Welcome to my own personal hell.  As you all know, I’m getting married in less than 5 months.  I’ve got wedding planning on my brain!  I’m trying really hard not to spend money on stupid things (shopping, going out for lunch, drinking) and save.  But of course, the economy has gone to shit!  My lovely ING Direct savings account that used to earn around 4.5% interest is now barely earning 3%.  I keep having all these major expenses come up – my wisdom teeth, car repairs, wedding rings and honeymoon.  Well, now I have one more thing to add to my list – the fucking water heater!

This morning, T took the first shower.  Our other shower decided to leak all over our laundry room leaving us with only one working place to take a shower.  Well, this morning T went in first so he could get to work earlier.  He comes out and says that the water wasn’t really hot.  In fact, it was barely warm.  I’m not that alert in the mornings since I’m not a fan of getting up early.  I mumbled, that sucks and hopped in.  At first it was cool.  I thought it wouldn’t be too bad if I just hurried up and only took a 5 minute shower.  Well, I was wrong.  Way wrong.  The water was freezing…so cold that my feet started to get numb.  Rinsing the soap off my body was torture and consisted of me jumping under the water for 5 seconds, screaming and jumping back out, over and over again.  I flipped my head over so the water would only hit my hair and not the rest of me when I rinsed out the shampoo and conditioner. 

Why didn’t I just skip the shower, you ask?  Well, I worked out last night and felt kind of funky.  Plus I was already soaped up when it got really cold.

Anyway, since I know so much about water heaters (haha, yeah right), I went downstairs to investigate before I left for work.  I wasn’t really sure what to look for, plus my dad didn’t answer when I called.  So I touched it, and it felt cold.  That seemed suspicious to me.  I thought something about having to relight the pilot light.  Yeah, all my appliances are gas, so there is nothing to relight.  My dad finally called back and said he wouldn’t be able to look at it till the weekend, and that he wasn’t sure if he could do anything to fix it.  I can’t NOT have water for the next 3 days, so I called a plumber recommended by my condo complex.  Luckily he’s in the area working on some other houses, so he is going to get me a new water heater and come by when he is done with the other people.  The lady in the office said she’d call me before he headed over there so I could be home when he arrived.  Now I’m waiting for the phone call saying that I can leave and blow another several hundred dollars on the house.  Hell, while he’s there I might as well have him check out the leak in the shower – even if it means tearing out the tiles/wall.  We can’t use it as it is now anyway…

For all of you future homeowners, try to buy something new if you can afford it.  Older houses are cool and have character, but they have a lot of problems that will cost you an arm and a leg.  My condo was built in 1968 and is maintained very well by the complex, but there are still tons of hidden problems that weren’t there 2 years ago when we bought it.