I know it’s been a minute since I last posted, but I was really swamped with work at the end of the last week.  It got a little crazy!

One of my co-worker’s (JJ) last day was Friday, so after work we went out to celebrate.  We went to one of her favorite restaurants with a mix of our friends.  Right after we got seated, the weather went to shit.  It started pouring so hard you couldn’t see the cars parked out front, and it was thundering and lightning like crazy.  The power was even flickering at one point.  Of course we were somewhat oblivious to the tornado that was tearing through the city at that exact same moment.  We finally figured out something was going down when the SEC championship basketball games got stopped.  We saw the ticker tape say that the Georgia Dome had suffered some minor wind damage (wind damage?  That tornado got the winds up to 130 miles per hour and jacked up downtown).  And almost as quickly as it started, it stopped.  The clouds cleared up some, along with the rain and wind.  We headed over to the Irish bar in honor of St. Patty’s weekend, and then I noticed all of the missed calls from my parents and sister.  So I call back and my dad was slightly concerned that I might have blown away in the tornado.  I let him know that the loud music kept me from hearing my phone, and that where we were we just got a little water and lighting.  We had planned to have an early night, but round two of the storms kept us out till about 2 a.m. since we didn’t want to get drenched leaving, then we headed back to my house for some more St. Patty’s fun.

On Saturday we had planned to get up early for “kegs and eggs” at our local Irish hangout, but we didn’t make it there till around noon.  We had to cram around the bar since Saturdays are reserved for rugby matches, but we found a spot and squeezed in.  The whole reason we went there so early is to have the Irish breakfast (they serve it all day, but we knew it would get crazy in there that night) and Guinness.  If you’ve never had Irish breakfast, you are missing out.  It’s a huge plate of sunny side up eggs, bangers (Irish sausage), rashers (Irish bacon that looks like ham), black and white pudding (you may not want to read what it is since it may ruin it for you), tomatoes, fresh bread, and sauteed mushrooms, and it is awesome!  Last year it came with beans, but I think they replaced them with the mushies.  Some people are freaked out by it, but I’m German and we eat stuff like that quite often.


It’s a small pic and half eaten, but I wanted you to experience its greatness.

Later that night we came back for the festivities.  We got there around 8 because we knew it would get crowded.  Well, by that time it was already packed.  We had to wait in line to get in, but for only about 10 minutes.  The door guy remembered us from earlier in the day so we didn’t have to pay the $10 cover – woo hoo.  Inside it was a cluster fuck, and it took forever to get a drink.  Needless to say, we headed some place else after an hour because we knew the rest of the group wouldn’t make it in later.  We ended up a a little British dive bar, but we had a lot of fun.  There was a St. Patty’s festival across the street, so we stayed on the patio and watched the bands for free.  We met up with old friends and lots of crazy late night singing to 80s music was done.  It was awesome!

Sunday, not so much.  I didn’t really sleep well after we got home from our St. Patty’s Saturday festivities.  Little Fado (the black demon of annoying) kept meowing all morning and waking us up.  I wanted to chunk him out the window.  I finally went downstairs at 9 and let him out, but then our friend Jay let him back in to resume meowing.  T also had to work all day.  I was having some serious issues with my taxes.  I’ve never done them alone before, so every 20 minutes I was calling my dad or T to help me.  But I finally got them finished.  I e-filed so I should be getting my $1,300 refund soon.  Woo hoo wedding fund.  I’m gonna pump you up!  And with that $600 the government is giving us as well, T and I should be sitting pretty in a few months in wedding fund land.   

Last night was not so great either.  I was cranky and PMSing like a maniac.  T and I had planned to get $1 fish tacos from our favorite neighborhood hangout.  But he was taking forever to finish up his work, so we didn’t leave the house till about 8:45, and we had to get my car which was still in Buckhead from Saturday night.  On our way, he tells me that he’s having second thoughts about going, and I get so pissed.  Stupid hormones.  He suggested that we just get something to bring home.  I started getting even more pissy, and he said never mind.  We pulled into the parking lot, and I told him I wasn’t feeling this and wanted to leave.  So we did.  By this time it was after 9, we still hadn’t eaten and all the food at home was going to take a while to cook.  Then I cried like a baby because I felt like T didn’t want to hang out with me, when in reality he did.  He just wanted to do whatever was faster so he could finish up his work.  Me and my irrational self missed that part.  Eventually he calmed me down and all was well again.  I hate PMSing!

Now it’s actually St. Patty’s, and really want some corned beef and cabbage.  Maybe we’ll have to hit up the Irish place for dinner….