Wedding planning and everything wedding-related has been taking over my brain.  I’m sure it will only get worse in the months to come! 

In 2 weeks we are taking our engagement photos, and I am so excited.  We will be having them done in a beautiful park in downtown Atlanta, I’m just hoping we’ll have nice weather.  After a string of super sunny and warm days, a blast of winter has descended upon us Southerners.  And I am not too happy about this.  I’m afraid it’ll get cold enough for frost, meaning all of the beautiful flowers will wilt and/or die.  Not cool. 

I am also having a slight dilemma.  What should I wear for the pictures?  I’m torn between jeans and a cute top or a cute dress.  What do you think will be best?  I’ve seen engagement pictures done more casually and more formally, and I liked both ways.  A friend of mine suggested that I bring 2 outfits and do some both ways.  I guess that’s an option for me to consider.  And what about T?  He was thinking of wearing jeans and a nice button up.  If I do wear a dress, should he dress up a little more?  

Since photo time is right around the corner, I’m going to be hitting up the gym like a maniac.  I don’t want to look untoned and flabby for the pictures.  Anyone got any great arm workouts that they want to share?

My next goal before the session is to whiten my teeth.  My smoking and Diet Coke habit have made my pearly whites not as bright as they used to be.  I really want to do Brite Smile, but it’s a small fortune – ok maybe it’s not that bad, but it definitely isn’t cheap.  Plus I don’t really have the time to do it before the pictures.  I was thinking of trying out some of the whitening strips.  I’ve known people who have used the Crest ones and have had great results.  Has anyone used Crest or any of the other brands?  If so, did they work?  They aren’t cheap, and I’d rather not waste $40 on crappy strips that don’t brighten my smile.      

In other wedding-related news, T and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to add some more items to our list.  I think he had a decent time with the little scanner contraption.  We picked out some cool things – new patio furniture with a lighted umbrella (snazzy), nice new towels, new everyday dishes, and more fun kitchen products like a panini maker.  This is so much fun.  We should have registries for everything! 

Just in case your curious, here are the new everyday dishes we picked out.  They will match nicely with the gray ones we have from Ikea.

We’re also going to register for some formal china.  I know we won’t use it much, but it is still nice to have fancier dishes when guests come over.  T is a big fan of simple dishes that are square.  So I was thinking these would be a good choice.  They aren’t too girly and match with T’s taste.


They look plain online, but in real life the platinum band really pops.  I also like the fact that it comes with other accessories – gravy boats, sugar bowls, serving dishes, etc.  Some of the other ones didn’t have those options.