little pickle-tickle, and I’m on my way. 

3.  One time, there was this lake and it was right outside of town.  We used to go fishin’ and swimmin’ and canoein’ in it, and uh this one November this flock o’ducks came in and landed on that lake, and uh the temperature dropped so fast that the lake froze right there and then the ducks, they flew off ya see
and took the lake with them.  And uh, now they say that lake is somewhere over in Georgia…Fried Green Tomatoes

4.  You’ve got to believe me, Officer, he is coming to Haddonfield… Because I know him – I’m his doctor! You must be ready for him… If you don’t, it’s your funeral! 

5.  It was all that Dan Marino’s fault, everyone knows that. If he had held the ball, laces out, like he was supposed to, Ray would never have missed that kick. Dan Marino should die of gonorrhea and rot in hell. Would you like a cookie, son?  Ace Ventura Pet Detective 

6.  Kidnap For Beginners”, Chapter One. Have you even asked for a ransom yet? 

7.  Cop:  Do you know how fast you were going back there? 
     Driver:  Umm… 65? 
     Cop:     63. 
    Driver:  But… isn’t the speed limit 65? 
     Cop:     Yes, it is. 
     Driver: I’m freakin’ out, man! 
     Cop: Yes, you are freaking out… man.  Super Troopers

8.  Claudia! Claudia! Now, who are we going to get to finish your dress?  These impracticalities, cherie! Remember: never in the home! 

9. You ski the K-12 dude, and girls will go sterile just looking at you!

10.  She was Lo, plain Lo, in the morning, standing four feet ten in one sock.  She was Lola in slacks.  She was Dolly at school.  She was Dolores on the dotted line.  But in my arms she was always ____.  Light of my life, fire of my loins.  My sin, my soul. _______.

11.   Dear God, make me a bird. So I could fly far. Far far away from here. Forest Gump

12.  Watch out for the weirdos, girls.  – We are the weirdos, mister.  The Craft

13.   Life and death, energy and peace. If I stop today it was still worth it. Even the terrible mistakes that I made and would have unmade if I could. The pains that have burned me and scarred my soul, it was worth it, for having been allowed to walk where I’ve walked, which was to hell on earth, heaven on earth, back again, into, under, far in between, through it, in it, and above. 

14.  You people work on commission, right?  Big mistake. Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now.  Pretty Woman  

15.  You blow it tonight, girl, and it’s keggers with kids all next year. 


 I’ve been trying to be good about conserving money lately, and I think I’ve done a lot better with cutting back.  Until today. 

I went to Target after work to pick up some stuff for the cats and me.  While I was there, I decided to check out the clothes to see if I could find anything cute to wear for our engagement pictures.  Well, I did.  I ended up buying this really cute white halter dress.  I’m not sure if I’ll wear it for the engagement pictures, but it will definitely work for one of my showers. 

I also ended up buying this really cute purple top and a pretty navy one.  I think I may shoot for the purple one with some of the cute new shoes I picked out for the pictures.  Yeah, I ended up with 3 pairs.  Two flats and one pair of metallic pumps.  The only problem is that I wear a 9 and tired on a 9, but accidentally grabbed a box with a size 10 in them.  The shoes didn’t have a price on them so I figured I needed the box to be rung up.  Yeah, now I have a pair in a size too big, which means I have to go back on my lunch break and return them tomorrow.    

I also bought some knock-off spanx and Crest white strips so I’ll look extra cute for my pictures.  The only problem is that I spent $230.  Oops.  I was going to buy my plane ticket to NY tonight, but I may wait a little longer now.  I don’t know if I can justify spending $500 in one day.

For all of you that are curious about my purchases, here are some photos for your enjoyment.For all of you that are curious about my purchases, here are some photos for your enjoyment.

The clothes:


Juniors' Xhilaration® Dolman Top - Plum Chic


Juniors' Mossimo Supply Co. Smocked Tee - Oxford Blue


The Shoes:

Mossimo® Desta Ballet Flats - Silver

These could quite possibly been the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn in my entire life!

Mossimo® Daria Woven Pumps - Metallic

The ones I accidentally bought in size 10. 

Mossimo® Deann Cutout Flats - White

Fado ate my white ones last year.



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