As you all know, I’ve had some water heater drama.  I left work early on Wednesday to let the plumber in to work on it.  He tried fixing it and did a few things that he thought would make it work.  For some reason it had tripped the breaker, and there was no power going to it.  When I learned that I felt really dumb, but that wasn’t the only problem with it.  

Apparently it was pretty old.  But someone had painted over the information telling us exactly how old it was so we couldn’t determine it’s actual age.  Then there was a size issue.  The heater is 18 inches wide and sits in this special water heater closet.  Well, the door is only 17 inches wide.  Major problem.  First of all, who designs a door that is smaller than the item it is hiding? Idiots.  The plumber brought another heater with him, but that one was 20 inches wide so there was no way in hell that it was getting through the tiny doorway.  He told me he’d have to go find a different heater that was the same size as the old one so it would fit through the door.  He also told me that he had to come back on Thursday to install it, and that he might have to cut the door out to get it in.  Or if worse came to worse, he’d cut a hole in the wall to make it fit.  Um, no.

The plumber left, leaving us with no hot water once again.  I ended up going walking with JD after he left (yay exercising – we walked almost 4 miles!), so I knew I was going to need a shower in the morning.  T and I discussed going to the gym on Thursday morning and showering there.  It was a solid plan, until the alarm didn’t go off.  Just our luck!  T decided to skip the arctic shower.  I unfortunately didn’t.

I figured I could just brave the cold again, but decided against it.  So I went downstairs to boil some water.  I put a large bowl in the microwave and the large pasta pot on the stove so I’d have hot water.  They finally got hot, so I dragged them upstairs and took the most ghetto shower of my life.  I felt like Little House on the Prairie gone wrong.  Splashing water on me to soap up and eventually rinse off.  Pouring a bowl of water on my head to shampoo and condition – that was not so fun.  I ended up not having enough water and had to get in the arctic stream after all.  But at least I was clean!

My dad happened to be in the area yesterday afternoon, so he was nice enough to sit at my house and wait for the plumber.  He was also able to cut part of the door frame out without damaging anything, and the new water heater fit in there perfectly.  Yay for hot water and an awesome dad (who also gave the heater to us as an early wedding present).  He rocks!

In work related drama, I almost made a huge boo-boo yesterday.  We are creating these really cool invitations to send to media inviting them to a media trip.  We worked on them all day yesterday so we could finally send them out.  We created these 8.5 x 11 labels that we used to seal the boxes and for the addresses.  We started putting postage directly on the labels so it looked nicer.  We had about 45 invitations to assemble and address.  Part way through addressing them, I noticed that the states weren’t matching up with the locations of the publications.  I must have partially sorted the list in Excel and shifted everything around incorrectly.  Luckily the 15 we had already done were ok, and I noticed the mistake before we continued on.  Because reprinting the $1.99 postage on 15 new labels would have sucked and been a waste of money!  After about an hour of hunting down the correct addresses we were able to finish. 

I also got some crazy news from my old old job,  My poor friend Tay is still stuck there and is desperately trying to get out of there quickly.  Keep your fingers crossed that she finds something better soon!  She g-chats me and tells me that 2 of the sales guys got into a fist fight in the middle of the office, and no one did anything.  How unprofessional is that?!?!  They normally get along well, but they were arguing over a contract (sale) one of them turned in.  One guy, R, bowed up at G, and G wasn’t having it.  He punched R in the face, and R went down.  Then G continued to attack him.  Finally 2 other guys broke up the fight.  The kicker about this whole thing is that Little Man was in his office, on the phone with his wife, and never came out to see what was happening.  People told him about the fight, and he still didn’t do anything.  And…G and R are both still at work, sitting in cubicles that are really close to each other.  I’m so glad that I got out of there almost a year ago.  Someone needs to close that place down!   

In wedding news, my bridesmaids have started planning my shower – yay!  My mom’s friend is also hosting one for me.  I’m so excited about all of this and grateful for having such awesome people in my life.  But it also means that T and I need to get on the ball about finishing up our registries.  I think I’m going to kidnap him on Sunday and drag him to the stores.  🙂 

Have any of you heard of The Knot’s create a gift registry?  I think it’s a really good idea.  You basically register for American Express Gift Cheques and pick items that you want the checks for.  They come in increments of $50 and can be used on anything from paying for the honeymoon to electronics to house repairs.  I seriously want us to do that!         

Sorry for the long post, but I didn’t have any time to post yesterday!  Hope you all have a great weekend!