Now that I have a little more time, I can finally tell all of you about our meeting with the wedding DJ.

Monday after work I headed to DJ-land HQ to meet with a guy who was recommended by my venue.  Let me be honest with you.  When I first started looking for DJs, I was kind of leery.  I didn’t want one of those older Southern, religious guys (I got quite a few e-mails from them that ended with “have a blessed day,” and I hate that) since that is completely opposite of how T and I are.  But I wasn’t too worried about this guy though.  I got a good vibe from him when I spoke with him on the phone.  His name is Lou.  He is from Long Island (oh yeah!).  He is cool. as. shit!

He’s probably in his mid-to-late thirties or early forties and has been DJing for years.  He’s got a little bit of a NY accent that sticks out on certain words, and he’s a lot of fun.  Plus I think T’s NY family, my NH family, and all of our friends will love him too. 

He wants to work with T and me to make sure that our music for the ceremony and the reception is awesome and unforgettable.  T and I have decided that we don’t want our wedding to be the great sobfest of 2008.  I don’t want a lot of smarmy, tear-jerking music.  Lots of tears = ruined makeup and red eyes for all the chicas.  Most of all, we want our wedding to be a fun party that we share with our family and friends where everyone has so much fun they talk about it months later.

We’ve already started picking out some of the songs we are thinking about (I hope I remember them all):

Cake cutting:  I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow (think Marie Antoinette where they are chowing down on all that cake)

Our entrance:  Song #2 by Blur (the woo-hoo song) or I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness

First dance:  World on a String by Frank Sinatra   

Dad/daughter dance:  My Girl by the Temptations is my number one right now, however that could change

Mom/son dance:  Forever Young by Rod Stewart (his mom loves her some Rod Stewart)   

Bridal party entrance:  We want each couple to pick a different song

We talked about a few more, but didn’t set anything in stone.  Plus I can’t remember them at the moment. 

Anyone got any suggestions for ceremony music?  Ave Maria is so beautiful, but I think it’ll make everyone bawl – including me.  But I do want something classic for the ceremony.  The craziness is reserved for the reception!  🙂