Now that it’s officially spring, my attention span has sprung outside.  All day long I caught myself staring out the window at the bright blue, sunny sky.  It looks amazing out there, even though it’s a bit windy and cooler today.  Even though this time of year means that my eyes will be itching like crazy, I love it. 

Georgia in the spring is beautiful, minus the yellow coating on everything outside.  All of the dogwood trees start blooming, doting the landscape with their crisp whites and bright pinks.  Flowerbeds become alive in blazing shades of color.  Brown winter limbs are replaced with vibrant greens.  The temperature is pleasant and refreshing.  The humidity has yet to hit 100 percent.  There is no smog or no smog warnings. 

You can start walking around in bare feet or lay in the grass on a lazy Saturday afternoon.  I can leave my doors and windows open, letting fresh air fill the house, and the cats out…and in…and out…as many times as they want.

Grilling dinner isn’t so much a chore as an excuse to sit around on the porch enjoying the smells of food wafting through the air.  Days get longer, meaning I don’t leave work in the dark anymore.  Spring means evenings and nights on porches without having to bundle up and shiver.   

Spring also means that our engagement pictures are right around the corner.  We will be in beautiful Piedmont Park, surrounded by all of nature’s colorful gifts. 

Spring also means that in 5 months I will be a married woman.  

Happy first day of spring.  I hope you all get to go outside and enjoy it! 🙂