I feel like I have been unusually busy this week so far (I’m not really sure why though).  I really want to be able to write about my weekend and meeting with our wedding DJ, but I just can’t at the moment.  Maybe tomorrow though…

I’m feeling super stressed because:

My money is just disappearing out of my bank account.  Poof.  All gone.  Well, where the hell is it going?!?!  I need a fucking raise, like yesterday.  Grrrrrrrr

One of my co-workers pulled a bitch ass little move today, in front of the boss.  As another girl and I were heading to lunch, she looks at us and says, “You know, we need to make sure that there is always someone in the office when people go to lunch so the phones aren’t unattended.” First of all, no fucking shit.  Second of all, that’s why we don’t take you with us.  Third, is it really necessary to try to pull this superiority complex shit around the boss?  No.  Say something to us alone.  And just remember that when you take a 2-hour lunch next time.  Grrrrrrr

I have to write a column about cooking lamb – fun.  This means lots of research because I don’t know much about lamb since I never make it.  Grrrrrr

Why is everything always getting more and more expensive?  Gas is at $3.15.  Seriously?!?!  Too bad Atlanta has shitty public transportation, or I’d be on it.   Grrrrrrr

I feel like I have a million-and-one things to do after work today.  Go to the gym.  Finish up the save the dates so I can mail them.  Do my taxes (maybe I’ll get some money back).  Laundry.  Cook dinner.  HATE!

I still have a decent amount of time left at work.  I really just want to go home and deal with all this crap tomorrow. Grrrrrr

My stupid eyes are really itchy because of Georgia’s major pollen problem.  Trees, you’re fired!


Sorry for all of this crankiness.  I needed to vent, plus I’m PMSing.  🙂